The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Looky looky looky! I MET A WOOFIE TODAY!!!

Well, at first I wasn't sure what I was seeing but Max ran past me really fast so I figured I better go see.


From the back, it didn't look too bad.


So I sneaked up but he turned around, and there we were NOSE TO NOSE!


Then I realized IT'S A WOOFY!!!

I'm sorry but I stopped being brave then and when I realized it was a woofy I ran upstairs with Max and figured it was pretty safe because there were boxes in front of the stairs and he didn't look big enough to get over them, but still...I MET A WOOFY!!!

That was very exciting, in a I don't want to do that again kind of way.

Oh wow I have not written anything in a very long time but I didn't mean to go so long and I can't even say it's because the Mom was using the computer or Max was working on his book or anything like that because I just didn't think about it, probably because I've been doing so many things lately, like snoopervising the Dad while he put books in boxes and snoopervising the Mom while she makes stuff in the kitchen, and snoopervising Max while he does whatever it is he does, and sometimes I'm not really sure what that is but it involves a lot of licking things that the Mom thinks is rude.

Yesterday there was excitement in the morning because the Dad came home from passing gas and he was having his breakfast and I jumped up on the table even though I'm not supposed to when someone is eating and I tried to get a really good look at it and he said "It's Cornflakes. You don't like Cornflakes" but then he thought about it and decided he didn't really KNOW if I liked Cornflakes or not because no one has ever given me any, so he got a couple out of the box and you know what? CORNFLAKES ARE AWESOME!!! I liked them very much and he let me eat just a couple and later on when he was awake he told the Mom "Buddah likes Cornflakes" so she got the box and got me a big flake and set it on the counter where I was sitting because it's okay for me to be on the counters on account of I'm so cute, and I scarfed it right down and she said "That's so funny!" but I didn't think it was funny, I thought it was TASTY.

And you know what the best part is? MAX DIDN'T GET ANY!!! Hahahahahaha!

Look Look Look!!!


The Mom had a little cimummum donut and I jumped on her lap to see what she had because it smelled good and once I got a good whiff I knew I wanted some because she let me have a tiny bite before so I just stuck my face up there and started licking and she didn't yell at me, she let me lick! I did A LOT of licking until Max came in and then I jumped down because he thinks he owns all the donuts in the house and he woulda gotten mad if he knew I got to the donut first BUT I GOT IT FIRST!!! We shared later but he got to lick a little all by himself for a minute, too, and then we licked it together and we even got to take a couple a bites!

OHMYGOSH GUESS WHAT GUESSWHAT??!? I'M FAMOUS!!!! Maybe more famous than Max because a whole buncha people emailed Max to tell him about a newsletter that talked about ME and my UNUSAL NAMe and no one has ever done that about Max because his name is like COMMON and there's nothing special about it but there's no one else named Buddah Pest, and the people who write the newsletter for know all about me or at least about my name and it's the most unusual one out there, and I know that because it says so in the box at the top of the newsletter!

I couldn't figure out how to put the newsletter in here so I got the mom to take screen shots and she split it into 3 pictures and I'm going to show you little ones that you probably can't read but you can click on them and she really bigs ones that you can read and you can see how famous I am!

Max says to enjoy it cause it only lasts 15 minutes but that's okay because for once people know about ME!!!

Thank you everyone who emaled Max and told him and some of you emailed the Mom and told her so now they know I'm not making it up! I am very excited!!!'s been a long time since I got to blog, but either the Mom is using the computer to make other people cry or Max is working on his book or they're both blogging and I just don't get the chance, but Max is done with his book and he's done saying bad words to the editor so I get a chance to use the computer. The Mom us still making people cry but she says she's not trying to be mean she's just "helping" them with books that they're trying to write but I don't think making people cry is being a very big help. I've been very busy too so I don't know that I would have had much time to sit down and write something because I have a very important job being the paper holder downer and Max needed me to hold his papers down while he worked plus the windows have been open a lot lately and when I get lots of fresh air bugs crawl up my butt and make me run around a lot, but it must not bad kinds of bugs even though the Mom keeps saying she's going to get a giant pair of tweezers and pull the bugs out because she hasn't done that and I think if they were bad bugs she probably would. I'm glad they aren't bad bugs because I'm thinking that might hurt a little bit.

Looky! The Mom had a WHOLE BOWL full of these and she gave one each to me and Max and we got to roll them around on the floor but then mine got all icky and she threw it away and I wanted another one and she said no, the rest were hers. Well that hurt my feelings because she had like a THOUSAND of them or maybe five, but she coulda shared, but she didn't want to so Max rolled his toward me and told her "Silly Wabbit, Trix are for kitties!"

hehehehehehehe...but we really did get to play with some...

You know what? We have a big floppy comfy chair in the room with the box that sometimes has cats on it but mostly Max watches General Hospital and he's always in that chair an I've never gotten to sit in it but today he was in it and I jumped up there and tried to share, but he got all grumpy and got up and left, so I curled up and then the Mom walked in and I thought OH NO because it's really her chair and I didn't think I was actually allowed to sit in it but she said "Hey, Little Man. I've never seen you sit there before" and I was gonna get up because I didn't want to get in trouble but then she said "It's okay. You're allowed to curl up there if you want. Max can find some other place for his nap" so that means I get to sit in the big floppy comfy chair. Well, as long as I don't sharpen my claws on it. I'm pretty sure that's not allowed.

MAX PLAYED WITH ME YESTERDAY!!! And he was NICE, he didn't growl or hiss or bite me! We played Thundering Herd of Elephants and Tag You're It and Kitty Stalker. I wonder if he'll want to play again today...

Looky what the Mom and the Dad bringed brought home for me!


I forgot about grass it's been so long since I had some! And Max doesn't like it so it's all mine! I'm not supposed to eat so much that I throw up later, but I loves it so much I just might...


Heh...On Da Table

I can lay on the table and I don't even get in any trouble. The Mom says "I'll just use lots of cleaner later." She sighs a lot when she says stuff like that. I don't know why. I take baths. I'm clean.

Sometimes, I snoopervise from up here. The Mom works down where I can see her.

Is I in jail?

It's a nice place to snoopervise from, but sometimes my head gets stuck.

Oh! Guess what I eated ate! I ATE WORMS! Two of them! The Mom was boiling them and took one out to see if it was done and I looked at it and she said "Want to try it?" so she dangled it in front of me and at first I thought I'd play with it but then I thought well it's already dead there's no fun in that, so I took a bite and I LIKED IT! When I gobbled it up she got another worm out and cooled it off and I ate that, too! I'm not sure I want to eat them the way the Mom does, because she covered a whole plateful of them in BLOOD. I didn't even know People liked to eat worms, but Max says they enjoy the delicate Basketti Worm on occasion, and that I'll probably get to try it again next week. He's too grossed out by all the blood to even try, I think. But they were very good!

You know when the Mom is bended over putting crunchy food in our dishes and you jump on her back, she sighs really hard and says "I am not amused" but Max says that's okay because we are amused, and that's all that matters.

Well today just was not the best day ever. This morning the Mom got upset because when she was giving Max his food I stuck my butt in her face because I THOUGHT she liked it but I guess not when she's feeding Max, and then later the door to the closet was open and I've always wanted to go in there but it's never open so I started to go in and she waved her poky finger and said "No, Buddah, we don't play in there" but I didn't need HER to play in there, just me, and besides I wasn't going to PLAY I was going to EXPLORE which is very different but she was piling up cases of fizzy water because it was on sale and she bought more than she can store in the kitchen so when she turned to pick one up I tried to sneak in there but she grabbed me and pulled me out and said, "No! It's not for kitties!" but I'm pretty sure it IS for kitties as evidenced by how badly I NEED to get in there!

Last night Max was downstairs and I was upstairs and he sat at the bottom of the stairs and kept calling out to me but I was sleepy so I was ignoring him but he really wanted to play Thundering Herd of Elephants so he kept yelling and I kept ignoring and every once in awhile the Mom would call out "Go find something to do Max," or "No one wants to play, Max" but he didn't want to give up so he kept meowing over and over and over and I kept ignoring over and over and over and finally the Mom got up and looked down the stairs and said "If you don't stop I am going to come down there and tie your tongue to your tail" and Max thought that sounded like fun because he didn't think she could catch him so he meowed again and you know what she did? She turned around and looked at me on the top of the tall climbing tower and said "Would it KILL you to answer him?" and I didn't know how to answer that so I stood up and showed her my butt. I think she likes that.

Oh noes...tonight Max dropped a huge bomb in the litter box and it was making everyone's eyes water so they left the house for a little while and when they came back it still was really bad and the Mom said "I swear, I'm going to stop feeding you two" and I think she might really mean it even though Max says she's just talking out her ass, though that's not where I heard it come from, I'm pretty sure it came out of her mouth and since there's not much crunchy food left in the dishes she might be serious.

Sometimes, when I don't know what to think, I sit in the corner by the closet door at the bottom of the stairs.

Most of the time I don't know what to think about the Mom not getting up and getting me a crunchy treat when I ask politely.

Sometimes I don't know what to think when Max won't be nice.

And sometimes I just don't know what to think, because thinking can be a very hard thing to do.

Today I sat in the corner because I didn't know what to think, and Max came down the stairs and said "Whatcha doin', Dorkus?" (I think he calls me that because he secretly likes me.)

But I didn't know. I said I might be very sad, and I didn't know what to think about that.

He said, "You gotta feel what you feel, even when it's being sad."

And then I said, "It feels like what happened to Monty's sister wasn't fair."

Max sat down and said, "What do we know of fair? I don't think it's fair when you get crunchy treats and I don't, but the People have their reasons. It's not that it's not fair...but it certainly does suck."

"You don't think it wasn't fair?"

"I think that it was horrible and that it hurts and that it sucks, and that it's a good thing you care enough to be sitting in a corner being all hurty."

"The Mom's eyes got all leaky and I think I wish I could get all leaky, too."

"People have that advantage," Max agreed. "They can be leaky because it helps get the suckiness out of them."

"Why can't we leak?" I asked him. "I want to feel better."

Max thought for a few seconds and then said, "I think our job is to take our own sadness and turn it into purrs, and then we jump up on the person who needs it the most, and we purr on them. That helps them when they don't feel good, and when they are very sad."

"If I purr for the Mom will I feel better?"

But Max didn't know. He said I might still feel all sad, but that a good purr couldn't hurt and would be worth a try. Then I asked him if purring on the Mom helped him feel not so sad, and he said "I have my ways of feeling better about things."

So I asked how he did that.

And that's when he sat on me.

I know everyone is praying for Monty's family and thinking them good thoughts and hugging them with their hearts. Purring helps, too. Max was right, I purred on the Mom and it helped her, and made me feel better too...

It's my box, but I'll let the newspapers stay there until they have to go to the recycling place.


Oh! And if there was a cookie for a prize, Karen Jo would get a big chocolate chip one on account of she guess what my drawing was! It's an egg! Max says it's a decent egg but I shouldn't give up my day job. That's ok, though, because I like holding papers down. Even newspapers.

Looky! The Mom and Max were working on his book and they were at the table drawing things and I jumped up and said "I want to help! Can I help?" and Max sucked in a deep breath and said "I suppose so" and then while they worked for hours and hours I worked for hours and hours and when I was done I had a picture and he's gonna use it in his book! Look!

Do you know what it is? Do you? Do you?


Oh! Someone new came into my house today and said hi to me but then he said he wouldn't come closer because he didn't want to scare me and I looked kind of like I didn't want him to be there, but it wasn't that, it was just that I was surprised he was there at all since I never saw him before, and then he went other places in the house, clicking his flashy box, and then he left, and when he left the Mom and the Dad waited for his car to go away and they pulled out the Febreeze spray, because even though he was a nice guy he really did stink, and Max says that's because he sets his lollipops on fire and sucks on them, which seems like an odd kind of thing to do.

Max's job in the morning is to wake the Mom up and tell her it's time for breakfast and to get out of bed and take her opposable thumbs downstairs so someone can open a can of Stinky Goodness, but a couple of mornings this week I went in and did his job for him because it seems like a fun job to have, plus you sometimes learn fun new words, but this morning when I went in and said HEY GET UP! Max came in and told me to be quiet because it was too early to wake her up, and if you wake her up that early it's like asking the devil to do something--you might get what you want but you sure won't like the results. I told him it was light outside and I was hungry and it had been at least 5 sleeps since we had any good food but he said no, we kind of have a deal with the Mom, that we will let her sleep at least until it's time for the Regis guy to skwawk on the TV, but usually a little later on account of she's bassackwards and stays up pretty late but I said she wouldn't mind just this once and he started to say something else but she sat up and said WILL YOU TWO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TO TALK? and then Max said "Well, once her eyeballs are visible it's all fair game" so he jumped on the bed and when she laid back down he put his head near her ear and went "Meow" every 2.2 seconds almost like a whisper until she finally said some of those fun words and got up and put her clothes on and did her drugs and stuff. But you know what? She didn't feed us! She sat down and read the paper and there was no Regis skwawking on the TV but then I found out it's Saturday and he sleeps in on Saturdays, too, so we had to wait until Regular Breakfast Time anyway, which was a big disappointment, and Max said to get used to it, because most of my life is gonna be that way.

I learned things this week.

  • If you jump on Max and sink your teeth into his neck, the Mom gets upset, and if she sees you spit out a mouthful of Max fur she will pick it up and show it to you and say "this was mean!"
  • She won't be any happier when you reach out and scratch her hand to show just how mean you can be.
  • Max doesn't run from booming things outside or when a stranger comes into the house, but he runs from a tiny carpet cleaning thingy.
  • Oh, and if you barf in the right place the Mom and the Dad won't see it for all day and then they have to use the tiny carpet cleaning thingy to clean it all up.
  • The Mom forgets thing and I know this because she forgot what my sign in name was for my blog for days and days and days so I couldn't get on here to say anything.
  • If you start to chew on a thingy sticking out of the wall, the Mom gets very excited and jumps out of bed and says "No! That will electrocute you!"
  • I'm not sure what that means but it sounds exciting.
  • People armpits smell interesting, but they don't taste very good.

Looky what Max got!


Max got this for his birthday and I don't think he likes it very much but I do and he said "knock yourself out" when I wanted to get in it and when the Mom said something about going for walks he said "It's all yours!" So I get Max's birthday present! Just for that I let him have all the birthday dinner, because that's all he really wanted anyway.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Max finally gotted to get in one of the hammocks, but look...


...he's so fat it goes all the way to the floor. I don't think he even realizes it!

Looky what we got!

Oh yeah...I got it

It's some Forty Paws hammocks! And I got to them FIRST! Max wasn't in the room when the Mom put them together, so I got to pick which one I wanted before he did! And I think it made Max mad, because he wanted the red one but I got on it first and he doesn't like things that smell like me. So you know what I did? When he turned away, I got onto the other one and made it smell like me too! Ha ha ha ha ha I got both of them and he got NOTHING!

Hey! Max is in the paper today! He's almost famous now! And my name even got mentioned, that was fun! Max says there should be a celebration of some kind, with crunchy treats and Tuna, but I don't think the Mom is going to give us anything, at least not right now. Maybe she's planning on something for dessert tonight. I hope so, because we haven't had any Stinky Goodness in a very long time, and that would be a nice treat.

I went bananas!


A little box came in the mail and in it was two bananas, and instead of goopy stuff that we don't like, they're full of kitty crack! The Dad made me work for mine, but pretty soon I got it from him, and then you know what happened?

I Can Has Max's Banana?

I got Max's banana, too! He walked away from it and I looked up and said "Can I have it?" and he didn't turn around or anything, so I got to play with both of them.

I might give it back to him later. If I can remember where I hid it.

Looky! I started out with a mouse that looked like one of these:

and when I was done playing, it looked like this:

It's Dead

As you can see, I worked very hard at making it dead:

Making It Dead

And even Max had to come check it out, but he thought I had a crunchy treat, so he checked my breath to make sure he didn't get cheated out of one.

Not A Smooch

It was fun...but now I don't have a mousie because the Mom threw it away.

Oh Oh Oh! William tagged me for the 6 word memoir mememememe!

Here are the rules:
1) Write your own six word memoir.
2) Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like.
3) Link to the person that tagged you in your post, and to the original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.
4) Tag at least five more blogs with links.
5) Don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.
6) Have fun!!

Ok, here's mine:

Not enough time to do everything!

Ok Max keeps saying that I cry when the Mom goes into the litterbox room when I'm peein' on account of I don't like being watched. Well I DON'T like being watched because that's just RUDE (but it's ok if I watch the Mom or the Dad because they have no shame) but I DON'T CRY! I just look at her and say "GET OUT!" and most of the time she says "I'm sorry" and she leaves but sometimes she says she's going to POP and she can't leave and I can't just STOP so I close my eyes and say "leaveleaveleaveleave" but she doesn't until we're both done and that's upsetting but I DON'T CRY. Max wants to talk about someone inner little girl, well HE WATCHES A SOAP OPERA! He does! He sits on the Woman's lap and watches General Hospital with her! And I think I heard him sniffle last week when some medium sticky person got shot in the head. He won't admit it but he did it!

I pushed Max down the stairs! I WINNED! I'm the big kitty now!!! I OWN HIM!!11!!!

Oh you know what? Today the Mom an the Dad stuck me inside a not very nice box and then took me outside, which would have been a lot more fun if I had a stroller like Skeezix, and then they put me and Max inside the box with the rolling wheels and they took us to the stabby place! I don't know why Max didn't warn me that was going to happen but a little before we went there the Mom shoved something in his mouth and said "OK, go to your happy place" and you know what he did? He got inside his plastic tomb without anyone making him and he was all sleepy and said "Doooooood...Ohhhhhhh...niiiiiiice" and the next thing I know we're going for a ride. We didn't get to see the bald guy even though Max said that's the stabby person that always shoves things up his butt, but we got to see a very nice lady who said I was a pretty boy and she loved my long tail and my pretty green eyes and I was thinking this was a nice place to go, but then she stabbed me. That was a disappointment, finding out she was a stabby person, too. After she was done stabbing me she said I was a very good boy, and I think I was because I didn't bite anyone even though I could have, and she told the Mom and the Dad that she wanted to leave Max in his tomb because she was going to need help with him and when the other lady picked up Max's tomb he said "Dooooood....I'm gonna pooooooop!" and he did! He pooped so they had to clean it up and then the lady stabbed him THREE times and looked in his ears and stuff the same way she did me, but the good thing all around was nothing got shoved up anyone's butt today. And she said I'm a very big boy, fifteen whole pounds, but I'm not fat and Max is 16 pounds but he is really fat and I thought that was funny but he must have been insulted because he peed in his tomb and I don't think he thought that one through because they didn't take him out of the tomb after he did that so he had to sit in his own pee until we got back into the box with the rolling wheels when the Mom put a towel in there so he wouldn't have to sit in pee. It wasn't all that bad but I'm glad we don't have to go back for a whole year. Well, Max might if his zits don't clear up, but I'm good for the year!

It's My Birthday!!!

Buddah is 3

I'm three years old!

Little Pink SockThe Mom and the Dad made me a kitty crack toy! You know the cartoom "Mutts" and the little pink sock that the mkitty on it ikes so much? I have one of my very own! Well, I really have TWO, but I'm going to let Max play with one on account of he's a crackhead and the socks are filled with really good nip!

To Buddah From MaxThis is what Max got for me! It's a sack and it goes crinkle, crinkle, crinkle when you get in it. I think it's going to be at least 15 kinds of fun, especially if we can figure out how to get it upstairs so we can play with it right by the Mom when she's sleeping.

Oh And there's going to be more! The Dad has SHRIMPS for us! I like shrimp a little bit so I'll eat a piece to be polite, but Max really like shrimp so it'll be really special for him.

Now that I'm 3, I think I'm a mancat. Right? Max says I'm a medium mancat but I think I'm all mancat now. Maybe he means I'm medium because he's so much fatter than me...? That must be it.

There are more pictures at the Mom's Flickr thingy. They didn't upload in order but she made a set and they're in order there. Go see!

Oh wow, I don't think Max has been this mad since the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad brought me home...

We fixed the Mom! She felt really really bad and was trying to get her toenails to come up through her stomach and out her mouth so we took turns sitting on her and a little while ago I was sitting on her and Max came up and hit me in the head with his mighty paw and she said "You know what, guys, I feel much better now" so it worked! I'm glad it worked because I saw what she was doing to get her toenails to do that and it didn't look like any kind of fun, and it didn't even work! Her toenails are still on her toes! I don't know why she wanted to try that but Max says not to think about it to hard because it's a people thing and we'll never understand why they sometimes try to puke their toenails up. I still might purr on top of her tonight while she's asleep, just in case.

Oh No this morning I was in the bedroom and the Dad was asleep and I was just snooping around the floor and this THING fell off the bed onto my head and it scared me a little so I grabbed it with my claws and I bit it. I bite it really hard and then I heard the Dad say LOTS of bad words and when I looked up HIS HAND WAS LEAKING and he was really really mad at me so I ran away and hid from him because I was afraid he was going to bite me back but later he gave me crunchy treats so I don't think he was too mad but later the Mom said "If that gets infected we'll have to take you to the doctor" and Max said that was really bad because if that happens they're going to CUT HIS HAND OFF and if they cut his hand off how will he give me crunchy treats in the morning?

Everyone knows that the bed with the fuzzy blanket of the two long pillows is mine to nap on during the day even though Max sometimes gets up there too, but he doesn't take up much room so I don't mind, but it's mine and I count on it, so when I went to take a nap and the Mom was there hogging all the best places, well, that's when I jumped up and smacked her on the head with my paw four or five times and said "MOVE" but she just laughed and said "Sweetie, you can have the bed later" but that wasn't what I wanted to hear and it's NOT FAIR and I missed my nap!

I'm still very very busy because now I have a new job aside from being the Paper Holder Downer. You see, the Dad has this thing stuck to his face every night and it's called a See-Pap and Max says it's blowing lots and lots of air into the Dad and that if he doesn't blow some of it out he's going to just fill up with air and pop, so I decided I would make sure he blows some of the air out, so last night I walked across him lots of times because I knew if he woke up he would blow air out, and it worked! I walked across him a bajrillion times but he only woke up three times but that was enough and he didn't pop. So now I'm a Paper Holder Downer AND The Dad Holder Downer, plus tomorrow is Sit In The Box Day to make sure they don't take my special box outside with the other boxes and stuff. I think I should be a very tired kitty by now with all the work I have to do. All Max does is eat and sleep and lick himself and write, and that's not a whole lot, I don't think.

I know I haven't blogged in a long long time and I keep saying that but I've been very very busy because I have a job as the Paper Holder Downer and the Mom has had lots of papers for me to hold down, plus I have to spend a lot of time sitting in my special box to make sure no one throws it away but tonight is the night the Dad takes all the trash out and was in the box so he didn't take it, so I don't have to worry about anyone throwing my box away tonight, and Max says it's some kind of record for keeping a box because I've had it for like 2 years, or maybe a month, but it's been a long time and I'm very happy!

Seven Weird Things About Me On Account Of I Was Tagged By Mr Hendrix...

  1. I know when it's eleven o'clock at night every night because that's when the Mom sticks herself with a needle and she gives us crunchy treats so that we won't help her so every night my tummy tells me to go to the kitchen at eleven o'clock so now the Mom knows when it's time for her to stick herself.

  2. I don't like very much people food but sometimes if the Mom is having lunch and it smells really good I'll jump up on the table to see what it is and Max says "" because that's against the rules but I'm cute so I don't get yelled at I just get picked up and out on the floor.

  3. I am a very quiet kitty and I don't talk very much except at night when everyone is in bed and then I sometimes sit in the hallway and ask if someone will get up and play with me, but this doesn't always work out very well because Max will come out and throw me down the stairs.

  4. During the day the big bed is mine and the Mom doesn't make it because she sleeps with two long body pillows and I like to sleep on the fuzzy blanket between the pillows, but the pillows have to be under the blanket, so she leaves it like that just for me.

  5. Sometimes when the Mom or the Dad try to pet me, and I don't want to be petted, I bite, and I bite pretty hard. Max says I have to learn how to do a soft bite where I just put my teeth on the them without hurting anything so they know what I mean without me getting anyone mad, but I keep forgetting and I just chomp right on down.

  6. I do not like it when I am in the litterbox and someone comes in and doesn't say "Excuse Me" and then leaves. I can't poop with an audience, so when it happens I close my eyes and try to pretend I'm alone but then they always say something and that just makes it hard. I need privacy!

  7. I am not much of a lap cat, only sometimes for a few minutes at a time, but once in a while when the Mom is in bed and watching TV I will jump on the bed and stomp up her and plop down on her throat. She always says "Gee thanks" so I know she likes it. She also says "Just want I wanted, cat butt in my face" so I be sure to wiggle around until she has a good view of Spot #13. I try to not fart, though,because I did that once when I was on her throat and she was not happy...

I guess I'm not all that weird...

Max and I are very very mad at the Mom. We were upstairs being good and not picking on each other and sharing the bed without hissing or anything and we smelled something really good so Max said "Let's go see what it is" because when you're being good and you smell something good, it's probably a treat. But we got downstairs and the Mom said "No, this isn't for kitties" and she wouldn't even let us get close to the cookies she was taking out of the hot box. Kitties can have cookies, right? We were being good so we think we should each get a cookie of our own but the Mom is being very mean right now and SHE ate one RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!

Ohhhhh I know I've been a bad blogging kitty but first I was really busy playing with my new Christmas toys and then I losted the best ones and I was looking for them and I'm not sure where they are but the Dad says I probably knocked them under the china cabinet and he's probably right but I stuck my paw in as far as I could and I didn't feel them which makes me a little sad.

Then I was just too embarrassed because I was in the litter box and the Mom came in and she usually says "Excuse me!" and leaves so I can finish but this time she stayed and she used the people little box at the same time! I was so embarrassed and I wanted to finish in private but I couldn't just STOP so I closed my eyes and tried to pretend no one was watching but then she started talking to me so I couldn't pretend anymore, and well it was just humiliating.

And then I had these fun boxes and was playing with them a lot and the Dad said it was trash day and they had to go into recycling so I jumped in one so he couldn't take it and he took the other one and the Mom said "Sweetie, it's time for the box to go" but I didn't move so she looked up and said "Let him keep it one more week." Whew.

Oh, and tonight I got crunchies and Max didn't because the Mom was all stealthy and sneaked them to me while he was upstairs!

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