The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Hey, we got more presents!

More presents

The Grandma sent us a little stocking full of stuffs! And you see the little heart shaped mousie? You don't see it, but there's a green one just like it and it's my favorite! I played with it for two solid hours last night, took a nap, and then played with it some more. And this morning I played with it over and over and over again!

I am really glad now that Max took the Mom's plastic money so we could buy presents. We got the Grandma a couple of little fire thingies that smell like cinnamon and something else.

Max was even playing! There was a thingy on a string and he played with that a lot!

And then we got shrimp!

santa came!

And he wasn't mad that I bit the Mom! Look what he gave me!

Hey! Look!

And it's just for me! I don't even have to share it with Max, on account of he has no claws!

Oh! And look at this!


He kissed me! He won't admit it, he says he was sniffin', BUT HE KISSED ME! I was gonna wash my face right after but I think that woulda been rude, especially on Christmas.

I hope everyone had a fun day!

Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no! I BIT THE MOM! And I didn't just nip I bit her REALLY HARD. I left a poky hole on her finger. She was really mad and wagged her finger at me, but now she seems not so mad, but what if Santa knows? Max says Santa sees it all so I'm screwed.

It's not fair, Max won't share!

No, Not Yours

But that's ok, he doesn't know I laid in his bed before he did!

Oh oh oh you know what Max and me did? DON'T TELL THE MOM AND THE DAD! We were playing and Max jumped up on a chair and looked at the table with the lamp and said "LOOK!" so I looked and all there was was this little plastic card and I said "SO?" and Max said "That's...MONEY! It's like MONEY!" and I asked if he was going to buy kitty crack but he said "No...there's no one around and the laptop is open so we're gonna shop online!" And we did! We boughted presents for the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad! BUT DON'T TELL THEM!!!! It's a surprise. Max says it's TWO surprises in one...first when they get their presents and then when the bill comes! We thinked about buying some crunchy treats and kitty crack and toy mousies and fevver thingies, but Max said Santa might think we were being greedy and then he wouldn't come on Christmas, so we didn't. But after Christmas, we know where the Mom keeps the plastic thingy, so we can go shopping again!

Oh I think the Mom is really really really mad at me. I was looking at this tall lamp near the climbing trees and the top of it looked like a good place for a kitty to curl up in and I figured if I jumped from the climbing tree to the top window ledge I could jump down into the lamp (Max says it's a torch-ee-air lamp) and take a nap in it...but when my front paws touched it, it started to tip over and I couldn't catch it and it went BOOM and the CRASH and the fun part where a kitty could nap broke into eleventy-million pieces.

After she cleaned all those pieces up she wagged the pointy finger at me and asked "what did you think you were doing?" but I couldn't answer because the wagging pointy finger means YOU'RE IN TROUBLE and I was so sad.

Max said to just go take a nap on her bed and she'd forget about it after a while, but I'm not so sure because I think she really liked that lamp.

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