The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Looky! I did get a birthday present!

It's my favorite kind of mousie! I thought only Santa brought these mousies but I got a new one from the Mom and the Dad and Max! The Mom said to try to not make it dead too fast because they're really really really hard to find but I don't know if I can stop that. Making a mousie dead is just what I do.

It's my birthday!!! I'm, um, :::counts::: SIX years old now! ALl I wanted for my birthday was to be able to get on the computer and say IT'S MY BIRTHDAY because I never get to get on it anymore on account of the Mom being all busy and all and Max hogging it when she's not using it, even though the Mom has like FIVE computers and she could turn one on for me but she never does because anyone under 15 shouldn't be surfing the internets without supervision but you know what? Phffffft.

Max even remembered my birthday! You know what he said to me this morning? WELCOME TO MIDDLE AGE, LOSER.

I didn't even know I was gonna get to go somewhere!

I think later I get crunchy treats and a present but don't know what it is yet because I have to wait for after dinner to get my presents because that's the way the Mom and the Dad roll. Max said to not hold my breath over getting anything good but I don't care, all I want is some crunchy treats and maybe a catnip toy because I killed my last two new ones and the mom said, "Oh geeze, can't you let them live longer than five minutes?" but no I don't think I can.

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