The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Max finally gotted to get in one of the hammocks, but look...


...he's so fat it goes all the way to the floor. I don't think he even realizes it!

Looky what we got!

Oh yeah...I got it

It's some Forty Paws hammocks! And I got to them FIRST! Max wasn't in the room when the Mom put them together, so I got to pick which one I wanted before he did! And I think it made Max mad, because he wanted the red one but I got on it first and he doesn't like things that smell like me. So you know what I did? When he turned away, I got onto the other one and made it smell like me too! Ha ha ha ha ha I got both of them and he got NOTHING!

Hey! Max is in the paper today! He's almost famous now! And my name even got mentioned, that was fun! Max says there should be a celebration of some kind, with crunchy treats and Tuna, but I don't think the Mom is going to give us anything, at least not right now. Maybe she's planning on something for dessert tonight. I hope so, because we haven't had any Stinky Goodness in a very long time, and that would be a nice treat.

I went bananas!


A little box came in the mail and in it was two bananas, and instead of goopy stuff that we don't like, they're full of kitty crack! The Dad made me work for mine, but pretty soon I got it from him, and then you know what happened?

I Can Has Max's Banana?

I got Max's banana, too! He walked away from it and I looked up and said "Can I have it?" and he didn't turn around or anything, so I got to play with both of them.

I might give it back to him later. If I can remember where I hid it.

Looky! I started out with a mouse that looked like one of these:

and when I was done playing, it looked like this:

It's Dead

As you can see, I worked very hard at making it dead:

Making It Dead

And even Max had to come check it out, but he thought I had a crunchy treat, so he checked my breath to make sure he didn't get cheated out of one.

Not A Smooch

It was fun...but now I don't have a mousie because the Mom threw it away.

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