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King of the run-on sentence...

Oh! Max says that in a couple days the year is over and we get a whole new one, and because we get a whole new one we have to have some revolutions, and I get to do my revolutions all around the house because that's what I do best, I run around and around and around like someone stuck a firecracker up my you-know-what. A new year sounds fun, even though there's not presents like Christmas, but that's ok because I'm not done playing with all my new presenets yet, in fact I losted the balls that go to one of them and I want someone to find them for me so I can lose them again, plus in a few months it will be my birthday and I'll get a present then.

Oh! We gotted another present! The Mom and the Dad went somewhere all day yesterday and when they came back they had a present from the Grandma and it was this thingy that the Mom and the Dad can grow grass in for Max and me! Max says that I can eat the grass if I want but I have to leave it alone until it's all done growing and I'm not sure I can do that because I like to snoopervise lots of things so maybe the Mom and the Dad should grow the grass where I can't see it. Oh, and Max says it's not the kind of grass that some people think is fun grass, it's only grass that kitties think is fun grass, he says I have to stress that cause then some hophead might want me to sell him some of my grass and even though I like sharing Max says that would get me thrown into kitty jail.

Max is trying to switch his blog to the new Blogger and it's hiccuping so
he's hoping it won't get lost in the Internets and if it does he says he gets to say any bad word he can think of.


Santa came and he listened to me and he remembered that I needed a new sproingy toy AND he gotted us this other thing that has holes in it and there are balls in it and I can reach in and roll the balls and if I do it just right I can get them out! And you know what? Max let me play with the new toys first! That was his Christmas present to me, he just et me play and play and play and last night before Santa came we had fish and shrimp Stinky Goodness and Max really loves that and it was from Kimo & Sabi but since Max loves it so much I took a nbble and said he could have the rest and that was my Christmas present to him!

Oh!Oh!Oh! We gotted a fevver toy, too, and the Dad played with me with it and I jumped WAY high in the air. It's like fifteen kinds of fun!

The Mom says there are more pictures at our flickr thingy.

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas!


We gotted a box today from Kimo & Sabi! They're our Secret Paws! And the Mom didn't even make us wait for Christmas to open the box!

We got lots of fun stuff and Max is still whacked out on the kitty crack.

There are pictures at the picture thingy so you can see us having fun!

Thank you Kimo & Sabi! We're having 62 kinds of fun!

Ohhhhhh....Max is throwing a temper tantrum because the Mom got up this morning and didn't go downstairs and open a can of Stinky Goodness, all she did was go to the crunchy food and give us some of that, which I think is okay because it's the really tasty crunchy food but Max is MAD.



When we moved into the last new house the Mom and the Dad gotted us this toy.

I really like this toy. It's fun to jump on and swing the balls and make the stick thingies go sproiiiiing! and I like to scratch it.

Last night I wanted to play with it but I couldn't find it anywhere! It wasn't in the big room with the big floppy comfy chair like it usually is so I looked in the room with the TV and then the kitchen and I even peeked in the Other Dad's room, because he might have wnated to play with it, and that's ok because I don't mind sharing my toys, but it wasn't there either.

It wasn't in any room so I asked Max, I said "Do you know where my sproingy toy is because I think I losted it" and he sighed really hard because he was licking himself and had to stop to answer me and he doesn't like to stop when he's doing that and he said "I saw the Man take it outside. The Woman said you pretty much destroyed it, and it needed to be thrown away."

I loved that toy! I was really upset and wanted to cry because no one asked me if I was DONE with the toy and if it was OKAY to throw it away, but Max sighed again and said "Look. Ask Santa to bring you a new one. If you've been good enough, he will." And then I told Max I didn't know how to ask Santa for anything, I just thought he brought whatever he wanted to, and Max said, yeah, mostly, but he's a nice guy and might bring me something I really really want, so I should get on here and maybe Santa will read it.

So...Santa, if you're reading this, I really really really miss my toy already and if I've been good enough, can I have a new one? I think I've been good. I only pulled out a little of Max's fur this week.

I can be as snarky and evil as Max!

I was right behind Max on the bookcases and I was thinkin of biting him, but I didn't.


Max letted me get in the kitty lounge with him! I got to curl up in the corner!

See, he even was relaxed enough to put his head down and snooze.
Maybe soon he'll let me stretch out, too!

Max likes to sing in the middle of the night when the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad are asleep unless the Dad is gone passing gas and then he doesn't sleep until the next day but Max still likes to sing even if he's gone, and last night Max told me I had to sing, too, but I didn't want to, all I wanted to do was sleep on top of the climbing tower and Max said I was going to sing and I said no so he sat on me. I didn't sing but I hollered for the Mom so I guess maybe it sounded like singing.

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