The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Hey, we got more presents!

More presents

The Grandma sent us a little stocking full of stuffs! And you see the little heart shaped mousie? You don't see it, but there's a green one just like it and it's my favorite! I played with it for two solid hours last night, took a nap, and then played with it some more. And this morning I played with it over and over and over again!

I am really glad now that Max took the Mom's plastic money so we could buy presents. We got the Grandma a couple of little fire thingies that smell like cinnamon and something else.

Max was even playing! There was a thingy on a string and he played with that a lot!

And then we got shrimp!

santa came!

And he wasn't mad that I bit the Mom! Look what he gave me!

Hey! Look!

And it's just for me! I don't even have to share it with Max, on account of he has no claws!

Oh! And look at this!


He kissed me! He won't admit it, he says he was sniffin', BUT HE KISSED ME! I was gonna wash my face right after but I think that woulda been rude, especially on Christmas.

I hope everyone had a fun day!

Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no! I BIT THE MOM! And I didn't just nip I bit her REALLY HARD. I left a poky hole on her finger. She was really mad and wagged her finger at me, but now she seems not so mad, but what if Santa knows? Max says Santa sees it all so I'm screwed.

It's not fair, Max won't share!

No, Not Yours

But that's ok, he doesn't know I laid in his bed before he did!

Oh oh oh you know what Max and me did? DON'T TELL THE MOM AND THE DAD! We were playing and Max jumped up on a chair and looked at the table with the lamp and said "LOOK!" so I looked and all there was was this little plastic card and I said "SO?" and Max said "That's...MONEY! It's like MONEY!" and I asked if he was going to buy kitty crack but he said "No...there's no one around and the laptop is open so we're gonna shop online!" And we did! We boughted presents for the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad! BUT DON'T TELL THEM!!!! It's a surprise. Max says it's TWO surprises in one...first when they get their presents and then when the bill comes! We thinked about buying some crunchy treats and kitty crack and toy mousies and fevver thingies, but Max said Santa might think we were being greedy and then he wouldn't come on Christmas, so we didn't. But after Christmas, we know where the Mom keeps the plastic thingy, so we can go shopping again!

Oh I think the Mom is really really really mad at me. I was looking at this tall lamp near the climbing trees and the top of it looked like a good place for a kitty to curl up in and I figured if I jumped from the climbing tree to the top window ledge I could jump down into the lamp (Max says it's a torch-ee-air lamp) and take a nap in it...but when my front paws touched it, it started to tip over and I couldn't catch it and it went BOOM and the CRASH and the fun part where a kitty could nap broke into eleventy-million pieces.

After she cleaned all those pieces up she wagged the pointy finger at me and asked "what did you think you were doing?" but I couldn't answer because the wagging pointy finger means YOU'RE IN TROUBLE and I was so sad.

Max said to just go take a nap on her bed and she'd forget about it after a while, but I'm not so sure because I think she really liked that lamp.

Oh! Oh! Oh! We have eggsitment going on right now! There's a little girl kitty in the rumbly bike room and Max and I can hear her because she's LOUD when she's meowing. We don't get to see her and we probably won't ever get to meet her on account of the Mom says she's somebody else's kitty we just have to figure out whose, but the Mom says she's very very pretty and very very sweet. She won't tell what her true name is but I hear the Mom calling her "Sweet Girl" and "Baby Girl" through the door. Max says that's gross but he doesn't like being called sweet anything which is probably because he knows he's not sweet at all, but I like being called sweetie and I don't mind if the Mom calls the girl kitty sweetie, too.

Max says the Mom wants to find where the girl kitty lives because when they thought I was missing it hurt her heart really bad, and she hates the idea of someone else's heart hurting really bad, too. I kind of hope she finds the girl kitty's family and part of it is really selfish cause I don't think I want another kitty in here. I like being the baby, and the girl kitty is younger than me.

So please think good thoughts of FIND GIRL KITTY'S FAMILY so that everyone is happy!

Oh I think we're in trouble. Tonight the Mom filled our crunchy food dishes all the way to the top and said that would hold us all through tomorrow and then she sat down to play online so max and I decided to play Tag You're It and we were running and running and we ran from the front room toward the kitchen and we ran right into the food dishes and sent all that food flying all over the place! She was not happy, not at all because some of the food got in our water fountain and she had to get a slotted spoon to fish it out and then she had to get the broom to clean up all the crunchy food and when she was done she wagged the Pointy Finger and said CALM YOUR BUTT DOWN! Max said that was really really funny and totally worth it, but I think the Mom is mad and she might not fill the dish again tonight!

Oh! Today was Happy Turkey Day, but Max was sad all day, so when the Mom and the Dad came home and said there was Surprise Turkey from Auntie Marla I only ate a little bit and let Max have most of mine, so I guess today really was Happy Turkey Day, because Max was happy! Hahahaha!

I wish this was me!!!!

Funny Pictures

I tried gettin into a donutz box once but I got yelled at...

Will someone please make Max stop licking my head? I take baths all by myself now and I take a bath every day, sometimes twice a day and I don't NEED his help and he's really ticking me off but if I do anything about it he'll throw me down the stairs and I just don't bounce as good as I used to.


Oh oh oh! THERE WERE STICKY LITTLE PEOPLE HERE TONIGHT! None of them actually got into the house but I think they would have if the Dad hadn't stopped them at the door and bribed them with tootsie roll pops, and if they had gotten in here they might have TOUCHED me and pulled on my tail or something, even though Max said they weren't coming in and all they wanted was candy and they do this EVERY year, they just ring the doorbell and the Dad gives them treats like they've done something special but I didn't see any of them doing anything special, just doorbell ringing, and I could do that if they would let me out the front door.

I got tagged to do the desktop mememememe!

This is the desktop on the Mom's big computer:

Up until yesterday it was me! And this is what it looked like:

The Mom likes the first picture because she loves rumbly bikes and says it blows her away that someone would ride in the snow. She wishes she knew who took the picture because it's very pretty and they deserve the credit for it, but she doesn't know who it is.

If I ever get a computer of my very own, the picture is going to be of a giant bag of crunchy treats. I would like some crunchy treats right not, but I asked the mom a few minutes ago and she said "No, sweetie, it's not time to eat anything." I didn't ask what time it was, sheesh.

I love to eat some Twinkies
Twinkies what I love to eat
Get cream on my tiny nose
Lick cream off my tiny feet

Why can't I have an entire whole Twinkie? Why do I only get a tiny tiny bite? It doesn't seem fair...

Ohhhh Max is really mad. The Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad had chicken for dinner and he didn't get any because the Other Dad said it was fried and he didn't need any and the Mom agreed so Max didn't get even a tiny taste of it, all he got was a couple of crunchy treats and he said that was good but IT WAS NOT CHICKEN! He said it like that, IT WAS NOT CHICKEN! I was asleep so I missed it all but that's okay because I'm not a big fan of people food anyway unless it's chicken the Mom makes in a krok pot or the Very Very Special Pot Roast that gets zapped in the microwave for 4 minutes and then has to sit for 2 minutes before eating, because that is very very good but even then we only get little tastes because it has sodium in it.

Max says it's talk like a pirate day and I'm supposed to say R a lot.

What's a pirate?
And why does a pirate say R a lot?
Is it a speech impediment?

And why does he keep saying he's gonna make me walk a plank? Because I looked that up and I don't think I want to walk on one because it might have splinters. remember the first day the Mom and the Dad brought me and Max to the new house and then they thought I got out and was lost forever and the Mom was running up and down the street with snot running down her face and then was so happy I was actually still in the house that she almost got the snot running all over again?

Well, the people who lived in the house before us (they were only in it for 6 weeks) had two kitties, and the lady came over to oick up some mail that the damnedincompetentmailservice didn't forward and she told the Mom that when they got to their new house one of their kitties got out and they still can't find her.

The kitty's name is Sara so if everyone could concentrate their sooper dooper kitty mojo towards CA maybe she'll turn up, either here becaue maybe she thinks she's coming home and then we can take her to her Mom and Dad and human brother and sister, or she'll remember she has a new house and she'll go back there. It's been three weeks and they're very sad. So please think good thoughts and stuff.

When the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad make eveyone move into a new house, being a snoopervisor is a very very very very very bizzy job and I barely have time to do my paper holder downer job but the Mom hasn't had a lot of paper holder downing for me to do which is just as well because I'm TIRED!

I don't know why everyone got so excited today. They took us to a new place and I was scared, but I did was I was told. When they put Max and me in a room they said to stay there and be good, so I did just that. Even when Max got the door open I stayed in the room. Max was gone for three hours, and I stayed in the room. I heard them call my name, but no one said I could leave the room, so I stayed there. Then all the sudden the Dad shouts I FOUND HIM and he picked me up and hugged me and the Woman came running and she grabbed me and hugged me too and she was teary eyed and upset but happy, and then they took me back home where most of my stuff is GONE. And I don't know but we got LOTS of treats. Max says not to question it, they were worried about me and now they're happy, so just accept the treats and be happy. I think I got so may treats because I was a good boy and stayed in the room like I was told to. Max got treats because even though there were doors open that go outside he stayed in the house. That's not as good as staying in the room you're told to stay in but I guess it counts for something.

There are lots and lots of boxes in the house!

I Can Has Boxes?

Max says this is not good, that the boxes aren't there for me to play on, but why else would they be here? This is fun!

This morning the Mom pointed her finger at me and said "You have to stop going apeshit every morning, and you especially have to stop running across the bed when I'm trying to sleep," but I'm not going apeshit I'm just playing and running while I wait for her to wake up, and this morning when I played and I ran I moved my bed and my tunnel and the front carpet runner and a bunch of my toys right into the middle of the living room, because that way we won't forget any of them when we move, but Max says it's too soon to worry about that, and to ignore the Mom because she's lazy and sleeps too late anyway.

I'm looking for something! I have to read everything in here to find it. It helps that the drawer broke 2 years ago and the Dad hasn't fixed it even though he said he would...2 years ago.

Reading reading reading

Found it!
Now the Mom can get back to work.

Found it!

I have been very very very busy lately. Not only do I have the job of Official Paper Holder Downer, but I have found a new hobby to take up time when I am not working. It's called howl at all closed doors. First I howled at the front door, making the Mom think I wanted to go outside. I did that for many days in a row, lots of times every day.

Then I howled at the door that leads to the room where the rumbly bikes sleep. I did that many days in a row, too, many times a day.

Today I am howling at the pantry door, which confuses the Mom because it doesn't really lead anywhere and none of my food is kept there.

When I'm not holding down papers and howling at doors, I'm running around the house like my butt is on fire. This is great exercise (that's how I'm skinny and Max is NOT) and it makes the Mom get up and make sure there's nothing wrong with me. She doesn't really like it in the middle of the night, though, especially if Max does it too so we can play Thundering Herd Of Elephants.

I have a lot to do every day, and it doesn't seem like there's enough time to do it all.


I'm not talking to the wall. I'm talking to the front door, saying open, open, open because I want to go outside, only no one ever takes me outside, they just sit there and say "No, Buddah" or "Stop talking to the wall, Buddah" or "Is there a buggy there?" I never get to go outside and I want to because I can see it from the window and it looks like a lot of fun and I think I would have a goos time, but all I ever hear is NO.

I think I learned this before but I learned it again tonight. If you go into the giant litterbox room with the Mom, and she leans over to pick something up off the floor, it's not a good time to jump on her back and chew on her hair. Just so you know.

Should I read it?I'm a bad blogger, I know.

But I got a job!

I'm a Paper Holder Downer!

It doesn't pay anything but I get crunchy treats and I get to sit on the desk by the Mom.

It keeps me busy...but I'll try to be a better blogger, I promise!

A few days ago Max said "Sunday is Father's Day" and I wanted to know what that was and he said "It's when men get presents from their kids and sometimes women who are both mom and dad to their kids" and I said "Oh no! I don't have a present for the Dad!" and he said that was all right and that we weren't expected to get anything but I really really wanted to get him something and asked Max to give me some of his money and he sighed really hard and said "All right, we'll make the Woman go shopping. What do you want to get him?" but I didn't know so I asked Max what he would like and Max thought for a while and said, "Seedies. He would like a couple of seedies." So that's what we asked the Mom to get. Seedies! Well, Max got him something to watch on TV that he thought was good because the people on it use the F-word alot and Max thinks that's pretty funny, but that's just how Max is.

After the Dad woke up he got to open his presents and he really liked them and said he was going to make copies of his seedies! And then the Other Dad took him to the room where the rumbly bikes sleep to show him the present he got, it's this giant box to cook food on outside and it has a shiny cover so the birds won't poop on the food. He really really liked it. But I think he likes the seedies more because he wanted to make copies of them before he went to pass gas tonight. He didn't want to make copies of anything else.

Oh and you know what? You don't plant seedies to grow anything from them. I think all you do is make copies of them. If you keep making copies then you have lots of seedies, and if you have lots of seedies you win!

Oh! You know what? There's lots of bugs in the house! I keep finding them all over the place and they let me play with them as long as I want, but they get tired of playing before I do and curl up into little balls and don't move anymore. I try to get them to play more by batting them around on the floor, but they just won't get out of the ball. So I eat them. Max says it's rude to eat the things you play with, but I can't help myself. Plus, they're tasty.

Buddah's Photo Essay

This is the Dad. He had a funny blue dangly thingy he tried to get me to play with.

The Man

I've never seen this kind of thingy before!

What's that?

It kept moving and I wasn't sure I wanted to catch it.

It keeps moving!

I decided to jump into the cube, just in case. Max even runned away right after this.

Is It Dangerous?

Since I couldn't figure it out, I decided to just hide until it went away.

I'm Gonna Hide

It went away, so I winned!

Dona Nobis Pacem

Last night when the Mom went to bed I jumped up on the bed and she growled at me! I was on her legs and she made a grrrr noise and it scared me so I backed up onto her feet and she made it again and then said "Oh! Sweetie, I'm sorry, I was just playing!" on account of she could feel me tremble a tiny little bit, so when she said "awwwww," I walked up and sat on her chest and put my nose on hers--because you know when you do that, when you put your nose on a people's nose they can hear what you're thinking--and I thinked That was not nice. Please don't do that again and she rubbed the top of my head and said "I'm sorry. I promise I won't do that again," so I thinked all right...I'm going to plop down on you now and you're not allowed to move and I did, I plopped right down on top of her and she didn't move for a long long time, not until I decided I wanted to play in the closet.

Dinner TheaterOh! Oh! Oh!

The Dad put a thingy out the window for the birds!

They get to eat food there and I get to watch them!

But you know what? I can't get to them, and I keep hitting my head on the window 'cause I keep trying to chase them.

Max says I'm never gonna get one, but I keep forgetting that...



The Mom made a space on her desk just for me!
I can nap there or just sit there and I can see the little TV from there!
It's very important, because I can be a really good snoopervisor from there.

=sniff=This looks like moving, doesn't it?

It looked like moving to me, and I got upset and had to look away from everything and look out the window instead.

I mean, when a bed and clothes and everything get moved from upstairs, that means moving. And I don't want to move. But Max didn't get upset, he just curled up on the climbing tower and took a nap and told me to stop worrying so much. The Mom's stuff was coming downstairs and the Other Dad's stuff was going upstairs because the Mom has trouble with stairs.

They took a bed upstairs so I guess it evens out and means we're not moving. But I stil don't like it.

U Has Taste?Oh! Oh! Oh!

There's a new kitty in the house! I don't know his name yet or even if it's a boy kitty but he's very quiet and he wears glasses and he didn't get mad when I licked his ear like Max would. He just sat there and let me check him out, and was very nice about the whole thing.

OK, you can stayI thought he might want to play, so I went and got him a toy mousie. I think he's kind of shy because he didn't seem to want to play with it yet but I think he might later. So I plopped down to keep him compnay for a while. Max doesn't like him, but who's surprised by that???

Sneaky KittySee where I am on top on the Supreme Commander Kitty Tower? And see right next to the picture that's hanging on the wall, the wall cutout place where I like to sit and watch people? I scared the Mom by jumping from the tower all the way to the wall cutout place! It's like jumping around a corner and my foor brushed the picture, but I made it and she went =GASP!!!= and now the Mom and the Dad think they need to move the picture because they know I'm going to do it again and they don't want to break the picture because the Dad made that all by himself with a needle and some stuff called floss and they don't want it broken.

Oh! And you see the Lady Rabbit there, too? It hides the sucky monster. I killed it. Now its head just flops to the side. It still hides the sucky monster, but it doesn't look happy about it.

Monty and William and Zippy, Sadie and Speedy and The Furry Kids and Edsel all tagged me for the 7 things memememe! I hope just 7 is enough and I don't have to do 7 for everyone who tagged me, cause I don't think I can count that high yet.

Ok. Seven Things About Buddah.

1. When I was a tiny baby kitty I was in this place that wanted to send me to the Rainbow Bridge but then someone from the Espeeceeay came, I think it was Superman, and said "Never fear, I will save you!" and he did. He saved me and my brothers and sisters and other kitties and took us to the Espeeceeay and found our forever homes for us. I was sick and no one knew it and I made Max sick and he almost died, and he still holds that against me.

2. I'm not a lap kitty even though I am very affectionate and need lots of hugs and kisses every day. I jump on the Mom for Commando Cuddling and then I run off to play with something else. She thinks there's a bug up my butt making me do that, but I've looked and I can't find it.

3. I know when it's 11 o'clock at night even though I can't read a clock, and I tell the Mom it's time for crunchy snack, and she gets me and Max a little bit of crunchy food, and I get a little more than Max because he's fat and I'm not.

4. I can open the closet doors and the Mom is very proud of that because it means I can keep myself amused all night long while she's busy sleeping and not paying attention to me.

5. Buddah is my real name and it's not spelled wrong even though there was a famous guy named Buddha but I have lots of other names, too. I'm Little Man, sweetie, sweet pea, sweet cheeks, fluffball, babycakes, pumpkin, pretty boy, and No No No Stop That.

6. I like very high places and this house has lots of them, and the best part is that I can get to them but Max can't.

7. Max isn't the only kitty in this house with a job. He's a writer, but *I'm* the Snoopervisor, and the Mom and the Dad need me to make sure things get done, and I take my job very seriously. I don't make money like Max does but that's ok, because if I need any, I just ask him and he finds a way to get me what I want. Even though he doesn't like me.

I did it! That's seven! I can't tag anyone cause think everykitty on the planet has already been tagged.

Oh! I learned something this morning. I learned that if the Mom is sitting in the bathroom and she leans over to pick something off the floor, that's not a good time to jump onto her back. Well, it's a fun time but not a good one. At least not for her.

Oh, you know what? Yesterday I was really really hungry even thoughy I got a whole can of Stinky Goodness for breakfast and I kept telling the Mom I needed something to eat but she kept saying "You just ate, sweetpea" and I said "I didn't eat a sweet pea, I ate Stinky Goodness!" So then I jumped onto her lap and rubbed my head on her and she picked me up and said "Your tummy is actually growling!" and I said "I know!" so she sneaked crunchy food into the bathroom and let me eat a little bit. But Max heard and he was outside the bathroom banging on the door saying "LET ME IN! I want food too!" but when I was done eating the Mom opened the door and acted like I didn't get extra food when Max didn't. She sneaked the food container back out so Max was looking at the empty bowl and wanted to know why I had my bowl in the bathroom and why was my tag pinging on it when there was no food there but then the Mom came back and picked him up and said "Sorry, Big Guy, but it's just an empty bowl" and she took him to the climbing tree and rubbed his head and made him forget he might have missed a snack in the bathroom.

The Dad couldn't find the thingy he wears on his arm that tells him what time it is for 2 days so he borrowed the mom's time thingy because she didn't need it since Max always tells her when it's time to feed the kitties, and he looked and looked for his time thingy and yesterday he found it under the bed and it had some little toothy marks on it, and you know what? They think I was playing with it! Max is the one who likes to treat things to a toothy death so I don't know why they think it was me, even though I like to play with thingies and carry them around in my mouth and sometimes leave them under a bed and the time thingy didn't have a toothy death, just a couple of pokey marks. No one was mad so I guess it's okay they think it was me, especially since it was.

Today I snoopervised while the Mom was getting dust off the big thingy with the TV in it and she said I was doing a very good job, so I tried to help more and move the cloth for her but she said that wasn't being helpful, so I grabbed it with my claws and ran away with it. She sighed real hard and said "well I guess that means I'm done" and I thought yep, now you're done so you can come play with me, but then she got out the sucky monster and made lots of noise. I didn't like that but I snoopervised anyway. She did a very good job and I think she deserved a crunchy treat, but she didn't get one, she just opened a can of that fizzy stuff she likes to drink instead. I would have liked a crunchy treat...

Last night I found a little ball on the floor and I pushed it with my paw and it made a tinkling sound, like jingle jingle jingle so I started rolling it around and it got really loud! Then the Mom got up and said "What are you doing? It's the middle of the night." I didn't say anything, I just showed her the ball I found and how good it rolls and jingles, and then she sighed really hard and went back to bed. When I got tired of that I looked out the back door and there was a kitty out there, and he went to the side of the house so I jumped on the kitchen counter and tried to look at him out the window there but the shade thingy was down so I had to hit it and stick my head through the slats and then the Mom came downstairs and said "What are you doing now?" but she saw my head in the slats and muttered something not nice but she opened it for me so I could see out but by then the kitty was gone so I got down and she said "You're taking lessons from Max, aren't you?" Then she went back to bed again and I decided that was a good time to run up and down the stairs and play Thundering Herd Of Elephants. Max decided to play, too! But I don't think the Mom appreciated that we were playing together, because I heard her say something about duct tape and furry little butts...

Max and I have a new game! It's called Thundering Herd Of Elephants and it can only be played at 2 in the morning because Max says that's when the game is the most fun and the most loud, and the whole goal of Thundering Herd Of Elephants is to run as fast as you and and be as loud as you can just using only your paws! To play, you have to start at the bottom of the stairs and run up, then down the hallway, then into the Mom's office where you tag the climbing trees so hard they go THUNK on the wall, then you run back down the hall and the stairs and do it all over again until the Mom gets up and says "Holy crap, you two sound like a thundering herd of elephants!" And then maybe she says she's going to duct tape your little paws together but she doesn't really mean it. Then you stop until she goes back to bed, after that you can do it all over again. Max says the more kitties who play this the better it is, so if you have lots of kitties in your family you should do this with all of them. It's terrific fun!

Ha Ha Ha Ha LOOKY!

Let Me In!I kept saying to the Mom "I want to go in there, please open the door," and she kept saying, "No, you don't need to go in there," but I didn't NEED to go in there, I WANTED to go in there, so when she didn't get up, I pulled the door open all by myself.

In! And then I got in! No one had to help me and no one stopped me and I played in there for a very long time, until I started abnging on the door because I like the sound and the mom said "Stop it, Buddah," and I didn't want to stop but she said she was going to hand my by my tail right next to her sweatshirts do I figured I'd better get out of there. But I can open the door all by myself, so I can play in there whenever I want, even if everyone is asleep!

I'm sorry I didn't blog in so long but I've been so busy since my birthday playing with my toys and then the Dad put up the Supreme Commander Kitty Tower and I've been playing on that with Max (even when he doesn't want to play) and then Max showed me something on Skeezix's blog and I've been using my internet time (and I don't get alot) to look for it at stores online -- I want Skeezix's stroller! Every morning when the Dad comes home from passing gas I try to get outside but he won't let me, but I think if I had one of these he and the Mom would take me for walks. I really, really want one but Max says he's not gonna give me the money and I don't get an allowance. Max says I have to write a book but that's a lot of words for a two year old to write, I think. How does a kitty get the stuff he wants when he can't get a job???

I had a very fun birthday yesterday. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, that made me smile a lot. Max was nice to me and played with me a little, even when I didn't feel like playing, he just jumped on top of me and tried to wrestle!

Max wants to shareInspecting the live catnipHere ya go

More pictures here

I got lots of presents! There's a new thingy to scratch and it's really all mine on account of Max not having claws, and some toys to chase, and REAL LIVE CATNIP!!! I told Max I would share that with him because not sharing the kitty crack is just wrong. The Mom says she's going to put it in a bigger thingy so it will grow and we can have fresh nip all the time!

And for dinner the Mom let me have a whole can of the extra special Stinky Goodness Fancy Feast. Even Max got a whole can. That's ok because on his birthday I'll get to eat the special birthday dinner, too, he says that's the way it works, we all get to have it, except the People never seem to want to eat the good stuff.

Max says I'm a grownup kitty now and I didn't want to be all grown up because I want to be the little kitty but then he said that was ok, I can be grownup but I don't have to act old, I can just be myself. So later when he's not looking, I'm going to jump on him, 'cause that's what myself does.

I'm 2!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!

Sleepin' on the fuzzy tiger blanket!

Mmmmm...Fuzzy Blankety Goodnes

I'm in between the big pillows the Mom uses. She leaves them there all day for me, on account of I love them so much.

Tonight I was standing on the Mom's lap saying "Please can we have snack? I'm awfully hungry" and you know what Max did? He walked over and jumoed in her lap too and I thought we were gonna sit there together and be nice like Grr, Midnight, and Cocoa are in their laundry basket but he head butted me onto the floor. That wasn't very nice.

Oh and you know how the Mom knows it's me chewing on her shoelaces? She catched me doing it a couple of times. I don't know whay it's a bad thing, it's not like I'm eating her whole shoe. I only do it because it seems very important and I like to do very important things.

The Mom says I have to stop chewing on her shoelaces when she's sleeping, but when she's awake they're on her feet and I can't get to them, so how am I supposed to chew on them if I don't do it when she's asleep???

yay! the M's tagged me! So I did it, I answered all the questions and here they are!

A) Four places I have lived:

1. In a cage in a bad place, called a K-I-L-L shelter
2. The Espeeceeay, they saved me
3. In an apartment with Max and the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad
4. In 2 houses!

B) Four things I love to watch:

1. Birdies outside the window
2. the little red dot zooming on the floor
3. toilet water, just like Max!
4. Stnky Goodness as my face gets close to it

C) Four places I have been outside my home:

1. The stabby place
2. Outside in my harness
3. The car thingy
4. Um...I don't know of 4

D) Four websites I visit daily:

I'm not allowed to play unsnoopervised on the Net, so I just go to cat blogs

E) Four of my favorite foods:

1. Stinky Goodness
2. Temptations crunchy treats
3. Fancy Feast crunchy food
4. Um...that's it

F) Four places I would rather be right now:

Wy would I wanna be somewhere else? There's food here and stairs to run on and the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad and Max!

G) Four toys I have owned and played with:

1. Mousies!
2. A fevvur thingy
3. a Cat dancer thingy
4. The Mom's fingers, which aren't very tasty

H) Four nicknames my staff have tried to assign me:

1. Little Man
2. Buddah Butt
3. Sweetykins
4. Sweetcheeks

I) Regarding Catnip:

Love it
It's nice
Could take it or leave it
Don't like it or can't have it

J) Regarding Cat Grass:

Love it
It's nice
Could take it or leave it
Don't like it or can't have it

K) First four things I'd buy after winning the lottery:

1. A house for the Mom and the Dad
2. A house for the Other Dad, as long as he'll come back to see me
3. Shrimp for Max
4. Crunchy treats for ALL OF US!

L) Four things I do besides eat, sleep, and litterbox:

1. I run around like my butt is on fire
2. I jump up to the highest place I can get
3. I play fetch
4. I jump on Max and make him really mad

M) Four things I want to do this summer:

1. Find my balls. I think they're under the frigidator.
2. Learn to speak Spanish
3. Figger out what's happening on general hospital
4. Make Max like me

N) My four most prized possessions that have limited value to anyone else:

But everything I have is important to everyone!

O) What I’m going to do before tomorrow is over:

1. Take a bath
2. Make max mad
3. Make the Mom say "Ohhhh you're so cute!"

P) Which of the following is your favorite place to hide and play?

Paper bags
Plastic bags
Other (please describe)

Q) Four other "pets" your staff have kept with you:

and a woofy, but that's all I can amember.

R) Four furiends I tag to respond:

I don't know!

Buddah gives up

Today Max got up on the wall thingy that I like to play on but he wasn't too sure about what to do once he was up there so I ran up and was going to show him but he wouldn't listen, so I jumped down on the bookcase to wait until he wanted me to show him how to get down, because he really didn't know how to get down from there and I do it all the time, but then he wouldn't let me show him, so the Mom got some crunchy treats out and showed him the bag, and man, he figured it out really fast!

Looky! The Dad had the clicky-flashy box today and he pointed it at me and took my picture!

I think in the second one I was gonna sing and was warming up with LaLaLaLaLa. Or maybe it was just a hairball.

I got new grass! I was taking a nap and sleeping really good but I heard the Mom and the Dad come home so I went downstairs to say Hi and Feed Me, and there it was, right by the fireplace, a whole new thing of grass for me to chew on! There's a grass fairy! That's like Santa, but I think the grass fairy has boobs.


I was taking a nap today and when I waked up I went into the Mom's office and this was there waiting for me! Max was looking at it but he was more like "Eh, it's a cube" but I wanted to get inside and play so I did and there's a dangly thing at the top I can play with and I can curl up in there and look out of it, and the Mom said "I thought you would like that. Lots of the other kitties have them and they seem to like it" and she was right I do!

Max wants to know where his present is because he doesn't think that's a good present and if I like it that means it's mine and he wants a present too dammit. Oh, but I'm not supposed to say dammit. He wants crunchy treats but the Mom said "Not right now." I would like a crunchy treat too but I'll go play in my cube instead.

This morning the Mom got up when it was still dark out and went into the giant litterbox room and then she came out and went back to bed and my tummy felt a little funny so I yakked right there in the hallway where she'd be sure to see it later but she wasn't asleep so she heard me and came out to clean it up and I was afraid she would be mad becuase she wanted to go back to sleep, but she said that was okay, she just LOVES cleaning up kitty barf before she's even away so I did a good thing!

I went into the giant literbox room with the Mom today, and she left a cabinet open for a minute so I peeked inside and I found a whole thingy full of stuff to play with! I know I shoulda asked but I didn't and when she wasn't looking I grabbed one and stuffed in just under the cabinet thingy so I could look at it better later, and then later when she was in her office I went back and looked at it again and I couldn't figure it out but it had a pretty yellow wrapper on it so I pulled the wrapper off and this THING popped out so I showed Max and he said it wasn't a toy, it was something to clean with and I asked how he knew that and he said the bag it was in said s-a-n-i-t-a-r-y and that means clean, so I figured since I took the Mom's cleaning thingy without asking I better do what it says to so I rubbed it all over the floor and cleaned up lots of dust, and then the Mom came in and saw and said "Ohhhh, sweetie, that's not a toy" and she took it away and put it in the trash, but that's ok because I cleaned the floor!

I snoopervised again! The Dad and the Mom brought home this big box with a thingy in it that Max says will make them say bad words for a while and then it will be a coat rack but mostly we'll be able to sit on it and look cool, and the Dad said he needed to put it together dammit, so I knew he might need help so I snoopervised for him.

He's still putting it together but I needed a break because it's taking a long long time and I got hungry and hoped there was some crunchy food in the dish but there's not.


I think I killed it.

I eated it almost down to nothing, and now there's not enough grass to munch on! I asked the Mom if she would make it grow taller but she didn't answer, she just said "Yep, you did a number on that, didn't you?" I'm going to ask the Dad if he'll make it grow more for me. He can do it. He made it grow the first time. If he doesn't do it I'll have to ask Max to buy me more grass. He would do that, wouldn't he???

I didn't like the new Stinky Goodness very much so I didn't eat very much of it and the Mom got all worried because she thought I'd waste away to nothing so she bought me some cans of Fancy Feast because I like those a lot but then I watched Max eat and he really likes the new Stinky Goodness so last night I ate half of mine and then jumped onto the floor and said "Wanna trade?" and Max said "Ok" so I finished his and he finished mine and that was very very good, so I tried it again this morning but the Mom said "Make up your mind, Buddah" and Max didn't want to trade, so I stomped off cause my feelings were hurt but now my tummy is all growly and I know the rest of my Stinky Goodness is downstairs with a bowl over it so I can come back to it but I don't know how to ask someone to take the bowl off!

Looky! (oh, you might have to cick to biggify to really see us on acause of the mom was upstairs when she took the picture...)Max is looking out the window at the birds with me and he's not growling at me or trying to make me go away or anything, he's just watching the birds outside!

He's sitting in my favorite nap place but that's ok since I'm not sleepy and I'm sure he'll get down before I want to take a nap but even if he doesn't I can sleep somewhere else for a few minutes while he keeps looking outside.

The Mom said she had to be sneaky to take the picture because she was afraid we would run away if we saw the clicky box. She's probably right.

Psssst...dont tell Max but the Mom sneaked me some crunchy food today because she doesn't think I'll get enough to eat if all I get is Stinky Goodness twice a day because even though I weigh 14 pounds now she says I'm just a lean mean kitty machine and a little crunchy food won't hurt me and she'll keep a close eye on my tummy to make sure I don't get fat like Max did, but we can't tell max I'm getting secret crunchy food because it's a secret!


This is what the Grandma got me and Max for Christmas! The Dad opened the box for us and added the dirt and the seeds and the water, and he grew it!

It grew really fast, too, faster than anyone thinked it could.

I think it only took 32 sleeps, which Max says is about 3 days or so.

I like to munch on it.

Max sniffs at it but he doesn't eat it, but I like to stick my whole face in it and put the bite on thegrass thingies.

They're pretty tasty too, but the Mom says NO BARFING after eating it. I haven't barfed but Max says sooner or later I might, and to make sure I'm at the very top of the climbing tower so that it goes flying everywhere. I think I can do that.

Oh! The Dad weighed me today and I weigh 14 pounds even though I don't look like I do! Max says I'm not allowed to say what he weighs, but I weigh his goal weight. Heh.

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