The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

The Mom made my blog look dfferent!

I got a time out today! Max and I were playing, and we were being really loud, and he was growling, and I was trying to ride him, and the Mom got mad and then made me go stay in a room with the Dad until we calmed our asses down! I tried and tried but since no one told me what an asses is I couldn't calm it down, so I took a nap instead.

Oh. I got locked in a closet today. I was in there for a long, long time--the Mom said it was for FIFTEEN minutes! It was dark and I didn't like it at all, so I tried to open the door myself, but I couldn't do it so then I tried to jump and knock the door open, but all that did was be very noisy and the Mom could hear it but she thought I was in another room scratching the wall and kept saying "Stop doing that, Buddah. Don't make me come in there, Buddah." Well I didn't stop it so she came to look, and didn't see me in the other room. So I did it again and she realized she locked me in the closet! She said she was sorry and then maybe I'd learn to not go in there. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. But I bet I do.

Santa camed! He brought us lots of toys, too! There was a BIG box of Max's favorite crunchy treats and a new octopus toy and a blue thingy with feathers on it and a mousie that goes WHIRRRRRR when the Mom or the Dad or the Other Dad pulls its tail and that was just in the great big sock! After we gotted our toys and treats the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad ripped paper off stuff that was under the tree and made balls and threw it for us to chase! I didn't know what I wanted to play with the most. At first I had to play with my new octopus toy because I just HAD to, but then I started playing with the paper and it was LOTS of fun! Max played too!

Max and I were real good last night waiting for Santa. Well, mostly we were good. At 4 in the morning, and I know it was 4 because the Mom said "Max, it's four in the morning!" Max stood on the stairs and started singing really really loud. Then after the Dad was awake but he wasn't going downstairs so we couldn't either to see what Santa left, I got all excited and started running up and down the hall. I ran so fast and so hard that I kind of threw the bedroom door open and sailed onto the bed and waked the Mom up. But she wasn't mad! She just grumbled "You're not excited, are you?" and then got up! And that's when we got to go down and see what Santa left!

We gotted so tired after running around and playing this morning that we had to take a nap, and the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad went out for a while to see a movie whatever a movie is and then when they came home I ran around a whole bunch more, and then I gotted to eat HAM. I gotted turkey too but I liked the ham better.

Max says it's a good thing Christmas is only once a year because if it were more I would explode all over the place.

I hope everyone else had a Merry Christmas. And Happy Hannukah, cause today is day 1 and Max says that's EIGHT days of fun!


This morning, I waked the Mom up by trying to get the thingy on the window open, and she picked me up and put me outside the door, but I went back in and did it again, so she picked me up and put me out the door and then she shutted it! I couldn't get back in! So she went to bed, and you know what? Max was in there and then HE got up and tried to open the thingy on the window! So she gave up and got out of bed and got dressed and said we were both little poops but she used another word but I don't think she was really mad.

Then when she was downstairs Max said to me "Guess what?" and I said "What?" and he said "Tomorrow is Christmas, so Santa will come tonight while everyone is asleep!"

Well I got so excited I thought I was going to pop so I had to run. I ran down the hall and into a bedroom and I turned around and ran back down the hall and then down the stairs and through the room with the table that has balls on it and into another room and then the kitchen and then the room where the tree is, and then I had to do it all over again! But the next time I went from the room with the table that has balls into another room I knocked over a footstool thingy and a lamp, so the Mom said "Buddah, stop!" I had to run back upstairs because I was still going to pop, but I ran into the room where the Dad was playing with his computer and sat in the window. She camed up the stairs to tell him that I'm insane but that I did't break the lamp. But I can't help it because SANTA COMES TONIGHT!!!

Max says there's only three days until Santa brings us presents! And you know what? He's going to bring something for the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad, too! And what's funny? Santa's going to stick their presents inside socks! I asked him if we needed to get some socks out of the dirty clothes basket after they all go to sleep because they don't just leave their socks lying around unless one of them sees I want to play with one, but Max said no and then showed me these giant socks they hung up on a door. Those are the biggest socks I have ever seen! I think Max and I could both get into one of them together! I tried to reach up and play with the biggest sock but the Mom saw and said "No no Buddah, we don't play with that." Max turned around and said "well we do" but I don't think she heard him. Then later on she was wrapping a present for some people I never seen before and I helped her! I tried to bite the paper and I touched it with my paw and it stuck to me, and she said "You are such a big help, Little Man." And then she wrapped a present for someone I meeted a while back and was a little scared of, but she still let me help. Then later she made Max take a medicine for his bad tummy and gave us really good Stinky Goodness, and Max said that today is almost over, so tomorrow it will only be TWO days til Santa comes, and that's only about 20 sleeps! But one thing he doesn't know, do I have to take a bath for Christmas?

I was on the bed with the Mom and I saw Max in his bed and jumped down to give him a hug and you know what he did? He threw his paw around my neck and made me stay there while he licked my head ALL OVER! I kept trying to wiggle away but he wouldnt let go and licked and licked and nibbled until my head was all wet! The Mom didn't even stop him! She just laughed and said "You just got kitty noogies, Little Man." I didn't think it was funny at all.

Oh! Oh! Oh! We gotted presents! Looky! Max maked a whole page for everyone to see!


It's really hard to get behind the tree now. There are all kinds of shiny boxes under it and they block my way. I'd like to get back there but I'd have to climb on the shiny boxes and Max says that would really get me in trouble because my claws might rip them open, and they're presents for the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad and they want them to stay unripped open until Christmas. Max says none of them are for us but that's ok because Santa will bring us presents. I wanted to know why the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad gotted presents already and Max says they like to get stuff for each other but they're too old for Santa to bring them anything more than a teethy cleaning thingy and maybe some candy. He says we get Santa presents because we're still young. I asked him when we would be too old for Santa to bring us stuff and he said not to worry about it because to the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad we'll always be young enough and that's what Santa goes by. He said there used to be a dog who got stuff from Santa right up until he went to the Rainbow Bridge. I wanted to know where that was but Max says that's not for little kitties to worry about, all I have to think about is what Santa might bring me. I think about that but I'm really thinking about how I can get behind the tree again!

Max was really nice to me while he was esplaining stuff, but then he jumped on me and bit me on the neck. I said "Santa can see you do that!" and he said "Santa will appreciate it." That's when I cried really loud for the Mom to hear and Max gotted in trouble! She said "No biting!" and Max meowed right back at her, he said, "Kiss my furry black butt!" but she just turned around and walked away!

I don't think she listens to Max very much.

I bited the tree.
I couldn't help it.
But it doesnt taste very good.

Max is mad because I won't climb the tree. I want to, but the Mom and the Dad both said "No!" and I don't want them to be mad at me. I don't want Max to be mad at me either, but they're bigger than both of us.

I like to get under the tree look up because it's a sparkly. But I don't like to get in trouble so I'm trying hard to not play with it.

The hanging thingies on it are very pretty, though, and I don't know how long I can go without taking one off and batting it around. I hope if I do the Mom and Dad won't get too mad.

We gotted the tree!
There's thingies on it to bat around, and it does sparkly things at night. Its fun to loo at and sit under, but I haven't tried to climb up it yet. Max says to wait to do that. First I have to make the Mom and the Dad think I don't want to.

There's other pictures of us too. Max showded the link of his blog but if you didn't see it the pictures are right here. I like the new table because it has balls I can play with, but you better not get on it when the Mom or the Dad are playing with the balls or you get owies. We don't get yeled at for getting on the table because the Mom says it's a cheap assed table and we can't hurt it. Max says Oh Yes We Can!

Max and I are trying to count how many sleeps there are until Santa comes. He thinks it's a bajrillion, but I think it's only 52.

There were new people in the house today! I wanted to meet them better, but honestly, I was a little afraid. Max says they're the Dad's parents and I should be nice to them, but I wasn't sure so I kept running away from them. Max likes them and he went into the living room to say hi and rub on their legs. The Dad's dad brought this really big thingy that makes noise sometimes. There's a picture of it here. I'm not allowed to get near it. I got to sniff it once but that was it. I would like to explore it some more but if I do the Mom is going to reach down my throat and grab my tail from the inside and turn me inside out! I don't think I would like that very much. And oh! She said they're going to bring the tree inside soon! Max says I can have fun playing with it instead of the big noise thingy!

Today the Mom and the Dad moved stuff around, so it's like a whole new place again! There are lots more places to jump and run and it's at least 5 kinds of fun. I tried to count them but I can only count to 3 but I'm pretty sure it's at least 5. Max wasn't happy about it but I bet he's going to like it later. When the Mom was trying to go up the stairs he plopped right down in front of her on a stair and wouldn't move. She called him a little poop but she used a bad word and not poop, but she was laughing so I don't think she was mad. Max says he's going to poop on her pillow but I don't believe him. I think he's going to make it all toothy instead!

Oh Oh Oh Max telled me about SANTA CLAWS today! He said he learned about Santa from Timmy last year and that Timmy was right! There's this old guy that goes into kitty's houses on Chrisymas and gives them presents if they've been good! He said we've been as good as kitties who like to bite each other can be so we'll get a new toy! I asked when Chrisymas was and he said a few weeks, and that's a million and a half sleeps!

Oh oh oh! And we might get a tree INSIDE the house! He says we're not SUPPOSED to climb on it or play with it or chew on it but the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad can't watch it all the time, so we'll get to. I can't wait to see a tree inside the house! And And And he says there will be THINGIES on the tree to bat around and play with! If we di it right we can get them off the tree and bat them around on the floor!

I'm so exicted I have to go to the litterbox before I pee right here!

If Max ever asks if you want to play Dracula, SAY NO!!!

I made Max happy! Today the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad went somewhere and when they came back they had a special food treat for us, and Max was all excited because he wanted this treat really badly and didn't think he was going to get it so when the Mom gave it to us I took a couple of bites and thinked it was okay but not so good that I wanted it as bad as Max did so I letted him have mine and then he was super happy!

I hope this doesn't mean Max is going to try to give me a bath tonight because I taked one all by myself earlier but he has this thing about making me take a bath and using his tongue to do it to be sure I get the stinkies off my head.

But I made Max happy and he says Santa Claus saw it. And I don't know who that is but Max says he'll esplain it to me and that it will make me really happy and excited too!

Guess what? 'Cause I don't always finish my Stinky Goodness, and I keep tryin' to lick Max's plate, the Mom decided I didn't like my kitten food anymore, and she was right because I think I'm a big boy now, so tonight I got to have MAX'S kind of Stinky Goodness! And it was really, really, really good! I eated it faster than Max eated his! Now my tummy is all full and I'm happy and sleepy and we're going to go take a nap! But I wasn't sick or nothing, I just wasn't finishing my food because I didn't like it very much anymore.

The Mom and the Dad said they have lots of cans of kitten food still but there's no point in making me try to eat it so they're gonan take it to the Espeeseeay, the place they gotted me from! They think other kitties will like it lots. I don't remember a lot about it but I know I woulda eated anything then because I was always hungry and I bet those kitties are too.


This was the new toy the Mom said was waiting in the new place for us. And it was! It's right by a window so if we don't feel like playing with it we can sit on it and watch stuff outside. The balls make a funny crunchy sound when I hit them. Max doesn't seem to want to play with it, he just likes to see out the window.

And then yesterday, the Mom brought me a NEW toy!

It's a fuzzy! And it makes a tinkle tinkle sound when I play with it. This is my favorite toy of all time!

See? It's tons of fun on the stairs. I hope I don't kill it because it's the best toy EVER!

Oh! Last night, there was a kitty that came to the back door! He sat out there and looked inside and stared at me! I didn't know what to do because I never saw that kitty before so I just stood there and got really scared because he didn't seem like a nice kitty, not at all. Then his ears went back and he started hissing and snarling at me and I got really scared and really didn't know what to do, so I backed up a little, and then Max was there! Max got right up to the door and put his ears back, and then he made his fur get all puffy, and he started hissing and spitting and making funny grunting sounds and he got right in between me and the bad kitty! When the bad kitty didn't go away Max took both his front paws and banged on the door and made a loud GO AWAY noise, and the bad kitty runned away!

The Mom was watching and she said Max was a very good boy for making the bad kitty go away, and said she could have helped but Max did a better job than she would. I was still scared so she picked me up and said it was okay because even though I'm a big boy I don't know a lot about other kitties and someday I would. Max let her pet his head but he stayed by the door to make sure the other kitty wouldn't come back. The Mom was very proud that he protected me.

Max says I'm HIS kitty to be mean to and no one else gets to. I think that means I have to let him sit on me again. But that's ok because then we can play!

Max pushed me down the stairs. I rolled and rolled and then he ran after me and jumped on me, so we rolled around on the floor and then he chased me all around the house. It was fun!

I founded the mousie!!! The Mom and the Dad said they made him move out before we got here, but the other morning, I founded him! He wasn't what I expected, though. He was under the hot box in the kitchen so I pulled him out, and he was just laying there. I think he was sleeping. The Dad saw and said I couldn't play with him, then he gotted a bunch of paper towels and scooped him up and putted him in the trash, then took him outside. Max says mousies like trash and there was lots of food in the trash, so the mousie has plenty to eat in his new outside home.

The Mom and the Dad both say I'm a good boy for finding him. The Dad says it's really good that I found him before the Mom did.

This new place is really big and don't tell anyone, but I'm a little scared here. There's lots of noises I don't know and things that smell funny. Max says one of the smells is from a woofy! He also said not to worry because the woofy moved away. Even though I can hear a bunch of them outside, they can't come in. And there are lots of other kitties outside. We watched two of them fight this morning, and boy can they holler loud!

Max is being really nice to me and helping me and everything. When I get scared he lets me curl up on a bed with him, and he even rubbed his head against mine when I was feeling really upset. But we're not supposed to tell the Mom and the Dad about that. He doesn't want them to think he's a nice kitty.

When I'm used to all the new things here, Max is going to teach me all about singing in the stairwell! He says it's lots of fun, and even better than singing in the bathroom!

We move tomorrow!

I've been busy all week helping the Mom and the Dad fill boxes and move them around. I know they like it because they keep saying, "You're such a big help, Buddah."

I want to help move the big stuff, too, but Max says that he's pretty sure we're going to spend all day locked in the bathroom. When all the big stuff is gone we'll get out so we can explore the rooms without anything in them, and then we get to go see the new place!

Max says he heard the Mom and the Dad talking and there's only 6 more days until we get to move to the place with stairs! That's only about one hunderd sixty two sleeps! I'm a little scared about going to a new place but I want to run up and down stairs. Max says it's FIFTEEN kinds of fun! I hope he means better fun than getting nootered. That was supposed to be ten kinds of fun but I only counted three. He doesn't want to go because he's tired of moving and said last time he had to spend FOUR DAYS in the car. The Mom says no it's only 10 minutes, but he doesn't believe her. I do. AND she says there's a new toy at the new place for us!

Stuff camed out of the sky today! I had to watch it for a long time to be sure it wasn't gonna hurt anything. Max looked at it for about 2 seconds and said "Bleh. I hate rain." If it comes out tomorrow I'm gonna have to watch it again, just because.

I keep getting too big for everything. I tried to curl up on the Mom's shoulder to sleep but I kept falling off, and she said I was getting too big to do that. I tried to jump on Max's back and ride him down the hall, but she picked me up and said I was too big for that now. And then I tried to get into my fvorite box but I could only get my head in, and she said she was sorry but I was too big for that box now. I feel really sad right now because I think I'm too big for anything fun!

Oh! I heard the Mom day that in the new place we're going to go live, she saw a MOUSIE!!! They're going to make the mousie move out before we get there, though. I keep asking her to leave the mousie there for me, but she won't listen. I could catch it for her and we could play with it together! It could stay there for a couple more weeks couldn't it?

There were BIRDIES outside the window today! I got to watch them hop around on the ground and then fly. AND I got to watch another kitty watching the birdies! The Mom says he was hunting and if he coulda catched one he probaby woulda eaten it. I didn't know that was an option!

I tried to push the screen thingy out of the window so I could go outside and play too, but the Mom said "No, no, Buddah, leave the screen alone." Then she kneeled on the floor and watched the birdies with me for a little while. I'd still like to go outside.

Max got all mad because we gotted a new toy and I got it first and it didn't last very long. I didn't mean to make it dead but it didn't put up much of a fight and before knew it I had ripped it open and pulled out its guts. I didn't want him to be mad at me so when we had dinner the Mom walked out of the kitchen for a minute so I let him have some of my food. He likes it because it tastes different than his. And I got some of the food on his plate. I like his food a lot. So now he's not so mad at me and the Mom said there's more new toys and we can have them later and we each get a new one at the same time.

He says we're gonna have a new place to live and the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad will come live there, too. And there will be things to see out the windows and stairs to run on. I don't know what stairs are but he says I will love them. He told me all about it so I wont be scared when we go. They gave him a new place to live once and he was very scared because he didn't know what was happening. I think it sounds fun, but he says it is going to be a while. Maybe 20 whole days and night. I asked how many sleeps that was, and he said A BAJRILLION!!!

I can't wait!

Theres boxes all over the place! Not all of them are folded right so that I can get into them, but I've had lots of boxes fun the last couple of days. Last night the Dad kept trying to put other things in boxes, and I kept jumping in. He said I wasn't being much help, but I wasn't trying to help! I was trying to make him stop putting stuff in those boxes 'cause I want to play in them!

Max keeps saying this is all bad news, but they're boxes! How can boxes be bad news?

I have a new fun place to sit and nap if I want! I can jump on the counter, then jump on the figerater, and then on top of the cubberds! Max said I could go up there if I wanted but first i didn't believe him because sometimes he just wants me to get in trouble, but it looked like so much fun I decided to try anyway. And you know what, he was right! The Mom saw me and said "Look where you got to!" and she wasn't mad at all. She worried that I didn't know how to get down, so she put treats on top of the figerater and I jumped down to eat them, so she said "Ok, you know the way down. You can go up there."

Later I went back up there and I found this bag of different treats on top of the figerater, so I grabbed them and jumped to the floor, but the Dad found me before I could rip the bag open with my teeths and eat them. He didn't get mad he just said I couldn't have them.

Max also says that if I get up there and lay down, they won't be able to see me, and I can listen to them running around crying "Where's Buddah? I can't find Buddah!" He says it's really funny. So I might do that later.

This morning, the Dad took Max outside for a long time, and while he was gone I jumped up on the counter and got the lid off Max's can of Stinky Goodness, and I ate it! well not all of it but most of it! It was really good, it tastes better than the food I get. Max thinks my food tastes better but we're not allowed to trade. The Mom caught me before I could lick the last bit out of the can and said that wasn't very nice of me, but I think it was nice to me! And Max will get another can later.

I am leaving Max alone today because when he came home he sure didn't act like he was all there. His eyes looked all big and funny and he can't make up his mind where to sit, so I'm going to go take a nap while he gets over it and maybe he'll want to play later.

Wherever the Dad took him he musta been good because we got treats when he got home! Even though he pooped on someone!

Max sat on me. He said we were gonna have fun, but I didn't like that at all. He's fat!

Oh, I had a scaredy thing happen to me today. I was playing, and I ran through the tunnel toy, and it got caught on my head, and that scared me, so I ran even faster into the room where the Dad was, and I didn't know what to do so I jumped on the bed and that made it hurt more, so I jumped to the other side and it hurt more again, but then it fell off. I was really scared so I hid in this tiny place between the wall and the back of the bed, and the Dad couldn't find me, and he was afraid I was really hurt, so the Mom came to look, too, and they decided I was in that place behind the bed, so that had to pull it apart to get me! Then the Mom took me and holded me, and she took me and Max to the other bedroom so she could look to see if I was hurt on the outside, and the Other Dad helped the Dad put the bed back together. Then the Dad took the tunnel toy and cut off the thingy that my head got caught on. I didn't want the Mom to put me down until I saw the Dad put the tunnel toy back on the floor so I could play in it again without getting hurted. And Max sniffed at me to see if I was ok! He said he was looking to see if I was dead so he could have my snack tonight, but I know he got scared too when the Mom and the Dad had to hep me get out from behind the bed.

Tonight Max was sleepin' so when it was time for dinner *I* got to go tell the Mom! She was surprised and said, "You're learning to tell time, Little Man!" and then she started to get our food. She also told me to go get Max, but I didn't. I sitted on the floor and waited because Max says If You Snooze You Lose, and if he was snoozing he was losing! But he heard her and waked up and came out to eat anyway. Later he got mad because the Mom let me lick her yogurt cup but she shook her head and said "You don't like yogurt, Max. I'd give you some if you did." When she left the room he called her a bad word and said liking it wasn't the point. I asked Max what the point was and he said it's that place on the top of my head. I keep trying to look for it, but I can't see it!


Max taked a nap with me!

I got kind of scared this morning. The Mom put Max into this big plastic thingy and took him outside, and the Dad was asleep (Max says he stays out all night farting, that's why he sleeps during the day), so I was all alone and I wanted to know where Max was going and I was afraid he wasn't coming back. So I waited by the door for a long, long time. Just when I was sure Max was never coming back, the Mom opened the door and there he was! She took him to the bathroom because he had to get a bath with a wet washcloth, but then he came out and said his life sucks. He also said he pooped on the mom!

Later on I was sleeping on the bed and the Mom shut the door. I heard her open a can of food, but I couldn't get out to get to it! I howled as loud as I could but she still didn't hear me. Max said he got to have a snack because when he was outside someone stabbed him. I wanted a snack too but I didn't want to get stabbed.

The Mom said she was sorry but Max had to have a special snack to help his head and tummy not feel bad and I can't have any of that because I'm not sick, so she let me lick her yogurt to make me feel better. Max hates yogurt, so when she has it I get to lick the spoon all I want when she's done!

I'm not scared now, so I think I'll go take a nap on the Mom's fuzzy blanket. Well, Max says it's his blanket and he just lets the Mom use it. But I get to use it too!

The Mom let me curl up in her lap last night, and she said what a good boy I am for leaving the Big Kitty alone when she said to. Since all he does is growl at me I don't have much choice, but I like curling up in her lap and having my head and tummy rubbed. And later on when she had her snack, we both got a tiny taste! It was good, it was chicken pieces, and I got a big kitty size piece, 'cause she says I'm a big kitty now! I was so happy, I went in and pooped really big, and she said "Oh, Buddah, I can't take too many presents like that." Max said to keep trying, the bigger the better!

Every time I try to play with Max today he growls at me. One time he was on the Mom's lap and I swatted at his tail, and not only did he growl but the Mom pointed her finger at me and said "No. Leave him alone." I just want to play with someone and the Other Dad isn't home!

I don't think Max feels good. All he wants to do is sleep and he never want to play. The Mom says he's just in a bad mood because she put his collar back on and is punishing the rest of us by ingoring us. But I want to play! I even tried to ride him into the kitchen, but he threw me off and growled. So either he doesn't feel good or he doesn't like me anymore. And everyone likes me so it must be his tummy or something.

Yesterday I helped the Mom clean the kitchen. She said I'm a good supervisor. So today she was cleaning the bathroom so I figured she needed my help there, too. Max said that I could be a bigger help if I picked up the paper towels after she dropped them on the floor. So I did that, she used one and wadded it up and dropped it on the floor, so I picked it up and she said "Oh no baby that's not good for you" and she took it away. I was happy she took it away because it didn't taste good at all.

Then when she was bent over cleaning the toilet I jumped on her back to watch over her shoulder. She said "You are SUCH a big help!" And then when she was sweeping I chased the broom and bit it so it would know it had to get everything off the floor and she said "Buddahkins, I couldn't do this without you."

And you know what Max said? He said when I grow up, I can be a maid because I like cleaning!

I learned a new trick! If I put my paw on the thingy covering the window when the Mom can see, she gets up and opens it for me! This morning I wanted to look out the bedroom window, and I was just touching it to see if I could move it, but she saw and she did it for me!

Max says that if she doesn't see me, I need to hit it so it makes noise, and then she'll come and open it even if she's in another room. He says it's called "power" but I think it's just neat!

I haven't had time to blog because I still have BOXES!!!!

We got new boxes! I can jump from one to the other to the other and back again! And I can do it as fast as I want! The Mom said so!

I saw another woofy today! It was outside this morning when the Dad was reading the paper and Max and I were sitting by the window so we could feel the breeze. I wanted to go outside and play with it, but the man who had the woofy took it away. And Max said I was insane anyway, that we don't play with woofies. We hiss at them. But I really think I'd like to play with a woofy, even if Max doesn't like them. I think he's just mad because he used to have a woofy of his own and he misses it.

See? I got to play with the balled up paper! I was going to share it with Max, but he wasn't interested. The Mom says I look almost small in this picture. But...

Here I am asking for a new box. I really need a new box to play in.

Looky. I need a new box 'cause I'm getting kind of long and it don't fit me anymore!

Max says that tonight we're going to sing! We're going to do it because today is the Mom's birthday. I don't know what that means, but if we get to sing I'm all for it! And there's balled up paper that I get to play with. Max says to leave it in the living room for now and we'll play with it after the Mom goes to sleep. We might even take it back there and play with it on the bed so she can have fun too!

You know what Max did to me? When I was running up and down the hall as fast as I could, trying to catch the red buggy the Dad makes run from me, he hid in the entry way to the Other Dad's room, and when I went by, he jumped out to scare me! And it did! He jumped out with his paws up and said BOO! and I almost peed right there in the hall! But I wasn't mad, it was funny. But I keep looking before I walk by there just to make sure he's not there again!

I tried to be really cute for the Mom last night, but Max says sitting on her face isn't being cute. He says it's really funny, but not cute and not helpful when she's sad. So I asked him what to do, and he said "Take a bath!" so I did. I took a long long bath and I let Max help me get behind my ears, and then I curled up on top of her just before she went to sleep.

I purred really hard and rubbed my cheek on her face, and that made her happy. So now I'm all nice and clean and the Mom doesn't seem so sad today. Maybe I won't have to take a bath for a wole week now!

The Mom is very sad tonight because she losted a friend. I was going to help her look because I think her friend is with the green mousey I lost, but Max said not to, and to just do the cute thing and rub my face on hers and meow real soft. She needs to sit down so I can do that. Max already did, he got in her lap and rubbed his face all over hers, and he even purred. Then he said I didn't see that and if I did he's going to throw me off the climbing thingy, so I didn't see that. But it made the Mom smile so I don't know what his problem is.

Max likes to give me baths, but boy, if you try to give him one! He growled at me and hit me on my little head! But that's ok, because when he was asleep on top of the climbing thingy, I snuck up there, curled up, and used his butt as a pillow!

Can you see me in there?

Max was in the basket and I wanted to get in with him, but he got mad and jumped out.

So I got to have to all to myself! The Dad pointed the flashy thing at me, but the thingy in the basket is as black as I am!

I'm not sure what the thingy in the basket is, but the Mom says it's a good thing it was already dirty...

All I wanted to do was sleep, but the Mom had the flashy thing and pointed it at me. She likes it when I look at the flashy thing, so I looked up.

I was kind of sleepy, but she made it go flash and then she laughed. Max was on the other side of the room and told me to act like I was stuck up, so I did.

She said I was a handsome boy, and she tried to flash it at Max, but all he would let her flash it at was his butt.

The Mom wants to know who lit my butt on fire...the Big Kitty thinks that's funny, but I keep looking and there's nothing on my butt! So the only thing I can do is keeping running around as fast as I can, and maybe I'll find the fire. I musta dropped it somewhere.

I teethed the Mom's funny hat!
Clicky and see the whole picture!

Guess what? The Mom and the Dad found out that I'm 2 weeks older than they thought I was! Since I got nootered, the place they got me from gave them a piece of paper that says I'm their kitty forever and forever, and says I was born in the middle of March, not the beginning of April like they had figured. So that means I'm TWO WEEKS bigger, and TWO WEEKS smarter!

I tried to tell the Big Kitty that I was 2 whole weeks smarter, but I don't think he heard me, because he pushed me off the climbing tower.

I got to see a WOOFY today! I was looking out the window and there he was, on a balcony in the other building! Max says he's smaller than me, and he just goes woof woof woof all the time. And Max says he's tried to get the woofy to jump, but it won't listen to him. I'd like to go play with the woofy, but I don't think he likes us very much. Maybe if he jumps we can go outside and meet him.

Looky! I got to hug the Big Kitty!

Oh. Max was not quite right. Getting nootered is NOT ten kinds of fun.

I only counted like 3 kinds of fun. First I got to go outside with the Mom and she took me to the place with the nice people. That was kind of fun. Then the nice people let me take a long nap, and they petted me while I went to sleep. That was kind of fun. And later on they played with me because I didn't want to be in the plastic thingy anymore. That was kind of fun.

But after my nap, my butt hurt. I can't sit very well and I can't jump very well. And I was REALLY hungry. The Mom closed the bedroom door last night and I think she forgot that she put all the food back there, and she forgot to feed me before she took me outside. I just got to eat, but my butt still hurts.

All in all, I don't think I want to get nootered again. It was only 3 kinds of fun, and those weren't even really good kinds of fun. Just little kinds of fun. I can get people to play with me any day.

Just so you know, if they say you get to get nootered, it's not worth the excitement. Especially since your butt hurt after.

Lookit the buggy!
I tried and tried and tried, but I couldn't catch it.
It's just too fast!

Guess what? I'm 4 months old now, and because I'm such a big boy, I'm gonna get NOOTERED! Max says that's TEN kinds of fun, and that I should make sure I take lots of baths this week to be all nice and clean, because I'm going to get to go someplace on Friday to get nootered! Everyone is all excited about it, especially the Mom. In fact, when she was asleep last night I jumped on her head and rubbed my dangly stuff on her cheek, and she said "I can't wait for you to get nootered!" Me either!

If I'm not supposed to chew on the Dad's things, why does he leave them right there for me to play with? I didn't know I wasn't allowed to chew up his special ear thingies or the little worms that hang off the back of his speakers. Chewing is my most favorite playing thing. If it's there, I'm gonna chew on it!

Last night the Big Kitty said I was all stinky and I needed a bath, so he held me down and gave me one! It took so long, and he wouldn't let me get up at all! First he made me lay all the way down and kept a paw on my neck to make sure I didn't go anywhere, and later he let my head up but he wrapped both his paws around my neck and just kept licking and licking and licking until I didn't stink anymore.

Then I was all wet. I didn't like that one bit, but he said I had to stay on the climbing thingy and not move until I was ALL dry. I wanted to play fight with him but he said nope, wet kitties have to sit there and get all dry. So he took a nap at the very top of the climbing thingy where I really wanted to be, and I had to sit quietly on the second perch on it.

But since I was a good boy and did what he said, this morning he started my singing lessons. We sat on top of the table and sang until we woke the Mom up. She did just what he said she would, she came running and asked if we were all right, then went back to bed! We sang a little more, and then waited for the Dad because he was going to be home soon to feed us.

I don't like baths, not at all, but I like singing! Max says we can sing ALOT!

The dad took the big box away. The Mom was holding me when he took it outside and she said, "say bye-bye to the box." I wasn't done playing with it! She said it took up too much space and that I would get another box soon, but I still want that one! I tried to tell Max so he could make them bring it back but he just grunted "Get used to it, kid." I am going to cry the rest of tonight, really I am.

Looky! I killed it!

I've been busy! There's a really big box in the living room, and I've been playing with it over and over. The Big Kitty plays with it, too, but not as much as me. I can jump in it and jump out of it and chew on it and scratch it, and no one gets mad! Well, if the Big Kitty is in there and I get in and squish his throat even on accident, the Mom gets upset. But I've decided that she's pretty much always upset with anything that's fun, so I might as well have fun anyway! Except for hurting the Big Kitty. I don't mean to do that, it just happens.

Things I Learned Today:

  • We do not eat Jesus, even when he's hanging on a shiny chain around the Mom's neck.
  • The Big Kitty will eat my food if he finishes his first.
  • When we are happy and purring because we're getting to snuggle with the Mom or the Dad, we do not stick our claws out to hold on.
  • If we sleep under the Other Dad's bed, we will get locked in his room when he goes to bed.
  • We can wake the Other Dad up by playing hockey with his glasses.
  • I like it when the Mom calls me Baby.
  • The Big Kitty looks at her like she farted if she calls him Baby.
  • We do not fart in the Mom's face.
  • Running into the Big Kitty is like running into the wall.
  • The thingies on the TV can't be caught, no matter how hard you whack your paw on it.
  • The Mom really needs to stop singing.

Ohhhh, you know what? It's not a good idea to bite another kitty's dangly bits. They will get really mad if you do!

The Mom re-did all the pictures I had online. It's a really pretty page now. Very pretty. And she says no she's not full of herself. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

The Big Kitty and I both wanted to take naps on the Mom today but she only has one lap. So you know what she did? She let Max have her lap, and then she leaned back and let me curl up ner her shoulder. We both got to sleep on the Mom! And while we were there, the Dad squirted some stuff on our necks, but we didn't get all wet, so we didn't get mad. He says it'll make the itchies go away.

That's good, because we've been itching a lot and Max is not happy about it.

I got to meet new people today! The Grandma and the Grandpa! I like them, they petted me and played with me, and didn't even yell when I chewed something of the Grandma's I wasn't supposed to. I don't think the Big Kitty saw them because he didn't come out of his napping place. He misses all the good stuff when he sleeps!

Max decided to sleep at the top of the climbing thing with me yesterday. The Mom was really surprised since just the day before he kept knocking me off of it.

And the Dad is not happy with me 'cause I chewed through the wires on his ear phone thingies and the wires on his speakers. He says he doesn't want me to chew through anything that's electric, but sometimes I just gotta chew. My teeths kinda hurt!

Look! I'm big enough now that I can get on top of the box with the swimming thingies. Max says that if I stick my head in the hole in the back I can probably get one by breathing in really hard. I was going to try it but the Dad saw me and said "No, Buddah, your head will get stuck."

Max says we can try again when no one else is home and that if my head gets stuck, he'll get me out. And I believe him, I really do.

There was this square thing on the big bed, and it smelled good so I wanted to bute t and play with it, so I grabbed it and took it all over the house and put lots and lots of teethy marks in it. And then the Mom was standing by the bed and asked "Where did my wallet go?" She looked everywhere! And finally she had to go potty, and guess what! She found it in the bathroom!

That's where I left the square thingy, but now I can't find it. And I'd like to find it because that was loads of fun and tasty, too!

The Mom keeps saying that she's not a mattress, but she sure is nice to sleep on top of. Last night I slept on her face, and then on her legs, so that Max could have to soft place on the bed by her pillow. He didn't stay there all night, but I'm pretty sure the Mom liked me sleeping on her.

She didn't like it so much when I bit her finger later. That was an accident; she reached for her keys the same time I wanted to taste one of them, and it just happened. She says I'm getting very strong and sharp teeth!

The Other Dad took the first picture of me today when I was trying to take a nap, and the Dad took the second later after I waked up. I was only just a little bit waked up, so I look sleepy. The Mom says it shows that I'm getting to be a big boy and she's going to have to stop calling me baby boy pretty soon.

The third picture the Mom did something to. It almost shows that even though I have black fur, there are stripes in it. The Other Dad likes to hold me all stretched out under a lamp so he can see the reddish stripes in my fur.

The Big Kitty says it's no big deal, that if they really want to see my coloring they should just shave all my fur off and it'll show on my skin. I don't know what that means, but it doesn't sound too good.

And the mom did tell me last night I was a good boy. And that she needs to add "ADHD Kitty" to my name. And then we got treats!

You can clicky on the pictures to see bigger ones...

All day long it was "Buddah, no. Buddah, stop. Buddah don't eat that. Buddah that's not a toy. Buddah Kleenex is not food. No Buddah no!"

I didn't even bug the Big Kitty too much today; he wanted to play a few times, but I didn't make him mad. Nothing seemed to make the Mom and the Dad happy other than when I snuggled to sleep on top of them a little.

Buddah needs to hear he's a good boy, or else he's gonna be crying all night.

Ha Ha Ha! The Big Kitty was in the box, and I hid behind the big white thingy next to it, and I jumped out and scared the poopies right out of him! His fur got all poofy and he wanted to run but he couldn't cause he was poopin'! The mom said that wasn't very nice of me, but I think she was laughing, too.

We got a new toy! Another thingy for me to run through!

Last night when things were going =BOOM= in the sky, I got a little scared so I went and got the Big Kitty. He wasn't scared, he was just licking himself, right there on the big chair in the living room, so I meowed at him and said I was scared. He got off the chair and walked with me to the bedroom and I got under the bed, and he laid down on the floor next to the bed where I could see him.

After the booms stopped the Mom gave us treats and said we were very good, and Max got a hug that he didn't like, but she was happy he helped me so he got one anyway.

Then today she took Max to see the guy who gives pricks, and she left him there for a couple of hours. She says he needed a blood test, but because he's feeling better and is all snarky again, he tried to bite everyone there, so they had to give him something to make him sleepy. When he came home he was all wobbly, and had to take a nap all afternoon in the bedroom.

I'm being a good boy and leaving him alone tonight because he still looks wobbly. Maybe he'll play with me tomorrow. Or even late tonight if he feels better. The other night we played wrestling right on top of the Mom while she tried to sleep!



I have to go find the Big Kitty so he can come under the bed with me and protect me!

The Mom and the Dad took me back to the place they got me from again today. The lady there thinks I'm a very nice kitty, 'cause I didn't try to bite her or fight her when she had to do the prick thing in my neck again. And then she did another prick thing, and said something about chips, but I looked around and I didn't see any chips. I know what chips look like because the Other Dad has them sometimes, and I would have liked to have licked the salt off one or two of them.

The Dad said they were microchips, so maybe they were just too small to see...?

The lady there held me up and looked at my butt and said I was definitely a Big Boy now, and it's time to snip. I hope snips are like chips, and that I get to lick one. So far all I've ever done is sniffed a chip, and it smells really tasty.

Last night I didn't have to sleep in the other Dad's room (after thinking about it, he's not just the other guy; he takes care of me like the Dad, so he has to be the OTHER Dad...) I got to stay out like the Big Kitty and sleep anywhere I wanted!

The Big Kitty wasn't happy about it, but I wanted to sleep on top of the Mom's head. I've never slept there, and it seemed like a nice place. Maybe he was upset because he sleeps there? She has a nice comfy head, in any case.

I heard her say to the Dad that I was really good last night, so I get to sleep anywhere I want again tonight, and if I keep being good I don't ever have to stay all night in the Other Dad's room, not unless I want to.

I think I want to sometimes, but I like being able to decide for myself.


I must have been payday, cause we got a new climbing thingy like the Mom and the Dad said!

It's all covered with stuff I can scratch if I want to, and I can climb all over it. the Big Kitty can jump onto the flat things to get to the top if he wants. And we can play on it together!

Here's me looking down from the hole in the top!

And a couple more pictures: Dinner time and See, he lets me eat off his plate!

I'm going to go play on the tower now and maybe take a nap at the very top.

I got a time out today. I was running around and being really loud and kept jumping on the Big Kitty...and when the Mom piced me up and told me to chill out I bit her. I didn't mean to, but I was all excited and filled up with energy. She said she knew I didn't mean it but I needed to calm down before I hurt someone.

Later on I almost hurt myself. The Dad was in the kitchen and I was watching him from one of the chairs at the table, and somehow I got my head stuck in the chair. I got scared and started crying, but he knew what to do and got me out before I got hurt.

Then we had dinner. And you know what? After I was done I went into the other room, and the Big Kitty came and got me and took me back to the kitchen and let me have a little of his food! We ate from the same plate at the same time! I would let him eat from my plate, too, but I eat so fast it's gone before he can even think about it.

Maybe I can do something really cute to get us a snack, or maybe I can tell him when the other guy puts kitty chow in the bowl in his room, and Max can sneak in and eat some of that. he doesn't like to go into that room, but I bet he would for kitty chow.

I pulled the Big Kitty's neck thingy off over his head today. Twice! He thought it was funny, but the Mom is not happy. She says he needs to wear it, but he says he likes life better without it. Since he sits on my head and she doesn't, I'll keep taking it off for him.

I got to eat breakfast with the Big Kitty! We eat dinner together but today the Dad got me up early and let me eat with Max! And then when he went to bed and the other guy left the house I didn't have to get ut in a room. The Big Kitty kept an eye on me until the Mom woke up. And I was very good, I only knocked a couple of things over.

And you know whats funny? Last night the Big Kitty and I were playing and we got too loud, and the Big Kitty got the time out, not me! The Mom said he was being mean cause he used his back claws on me. He didn't have to go to a room with the door shut, but she picked him up and took him to her bedroom and told him to chill out. I didn't get in trouble!


The Mom and the Dad say I'm a big boy now because I'm 13 weeks old, so I get to wear a thingy on me and it has my name!

It also has my phone number but no one is allowed to know what that is. Not even me!

The Big Kitty got a new thingy for his neck, too. It's the same color as mine and his oldy neck thingy, but the Mom says these are stretchy in case we wrestle too hard. And because we've been good kitties, we got another new toy.

I can hide in it and make it crinkle, and the Big Kitty can get in it too, if he wants. He has to make himself small to get in, but I think he can.

And I don't know what "next payday" is, but the Mom says we might get a new climbing thing so I have something besides her very expensive chair to scratch. But I have to be good.

We got squeaky toys! Both of us! I got mine first, and the Big Kitty liked it so much he got one of his own. He pretends he doesn't want it, though.

And yesterday we got to take a nap on the Mom. Max slept on her lap and I slept on her shoulder. Max kept petting me. The Mom says he was trying to poke my eye out, but I know he was really just petting my face.

And you know what? I haven't gotten a time out at all the last few days! I had to nap in the other guy's room one afternoon because the Mom and Dad were going out and Max needed to nap, too (something about my teeth and his butt...) but other than that, no time outs!

Last night we got a good snack. It was all stinky and chewy. The Big Kitty scarfed his down and when I didn't scarf mine, he came over to help me. I didn't need help, but I got help! I tried to help him eat his dinner tonight 'cause I got done with mine first, but he really didn't want help finishing it. The Mom made me go into another room. He wanted to save it for later, so she put it on the counter and covered it, but you know what? When no one was looking, I got up there, figured out how to get the cover off, and ate it. Heh.


The Big Kitty hugged me!
With teeth!

Today I didn't bite the Mom. Well, I did a tiny nibble on her ear, but that wasn't biting biting that was 'cause I was happy she snuggled me a little bit. And I didn't jump the Big Kitty too much. When he didn't want to play I played with other toys. He even let me play with the thing that flicks off his butt! One of those things follows me around, too, and I bite it every chance I get.

Ohhhhhhh...the Big Kitty's butt does not smell good, not at all, especially when it's right on top of my head. But we got to play LOTS today, and when I needed to take my nap I didn't even have to go to the other guy's room. I got to stay in the living room in a nice sun spot. The Big Kitty went into another room to nap.

I only tried to climb the Mom once today when she was getting our snack ready. I wanted to climb all the way up, but she said "What do you think you're doing?" and I was afraid I would't get my snack if I didn't get down. I love snack time best of all, because we get really good wet food, and I get a BIG helping of it. The Mom says it's to put meat on my bones. The Big Kitty says that's so I have enough meat on me for them to eat me later, but I think he's just teasing. He's REALLY big and they didn't eat him!

So far I've gotten to play with the Big Kitty a couple of times today and I think we get to play more later. He can be really rough! He bit me and he flipped me over and he threw me off of one of the big beds. I had lots of fun. I don't think the Mom and the Dad can stand to see us having so much fun because after a while they pull me away and make us be in different rooms.

Today while the Mom was watching TV, I crawled up her and bit her cheek. No reason. It was just there and looked very biteable. I didn't make her bleed or anything. But she was not happy.

Now I'm waiting for the Big Kitty to wake up, because then we get to play for a while before getting a snack!

Today I climbed the climbing thing all the way to the top, and I wiggled through the little space between the top and the cieling! So I got to play with the Big Kitty! I don't think he liked it as much as I did. The Mom and the Dad let us play for a little bit but then put us on separate sides again. I don't know what happened to the climbing thing, but when I tried to go over the top again I got stuck. Like I got fat in just a few minutes!

The Mom says if I don't knock it off, Max is going to knock the crap out of me. I don't know about that. I can get my crap out all by myself, but it would be nice if he liked to play better. Biting is fun! And I'm good at it. Just look at the Mom's arms--I've done some nice work there!


The Dad made this. I think it's nifty.

He didn't say, but I think it's there just for me to climb on because he knows how much I like to climb things.

I can go all the way to the top!

The Big Kitty sits on the other side and hollers ar me. I think he wishes he could climb, too.

The Mom and the Dad tried to keep the Big Kitty and me apart today, but I climbed right over the screen they put up and sneaked in to the room the Big Kitty was in. I was having lots of fun until the Mom caught me and made me leave. I got to play with the other guy so it was ok and later I had run of the house mostly and I climbed on the Dad a lot, and just before I went into the other guy's room for sleepy time, I got a nice big snack. The Big Kitty got one too and we ate together. I don't want to bite him when we're getting a snack. After that, sure... but I didn't get the chance. Tonight i get to play in a room with the Dad before going to bed for the night. they think I go to bed, but I really just wait for the other guy to get home, and when he goes to bed, I run around on top of him. Sometimes he thinks it's funny, sometimes he doesn't, but I HAVE to run!

I bit the Big Kitty about 16 zillion times today! I never did get to ride him, though, and that was disappointing. He only growled once and bit back once. He hits hard, though. He got me in the face about a hundred times. The Mom wants to know what she's gonna do with me. Feed me, I hope.

Oh wow, the Big Kitty does NOT like it if you bite him on the butt! The Mom doesn't like it either. I got another time out today, and later on she sat between us and wouldn't let me near him. I didn't think that was fair at all, so I bit her, too.

Looky! I keep seeing this other kitty, but I can't get him to play with me. He jumps around and waves at me, but that's it. I also got to see the Big Kitty today for a tiny little bit. The Mom held me and let Max sniff me. She says if I would hold still and not jump on him he would like me faster. But I can't help it.

I've been out of the other guy's room twice today for a long time and I had a lot of fun running around. My new favorite game is something the Mom calls, "No, no, Buddah, I'm not a trampoline." I stalk her and then run really fast and jump on her and then jump right off.

We also play "No, no Buddah, I'm not a chew toy."

But my favorite toy is the things on her feet. I can play with those and she just laughs. I think it's called "Hey, don't untie my shoes again."

I'm excited that pretty soon I might get ride the Big Kitty again!

I didn't see the Big Kitty today. I didn't find him when I went to the place he usually is. But I got to run around the house all day, and I took a nice long lap curled up on top of the Mom this afternoon. She said that was cute and I twitch a lot when I'm asleep. I want to be out more, but I have to stay in the bedroom right now. It will be okay when the other guy gets here because he'll stay in the room with me and sleep here, too. The Mom came in a little while ago to pet me and said she was sorry I had to be in here but Max is sick and won't leave the big fun room. I'll be happy when I'm big, too, and can be in whatever room I want.

Nobody is real happy with me tonight. I even got a time out! First I got in trouble because I climbed the Mom like she was a tree. And then I did it again. And then, well, I did it again when she was kinda bended over, and she hurt her back. So the Dad put me in the other guy's bedroom and told me to calm down. But she's fun to climb! I made her bleed in like 9 places, but it's FUN! When they let me out a little later, well...I had to. She's like BUILT for climbing!

And then later, when the Big Kitty jumped down off the dresser before anyone else saw him, I got so excited I ran and jumped on him. And I have this thing about biting, and they were mad about that because when they pulled me off him I had some of his fur in my mouth. I also had some stuff they had tried to give him to make him feel better on my fur, so the Mom washed me off, and back into the guy's room I went.

I just can't help myself. But I'm cute, so I can get away with it. Right?

I don't know what ritalin is, but the Mom and the Dad seem to think I need it.

I got to see the Big Kitty today, but he does not like me, not at all. He growled at me and hit me in the head with his great big paw. All I was trying to do was play with him.

And the Mom and the Dad took me for a ride to see some people who used to take care of me. ne f them said I've gotten much bigger already. And I got a prick in the skin behind my neck, but that wasn't too bad. The lady who did it likes me so I purred for her, and then the Mom and the Dad took me for another ride. They didn't seem happy when I pooped on the way home, though. I kept saying I have to go! I have to go!" and they kept saying "We'll be home in a minute," but that was such a long minute I couldn't hold it anymore. The dad says for a little guy I can sure poop out a lot. I think he was proud of me.

If the big lady is my Mom, who's my dad? There are 2 big men here, but I'm not sure which one he is. Can I have 2 Dads?

And I haven't seen the Big Kitty in a couple of days. They say he's sleeping and doesn't feel good so I have to leave him alone, but I would like to show him the box they gave me, and he could play with it, too. And there's this thing that sneaks up behind me that I keep trying to chase, but every time I catch it and bite it my butt hurts. So maybe he could catch it and bite it for me, and it won't hurt. Everyone seems to think it's pretty funny, but it's not their butts that hurt!

One of the big men gave me something squishy and smelly to eat today, and it was pretty good. They took some to the Big Kitty in the other room but he wouldn't eat it. I said I'd eat it for him, but I don't think anyone heard me. That was ok, because I found a sock to play with and forgot about wanting more of it until later.

I'm excited about dinner tonight, because there's going to be a special treat called turkey baby food.

The Big Lady, I'm pretty sure she's my Mom, took me to this place today to meet a nice guy with no hair. He told me how pretty I am and even though he stuck something in my leg that hurt, I liked him. I got some kind of test and I passed it. Mom (I'm going to call her that, okay?) says it means I can stay and when the Big Kitty feels better I can play with him. Since I can't play with him today, I got a box to play with. It's wicked fun, and I can bite it!

I lost all the comments. I'm sorry. But I *am* only 10 weeks old.

Today I learned that toilet paper tubes are awesome toys. And I can bite them without hearing "No, Buddah." I also learned that if the Big Kitty is up high and you can't jump up to him, use your claws to climb up a Big Person, and you can! But the Big Person says "Ow! What do you think you're doing?" and they don't understand when you say "climbing, duh."

Big kitties have big teeth.

Hi. I'm Buddah. I'm 10 weeks old, and so far my favorite thing is chasing the Big Kitty around the house. He doesn't seem to like it as much as I do. I think I'm going to have to work hard to make him realize he loves me.

I've been here for about a week. Before that some people from the SPCA rescued me from something called a kill shelter. I don't really remember that, but it doesn't sound like a happy place. This new place has tons of things for me to sniff and play with, and the people are pretty nice, too, even though they keep telling me "no." Like, "No, Buddah, don't chew on the blinds." Or "No Buddah, don't ride on Max."

Max is the Big Kitty. He doesn't seem like he wants me here, but I'm so cute eventually he'll fall in love with me. It seems like everyone does.

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