The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

MAX PLAYED WITH ME YESTERDAY!!! And he was NICE, he didn't growl or hiss or bite me! We played Thundering Herd of Elephants and Tag You're It and Kitty Stalker. I wonder if he'll want to play again today...

Looky what the Mom and the Dad bringed brought home for me!


I forgot about grass it's been so long since I had some! And Max doesn't like it so it's all mine! I'm not supposed to eat so much that I throw up later, but I loves it so much I just might...


Heh...On Da Table

I can lay on the table and I don't even get in any trouble. The Mom says "I'll just use lots of cleaner later." She sighs a lot when she says stuff like that. I don't know why. I take baths. I'm clean.

Sometimes, I snoopervise from up here. The Mom works down where I can see her.

Is I in jail?

It's a nice place to snoopervise from, but sometimes my head gets stuck.

Oh! Guess what I eated ate! I ATE WORMS! Two of them! The Mom was boiling them and took one out to see if it was done and I looked at it and she said "Want to try it?" so she dangled it in front of me and at first I thought I'd play with it but then I thought well it's already dead there's no fun in that, so I took a bite and I LIKED IT! When I gobbled it up she got another worm out and cooled it off and I ate that, too! I'm not sure I want to eat them the way the Mom does, because she covered a whole plateful of them in BLOOD. I didn't even know People liked to eat worms, but Max says they enjoy the delicate Basketti Worm on occasion, and that I'll probably get to try it again next week. He's too grossed out by all the blood to even try, I think. But they were very good!

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