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King of the run-on sentence...

Seven Weird Things About Me On Account Of I Was Tagged By Mr Hendrix...

  1. I know when it's eleven o'clock at night every night because that's when the Mom sticks herself with a needle and she gives us crunchy treats so that we won't help her so every night my tummy tells me to go to the kitchen at eleven o'clock so now the Mom knows when it's time for her to stick herself.

  2. I don't like very much people food but sometimes if the Mom is having lunch and it smells really good I'll jump up on the table to see what it is and Max says "" because that's against the rules but I'm cute so I don't get yelled at I just get picked up and out on the floor.

  3. I am a very quiet kitty and I don't talk very much except at night when everyone is in bed and then I sometimes sit in the hallway and ask if someone will get up and play with me, but this doesn't always work out very well because Max will come out and throw me down the stairs.

  4. During the day the big bed is mine and the Mom doesn't make it because she sleeps with two long body pillows and I like to sleep on the fuzzy blanket between the pillows, but the pillows have to be under the blanket, so she leaves it like that just for me.

  5. Sometimes when the Mom or the Dad try to pet me, and I don't want to be petted, I bite, and I bite pretty hard. Max says I have to learn how to do a soft bite where I just put my teeth on the them without hurting anything so they know what I mean without me getting anyone mad, but I keep forgetting and I just chomp right on down.

  6. I do not like it when I am in the litterbox and someone comes in and doesn't say "Excuse Me" and then leaves. I can't poop with an audience, so when it happens I close my eyes and try to pretend I'm alone but then they always say something and that just makes it hard. I need privacy!

  7. I am not much of a lap cat, only sometimes for a few minutes at a time, but once in a while when the Mom is in bed and watching TV I will jump on the bed and stomp up her and plop down on her throat. She always says "Gee thanks" so I know she likes it. She also says "Just want I wanted, cat butt in my face" so I be sure to wiggle around until she has a good view of Spot #13. I try to not fart, though,because I did that once when I was on her throat and she was not happy...

I guess I'm not all that weird...

Max and I are very very mad at the Mom. We were upstairs being good and not picking on each other and sharing the bed without hissing or anything and we smelled something really good so Max said "Let's go see what it is" because when you're being good and you smell something good, it's probably a treat. But we got downstairs and the Mom said "No, this isn't for kitties" and she wouldn't even let us get close to the cookies she was taking out of the hot box. Kitties can have cookies, right? We were being good so we think we should each get a cookie of our own but the Mom is being very mean right now and SHE ate one RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!

Ohhhhh I know I've been a bad blogging kitty but first I was really busy playing with my new Christmas toys and then I losted the best ones and I was looking for them and I'm not sure where they are but the Dad says I probably knocked them under the china cabinet and he's probably right but I stuck my paw in as far as I could and I didn't feel them which makes me a little sad.

Then I was just too embarrassed because I was in the litter box and the Mom came in and she usually says "Excuse me!" and leaves so I can finish but this time she stayed and she used the people little box at the same time! I was so embarrassed and I wanted to finish in private but I couldn't just STOP so I closed my eyes and tried to pretend no one was watching but then she started talking to me so I couldn't pretend anymore, and well it was just humiliating.

And then I had these fun boxes and was playing with them a lot and the Dad said it was trash day and they had to go into recycling so I jumped in one so he couldn't take it and he took the other one and the Mom said "Sweetie, it's time for the box to go" but I didn't move so she looked up and said "Let him keep it one more week." Whew.

Oh, and tonight I got crunchies and Max didn't because the Mom was all stealthy and sneaked them to me while he was upstairs!

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