The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...


I must have been payday, cause we got a new climbing thingy like the Mom and the Dad said!

It's all covered with stuff I can scratch if I want to, and I can climb all over it. the Big Kitty can jump onto the flat things to get to the top if he wants. And we can play on it together!

Here's me looking down from the hole in the top!

And a couple more pictures: Dinner time and See, he lets me eat off his plate!

I'm going to go play on the tower now and maybe take a nap at the very top.

I got a time out today. I was running around and being really loud and kept jumping on the Big Kitty...and when the Mom piced me up and told me to chill out I bit her. I didn't mean to, but I was all excited and filled up with energy. She said she knew I didn't mean it but I needed to calm down before I hurt someone.

Later on I almost hurt myself. The Dad was in the kitchen and I was watching him from one of the chairs at the table, and somehow I got my head stuck in the chair. I got scared and started crying, but he knew what to do and got me out before I got hurt.

Then we had dinner. And you know what? After I was done I went into the other room, and the Big Kitty came and got me and took me back to the kitchen and let me have a little of his food! We ate from the same plate at the same time! I would let him eat from my plate, too, but I eat so fast it's gone before he can even think about it.

Maybe I can do something really cute to get us a snack, or maybe I can tell him when the other guy puts kitty chow in the bowl in his room, and Max can sneak in and eat some of that. he doesn't like to go into that room, but I bet he would for kitty chow.

I pulled the Big Kitty's neck thingy off over his head today. Twice! He thought it was funny, but the Mom is not happy. She says he needs to wear it, but he says he likes life better without it. Since he sits on my head and she doesn't, I'll keep taking it off for him.

I got to eat breakfast with the Big Kitty! We eat dinner together but today the Dad got me up early and let me eat with Max! And then when he went to bed and the other guy left the house I didn't have to get ut in a room. The Big Kitty kept an eye on me until the Mom woke up. And I was very good, I only knocked a couple of things over.

And you know whats funny? Last night the Big Kitty and I were playing and we got too loud, and the Big Kitty got the time out, not me! The Mom said he was being mean cause he used his back claws on me. He didn't have to go to a room with the door shut, but she picked him up and took him to her bedroom and told him to chill out. I didn't get in trouble!


The Mom and the Dad say I'm a big boy now because I'm 13 weeks old, so I get to wear a thingy on me and it has my name!

It also has my phone number but no one is allowed to know what that is. Not even me!

The Big Kitty got a new thingy for his neck, too. It's the same color as mine and his oldy neck thingy, but the Mom says these are stretchy in case we wrestle too hard. And because we've been good kitties, we got another new toy.

I can hide in it and make it crinkle, and the Big Kitty can get in it too, if he wants. He has to make himself small to get in, but I think he can.

And I don't know what "next payday" is, but the Mom says we might get a new climbing thing so I have something besides her very expensive chair to scratch. But I have to be good.

We got squeaky toys! Both of us! I got mine first, and the Big Kitty liked it so much he got one of his own. He pretends he doesn't want it, though.

And yesterday we got to take a nap on the Mom. Max slept on her lap and I slept on her shoulder. Max kept petting me. The Mom says he was trying to poke my eye out, but I know he was really just petting my face.

And you know what? I haven't gotten a time out at all the last few days! I had to nap in the other guy's room one afternoon because the Mom and Dad were going out and Max needed to nap, too (something about my teeth and his butt...) but other than that, no time outs!

Last night we got a good snack. It was all stinky and chewy. The Big Kitty scarfed his down and when I didn't scarf mine, he came over to help me. I didn't need help, but I got help! I tried to help him eat his dinner tonight 'cause I got done with mine first, but he really didn't want help finishing it. The Mom made me go into another room. He wanted to save it for later, so she put it on the counter and covered it, but you know what? When no one was looking, I got up there, figured out how to get the cover off, and ate it. Heh.


The Big Kitty hugged me!
With teeth!

Today I didn't bite the Mom. Well, I did a tiny nibble on her ear, but that wasn't biting biting that was 'cause I was happy she snuggled me a little bit. And I didn't jump the Big Kitty too much. When he didn't want to play I played with other toys. He even let me play with the thing that flicks off his butt! One of those things follows me around, too, and I bite it every chance I get.

Ohhhhhhh...the Big Kitty's butt does not smell good, not at all, especially when it's right on top of my head. But we got to play LOTS today, and when I needed to take my nap I didn't even have to go to the other guy's room. I got to stay in the living room in a nice sun spot. The Big Kitty went into another room to nap.

I only tried to climb the Mom once today when she was getting our snack ready. I wanted to climb all the way up, but she said "What do you think you're doing?" and I was afraid I would't get my snack if I didn't get down. I love snack time best of all, because we get really good wet food, and I get a BIG helping of it. The Mom says it's to put meat on my bones. The Big Kitty says that's so I have enough meat on me for them to eat me later, but I think he's just teasing. He's REALLY big and they didn't eat him!

So far I've gotten to play with the Big Kitty a couple of times today and I think we get to play more later. He can be really rough! He bit me and he flipped me over and he threw me off of one of the big beds. I had lots of fun. I don't think the Mom and the Dad can stand to see us having so much fun because after a while they pull me away and make us be in different rooms.

Today while the Mom was watching TV, I crawled up her and bit her cheek. No reason. It was just there and looked very biteable. I didn't make her bleed or anything. But she was not happy.

Now I'm waiting for the Big Kitty to wake up, because then we get to play for a while before getting a snack!

Today I climbed the climbing thing all the way to the top, and I wiggled through the little space between the top and the cieling! So I got to play with the Big Kitty! I don't think he liked it as much as I did. The Mom and the Dad let us play for a little bit but then put us on separate sides again. I don't know what happened to the climbing thing, but when I tried to go over the top again I got stuck. Like I got fat in just a few minutes!

The Mom says if I don't knock it off, Max is going to knock the crap out of me. I don't know about that. I can get my crap out all by myself, but it would be nice if he liked to play better. Biting is fun! And I'm good at it. Just look at the Mom's arms--I've done some nice work there!


The Dad made this. I think it's nifty.

He didn't say, but I think it's there just for me to climb on because he knows how much I like to climb things.

I can go all the way to the top!

The Big Kitty sits on the other side and hollers ar me. I think he wishes he could climb, too.

The Mom and the Dad tried to keep the Big Kitty and me apart today, but I climbed right over the screen they put up and sneaked in to the room the Big Kitty was in. I was having lots of fun until the Mom caught me and made me leave. I got to play with the other guy so it was ok and later I had run of the house mostly and I climbed on the Dad a lot, and just before I went into the other guy's room for sleepy time, I got a nice big snack. The Big Kitty got one too and we ate together. I don't want to bite him when we're getting a snack. After that, sure... but I didn't get the chance. Tonight i get to play in a room with the Dad before going to bed for the night. they think I go to bed, but I really just wait for the other guy to get home, and when he goes to bed, I run around on top of him. Sometimes he thinks it's funny, sometimes he doesn't, but I HAVE to run!

I bit the Big Kitty about 16 zillion times today! I never did get to ride him, though, and that was disappointing. He only growled once and bit back once. He hits hard, though. He got me in the face about a hundred times. The Mom wants to know what she's gonna do with me. Feed me, I hope.

Oh wow, the Big Kitty does NOT like it if you bite him on the butt! The Mom doesn't like it either. I got another time out today, and later on she sat between us and wouldn't let me near him. I didn't think that was fair at all, so I bit her, too.

Looky! I keep seeing this other kitty, but I can't get him to play with me. He jumps around and waves at me, but that's it. I also got to see the Big Kitty today for a tiny little bit. The Mom held me and let Max sniff me. She says if I would hold still and not jump on him he would like me faster. But I can't help it.

I've been out of the other guy's room twice today for a long time and I had a lot of fun running around. My new favorite game is something the Mom calls, "No, no, Buddah, I'm not a trampoline." I stalk her and then run really fast and jump on her and then jump right off.

We also play "No, no Buddah, I'm not a chew toy."

But my favorite toy is the things on her feet. I can play with those and she just laughs. I think it's called "Hey, don't untie my shoes again."

I'm excited that pretty soon I might get ride the Big Kitty again!

I didn't see the Big Kitty today. I didn't find him when I went to the place he usually is. But I got to run around the house all day, and I took a nice long lap curled up on top of the Mom this afternoon. She said that was cute and I twitch a lot when I'm asleep. I want to be out more, but I have to stay in the bedroom right now. It will be okay when the other guy gets here because he'll stay in the room with me and sleep here, too. The Mom came in a little while ago to pet me and said she was sorry I had to be in here but Max is sick and won't leave the big fun room. I'll be happy when I'm big, too, and can be in whatever room I want.

Nobody is real happy with me tonight. I even got a time out! First I got in trouble because I climbed the Mom like she was a tree. And then I did it again. And then, well, I did it again when she was kinda bended over, and she hurt her back. So the Dad put me in the other guy's bedroom and told me to calm down. But she's fun to climb! I made her bleed in like 9 places, but it's FUN! When they let me out a little later, well...I had to. She's like BUILT for climbing!

And then later, when the Big Kitty jumped down off the dresser before anyone else saw him, I got so excited I ran and jumped on him. And I have this thing about biting, and they were mad about that because when they pulled me off him I had some of his fur in my mouth. I also had some stuff they had tried to give him to make him feel better on my fur, so the Mom washed me off, and back into the guy's room I went.

I just can't help myself. But I'm cute, so I can get away with it. Right?

I don't know what ritalin is, but the Mom and the Dad seem to think I need it.

I got to see the Big Kitty today, but he does not like me, not at all. He growled at me and hit me in the head with his great big paw. All I was trying to do was play with him.

And the Mom and the Dad took me for a ride to see some people who used to take care of me. ne f them said I've gotten much bigger already. And I got a prick in the skin behind my neck, but that wasn't too bad. The lady who did it likes me so I purred for her, and then the Mom and the Dad took me for another ride. They didn't seem happy when I pooped on the way home, though. I kept saying I have to go! I have to go!" and they kept saying "We'll be home in a minute," but that was such a long minute I couldn't hold it anymore. The dad says for a little guy I can sure poop out a lot. I think he was proud of me.

If the big lady is my Mom, who's my dad? There are 2 big men here, but I'm not sure which one he is. Can I have 2 Dads?

And I haven't seen the Big Kitty in a couple of days. They say he's sleeping and doesn't feel good so I have to leave him alone, but I would like to show him the box they gave me, and he could play with it, too. And there's this thing that sneaks up behind me that I keep trying to chase, but every time I catch it and bite it my butt hurts. So maybe he could catch it and bite it for me, and it won't hurt. Everyone seems to think it's pretty funny, but it's not their butts that hurt!

One of the big men gave me something squishy and smelly to eat today, and it was pretty good. They took some to the Big Kitty in the other room but he wouldn't eat it. I said I'd eat it for him, but I don't think anyone heard me. That was ok, because I found a sock to play with and forgot about wanting more of it until later.

I'm excited about dinner tonight, because there's going to be a special treat called turkey baby food.

The Big Lady, I'm pretty sure she's my Mom, took me to this place today to meet a nice guy with no hair. He told me how pretty I am and even though he stuck something in my leg that hurt, I liked him. I got some kind of test and I passed it. Mom (I'm going to call her that, okay?) says it means I can stay and when the Big Kitty feels better I can play with him. Since I can't play with him today, I got a box to play with. It's wicked fun, and I can bite it!

I lost all the comments. I'm sorry. But I *am* only 10 weeks old.

Today I learned that toilet paper tubes are awesome toys. And I can bite them without hearing "No, Buddah." I also learned that if the Big Kitty is up high and you can't jump up to him, use your claws to climb up a Big Person, and you can! But the Big Person says "Ow! What do you think you're doing?" and they don't understand when you say "climbing, duh."

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