The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Dinner TheaterOh! Oh! Oh!

The Dad put a thingy out the window for the birds!

They get to eat food there and I get to watch them!

But you know what? I can't get to them, and I keep hitting my head on the window 'cause I keep trying to chase them.

Max says I'm never gonna get one, but I keep forgetting that...



The Mom made a space on her desk just for me!
I can nap there or just sit there and I can see the little TV from there!
It's very important, because I can be a really good snoopervisor from there.

=sniff=This looks like moving, doesn't it?

It looked like moving to me, and I got upset and had to look away from everything and look out the window instead.

I mean, when a bed and clothes and everything get moved from upstairs, that means moving. And I don't want to move. But Max didn't get upset, he just curled up on the climbing tower and took a nap and told me to stop worrying so much. The Mom's stuff was coming downstairs and the Other Dad's stuff was going upstairs because the Mom has trouble with stairs.

They took a bed upstairs so I guess it evens out and means we're not moving. But I stil don't like it.

U Has Taste?Oh! Oh! Oh!

There's a new kitty in the house! I don't know his name yet or even if it's a boy kitty but he's very quiet and he wears glasses and he didn't get mad when I licked his ear like Max would. He just sat there and let me check him out, and was very nice about the whole thing.

OK, you can stayI thought he might want to play, so I went and got him a toy mousie. I think he's kind of shy because he didn't seem to want to play with it yet but I think he might later. So I plopped down to keep him compnay for a while. Max doesn't like him, but who's surprised by that???

Sneaky KittySee where I am on top on the Supreme Commander Kitty Tower? And see right next to the picture that's hanging on the wall, the wall cutout place where I like to sit and watch people? I scared the Mom by jumping from the tower all the way to the wall cutout place! It's like jumping around a corner and my foor brushed the picture, but I made it and she went =GASP!!!= and now the Mom and the Dad think they need to move the picture because they know I'm going to do it again and they don't want to break the picture because the Dad made that all by himself with a needle and some stuff called floss and they don't want it broken.

Oh! And you see the Lady Rabbit there, too? It hides the sucky monster. I killed it. Now its head just flops to the side. It still hides the sucky monster, but it doesn't look happy about it.

Monty and William and Zippy, Sadie and Speedy and The Furry Kids and Edsel all tagged me for the 7 things memememe! I hope just 7 is enough and I don't have to do 7 for everyone who tagged me, cause I don't think I can count that high yet.

Ok. Seven Things About Buddah.

1. When I was a tiny baby kitty I was in this place that wanted to send me to the Rainbow Bridge but then someone from the Espeeceeay came, I think it was Superman, and said "Never fear, I will save you!" and he did. He saved me and my brothers and sisters and other kitties and took us to the Espeeceeay and found our forever homes for us. I was sick and no one knew it and I made Max sick and he almost died, and he still holds that against me.

2. I'm not a lap kitty even though I am very affectionate and need lots of hugs and kisses every day. I jump on the Mom for Commando Cuddling and then I run off to play with something else. She thinks there's a bug up my butt making me do that, but I've looked and I can't find it.

3. I know when it's 11 o'clock at night even though I can't read a clock, and I tell the Mom it's time for crunchy snack, and she gets me and Max a little bit of crunchy food, and I get a little more than Max because he's fat and I'm not.

4. I can open the closet doors and the Mom is very proud of that because it means I can keep myself amused all night long while she's busy sleeping and not paying attention to me.

5. Buddah is my real name and it's not spelled wrong even though there was a famous guy named Buddha but I have lots of other names, too. I'm Little Man, sweetie, sweet pea, sweet cheeks, fluffball, babycakes, pumpkin, pretty boy, and No No No Stop That.

6. I like very high places and this house has lots of them, and the best part is that I can get to them but Max can't.

7. Max isn't the only kitty in this house with a job. He's a writer, but *I'm* the Snoopervisor, and the Mom and the Dad need me to make sure things get done, and I take my job very seriously. I don't make money like Max does but that's ok, because if I need any, I just ask him and he finds a way to get me what I want. Even though he doesn't like me.

I did it! That's seven! I can't tag anyone cause think everykitty on the planet has already been tagged.

Oh! I learned something this morning. I learned that if the Mom is sitting in the bathroom and she leans over to pick something off the floor, that's not a good time to jump onto her back. Well, it's a fun time but not a good one. At least not for her.

Oh, you know what? Yesterday I was really really hungry even thoughy I got a whole can of Stinky Goodness for breakfast and I kept telling the Mom I needed something to eat but she kept saying "You just ate, sweetpea" and I said "I didn't eat a sweet pea, I ate Stinky Goodness!" So then I jumped onto her lap and rubbed my head on her and she picked me up and said "Your tummy is actually growling!" and I said "I know!" so she sneaked crunchy food into the bathroom and let me eat a little bit. But Max heard and he was outside the bathroom banging on the door saying "LET ME IN! I want food too!" but when I was done eating the Mom opened the door and acted like I didn't get extra food when Max didn't. She sneaked the food container back out so Max was looking at the empty bowl and wanted to know why I had my bowl in the bathroom and why was my tag pinging on it when there was no food there but then the Mom came back and picked him up and said "Sorry, Big Guy, but it's just an empty bowl" and she took him to the climbing tree and rubbed his head and made him forget he might have missed a snack in the bathroom.

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