The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Last night the Big Kitty said I was all stinky and I needed a bath, so he held me down and gave me one! It took so long, and he wouldn't let me get up at all! First he made me lay all the way down and kept a paw on my neck to make sure I didn't go anywhere, and later he let my head up but he wrapped both his paws around my neck and just kept licking and licking and licking until I didn't stink anymore.

Then I was all wet. I didn't like that one bit, but he said I had to stay on the climbing thingy and not move until I was ALL dry. I wanted to play fight with him but he said nope, wet kitties have to sit there and get all dry. So he took a nap at the very top of the climbing thingy where I really wanted to be, and I had to sit quietly on the second perch on it.

But since I was a good boy and did what he said, this morning he started my singing lessons. We sat on top of the table and sang until we woke the Mom up. She did just what he said she would, she came running and asked if we were all right, then went back to bed! We sang a little more, and then waited for the Dad because he was going to be home soon to feed us.

I don't like baths, not at all, but I like singing! Max says we can sing ALOT!

The dad took the big box away. The Mom was holding me when he took it outside and she said, "say bye-bye to the box." I wasn't done playing with it! She said it took up too much space and that I would get another box soon, but I still want that one! I tried to tell Max so he could make them bring it back but he just grunted "Get used to it, kid." I am going to cry the rest of tonight, really I am.

Looky! I killed it!

I've been busy! There's a really big box in the living room, and I've been playing with it over and over. The Big Kitty plays with it, too, but not as much as me. I can jump in it and jump out of it and chew on it and scratch it, and no one gets mad! Well, if the Big Kitty is in there and I get in and squish his throat even on accident, the Mom gets upset. But I've decided that she's pretty much always upset with anything that's fun, so I might as well have fun anyway! Except for hurting the Big Kitty. I don't mean to do that, it just happens.

Things I Learned Today:

  • We do not eat Jesus, even when he's hanging on a shiny chain around the Mom's neck.
  • The Big Kitty will eat my food if he finishes his first.
  • When we are happy and purring because we're getting to snuggle with the Mom or the Dad, we do not stick our claws out to hold on.
  • If we sleep under the Other Dad's bed, we will get locked in his room when he goes to bed.
  • We can wake the Other Dad up by playing hockey with his glasses.
  • I like it when the Mom calls me Baby.
  • The Big Kitty looks at her like she farted if she calls him Baby.
  • We do not fart in the Mom's face.
  • Running into the Big Kitty is like running into the wall.
  • The thingies on the TV can't be caught, no matter how hard you whack your paw on it.
  • The Mom really needs to stop singing.

Ohhhh, you know what? It's not a good idea to bite another kitty's dangly bits. They will get really mad if you do!

The Mom re-did all the pictures I had online. It's a really pretty page now. Very pretty. And she says no she's not full of herself. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

The Big Kitty and I both wanted to take naps on the Mom today but she only has one lap. So you know what she did? She let Max have her lap, and then she leaned back and let me curl up ner her shoulder. We both got to sleep on the Mom! And while we were there, the Dad squirted some stuff on our necks, but we didn't get all wet, so we didn't get mad. He says it'll make the itchies go away.

That's good, because we've been itching a lot and Max is not happy about it.

I got to meet new people today! The Grandma and the Grandpa! I like them, they petted me and played with me, and didn't even yell when I chewed something of the Grandma's I wasn't supposed to. I don't think the Big Kitty saw them because he didn't come out of his napping place. He misses all the good stuff when he sleeps!

Max decided to sleep at the top of the climbing thing with me yesterday. The Mom was really surprised since just the day before he kept knocking me off of it.

And the Dad is not happy with me 'cause I chewed through the wires on his ear phone thingies and the wires on his speakers. He says he doesn't want me to chew through anything that's electric, but sometimes I just gotta chew. My teeths kinda hurt!

Look! I'm big enough now that I can get on top of the box with the swimming thingies. Max says that if I stick my head in the hole in the back I can probably get one by breathing in really hard. I was going to try it but the Dad saw me and said "No, Buddah, your head will get stuck."

Max says we can try again when no one else is home and that if my head gets stuck, he'll get me out. And I believe him, I really do.

There was this square thing on the big bed, and it smelled good so I wanted to bute t and play with it, so I grabbed it and took it all over the house and put lots and lots of teethy marks in it. And then the Mom was standing by the bed and asked "Where did my wallet go?" She looked everywhere! And finally she had to go potty, and guess what! She found it in the bathroom!

That's where I left the square thingy, but now I can't find it. And I'd like to find it because that was loads of fun and tasty, too!

The Mom keeps saying that she's not a mattress, but she sure is nice to sleep on top of. Last night I slept on her face, and then on her legs, so that Max could have to soft place on the bed by her pillow. He didn't stay there all night, but I'm pretty sure the Mom liked me sleeping on her.

She didn't like it so much when I bit her finger later. That was an accident; she reached for her keys the same time I wanted to taste one of them, and it just happened. She says I'm getting very strong and sharp teeth!

The Other Dad took the first picture of me today when I was trying to take a nap, and the Dad took the second later after I waked up. I was only just a little bit waked up, so I look sleepy. The Mom says it shows that I'm getting to be a big boy and she's going to have to stop calling me baby boy pretty soon.

The third picture the Mom did something to. It almost shows that even though I have black fur, there are stripes in it. The Other Dad likes to hold me all stretched out under a lamp so he can see the reddish stripes in my fur.

The Big Kitty says it's no big deal, that if they really want to see my coloring they should just shave all my fur off and it'll show on my skin. I don't know what that means, but it doesn't sound too good.

And the mom did tell me last night I was a good boy. And that she needs to add "ADHD Kitty" to my name. And then we got treats!

You can clicky on the pictures to see bigger ones...

All day long it was "Buddah, no. Buddah, stop. Buddah don't eat that. Buddah that's not a toy. Buddah Kleenex is not food. No Buddah no!"

I didn't even bug the Big Kitty too much today; he wanted to play a few times, but I didn't make him mad. Nothing seemed to make the Mom and the Dad happy other than when I snuggled to sleep on top of them a little.

Buddah needs to hear he's a good boy, or else he's gonna be crying all night.

Ha Ha Ha! The Big Kitty was in the box, and I hid behind the big white thingy next to it, and I jumped out and scared the poopies right out of him! His fur got all poofy and he wanted to run but he couldn't cause he was poopin'! The mom said that wasn't very nice of me, but I think she was laughing, too.

We got a new toy! Another thingy for me to run through!

Last night when things were going =BOOM= in the sky, I got a little scared so I went and got the Big Kitty. He wasn't scared, he was just licking himself, right there on the big chair in the living room, so I meowed at him and said I was scared. He got off the chair and walked with me to the bedroom and I got under the bed, and he laid down on the floor next to the bed where I could see him.

After the booms stopped the Mom gave us treats and said we were very good, and Max got a hug that he didn't like, but she was happy he helped me so he got one anyway.

Then today she took Max to see the guy who gives pricks, and she left him there for a couple of hours. She says he needed a blood test, but because he's feeling better and is all snarky again, he tried to bite everyone there, so they had to give him something to make him sleepy. When he came home he was all wobbly, and had to take a nap all afternoon in the bedroom.

I'm being a good boy and leaving him alone tonight because he still looks wobbly. Maybe he'll play with me tomorrow. Or even late tonight if he feels better. The other night we played wrestling right on top of the Mom while she tried to sleep!



I have to go find the Big Kitty so he can come under the bed with me and protect me!

The Mom and the Dad took me back to the place they got me from again today. The lady there thinks I'm a very nice kitty, 'cause I didn't try to bite her or fight her when she had to do the prick thing in my neck again. And then she did another prick thing, and said something about chips, but I looked around and I didn't see any chips. I know what chips look like because the Other Dad has them sometimes, and I would have liked to have licked the salt off one or two of them.

The Dad said they were microchips, so maybe they were just too small to see...?

The lady there held me up and looked at my butt and said I was definitely a Big Boy now, and it's time to snip. I hope snips are like chips, and that I get to lick one. So far all I've ever done is sniffed a chip, and it smells really tasty.

Last night I didn't have to sleep in the other Dad's room (after thinking about it, he's not just the other guy; he takes care of me like the Dad, so he has to be the OTHER Dad...) I got to stay out like the Big Kitty and sleep anywhere I wanted!

The Big Kitty wasn't happy about it, but I wanted to sleep on top of the Mom's head. I've never slept there, and it seemed like a nice place. Maybe he was upset because he sleeps there? She has a nice comfy head, in any case.

I heard her say to the Dad that I was really good last night, so I get to sleep anywhere I want again tonight, and if I keep being good I don't ever have to stay all night in the Other Dad's room, not unless I want to.

I think I want to sometimes, but I like being able to decide for myself.

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