The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh, oh, oh! Last night the Mom was sleepin' on her stomach and I wanted to sleep on the bed with her so I jumped up there but Max was already there at the foot of the bed and he really doesn't like it when I get up there but I figured the Mom was there so it was all right, and I tried to crawl on top of her and curl up where it was safe, but Max decided he wanted to do that too, and we both wanted to sleep on her squishy butt, so we would up having a fight right there on her asterisk!

She was not happy about it and chased us both off the bed so I didn't get to sleep with her but the good news is that neither did Max!

Oh, you know what? When I bit the Mom the other day I left pokey holes, four of them, and the next day she looked and one was a little red and had a zit like thingy on it, so she popped it and then she cleaned everything out really really well and it looks all better now but I still don't know why I did it and last night when we were on the bed together and I was close to her face she was a little bit afraid that I was gonna do it again, but to her nose.

Look! The Mom got me a new blog layout thingy and this one is really pretty and she says it fits my whimsy better, but I dunno about that because no one has ever tried to measure my whimsy and I'm not sure I'd let the because I don't know what that is, and it sounds kinda like it might have something to do with my missing hoo-has.

She's gonna add a blogroll for me later because the one I used to have was really outdated and there are lots of new kitties but she can't just import one like it was french wine or whatever that means, so she has to do it by hand and says that will have to wait for a time when she's either really bored or stoned out of her mind. Max says he hopes for the latter, so please start chucking rocks at her.

(Oh and pee ess, comments are now above posts instead of below and that's kinda confusing I guess...)

Oh you know what I did yesterday? I bit the Mom on the arm and I left 4 pokey holes and she is NOT happy with me, and she said bad words and wanted to know WHY I bited her because she was just sitting here and I jumped in her lap like I wanted to be petted but I chomped down on her arm like it was a crunchy treat but I couldn't tell her why because I DON'T KNOW!

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