The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh you know what? Tonight the Mom and the Dad went out to the store because they were out of yogurt and they will DIE if they don't get to eat yogurt every day, like THREE times a day, plus they wanted milk and bread and tiny turkey sausages that the Mom likes but she never shares with me, but that's all right because I don't like a lot of People food anyway but it really pisses Max off.

Well, they turned the fire thingy off when they left and then when they came home they didn't turn it back on so I waited and waited and waited and I had my dinner and I waited some more and finally when the Mom was sitting there watching How I Met Your Mother's Big Bang Theory I went over to it and banged my head against the front so that it made a rattle noise, and she got up and turned it on for me so that I could be nice and toasty warm until she has to turn it off before she goes to bed tonight.

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