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I know I hardly ever blog even though I was going to try to do it more but I am on Facebook and I've been doing that more since I changed from a profile to a page, and I don't think you have to have FB to read it, so please go see me on Facebook, and if you have FB, like my page!

It's RIGHT HERE!!! (clicky!)


I really did and Max said it's a big deal and that I should announce to the whole world how I finally came out of the closet, but I'm not really sure WHY it's a big deal, because really, it's the Mom's fault that I was in there in the first place, well at least it was her fault I was stuck in there because I crawled in there to take a nap in the laundry basket after dinner and when she went to bed she closed it without looking and I waited for like an hour thinking she was going to open the door again but she didn't so I had to butt my head on the door which kind of scared her because she didn't know where the sound was coming from at first but then she figured it out and opened the door and said, "Oh sweetie, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were in there," and then I came out of the closet!

Tonight was a very good night because the Mom and the Dad went out and when they came back they had a giant BONE for me and for Max, and it was covered with meat for us to eat right off the bone, but I kind of don't like to do it myself so the Dad kept tearing pieces off for me but Max digged right in and he loved it!


He got me lots of pieces to eat.

When we were done the Dad threw the bone away because he didn't want us hiding it so that we could eat more off it and then maybe choking on something, but that's okay because I ate enough and Max was happy because he got to lick the plate!

Okay, so this morning Max got the Mom up to open cans for us and then she went back to bed, and after we were done eating he went into the bedroom and jumped up on the bed to sleep on top of her for a while, and then he got her up again because it was time for her to get up. He always makes sure she goes to the giant litterbox room and uses the facilities and then he makes sure she takes her drugs, and then he leads her out into the kitchen so that she gets a drink from the fridge and after she's done everything she's supposed to he eats a little dry food, but this morning she got her drink and sat down and he just stared at her which made her feel a little creepy after a while. He didn't give up, though, he kept staring at her for over an hour before she got up to see what his problem was and then realized there was no crunchy food in the dish, so she got some fresh food out and filled the dishes, and he finally got to nom and then go take his nap. He took a really long one, too, because that was hard work!

Max said my blog had 5 inches of dust on it and that people were coming here and all the dust was making them sneeze and cough and a few kitties were getting tears in their eyes because of it and I needed to start blogging again but he didn't tell me WHAT to blog about so I decided to blog about not having anything to blog about, and then maybe I'll have an idea tomorrow or the next day, but he's right I need to blog and say things because once in a while I have a thought in my head and I should probably share it when that happens.

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