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King of the run-on sentence...

I don't know why everyone got so excited today. They took us to a new place and I was scared, but I did was I was told. When they put Max and me in a room they said to stay there and be good, so I did just that. Even when Max got the door open I stayed in the room. Max was gone for three hours, and I stayed in the room. I heard them call my name, but no one said I could leave the room, so I stayed there. Then all the sudden the Dad shouts I FOUND HIM and he picked me up and hugged me and the Woman came running and she grabbed me and hugged me too and she was teary eyed and upset but happy, and then they took me back home where most of my stuff is GONE. And I don't know but we got LOTS of treats. Max says not to question it, they were worried about me and now they're happy, so just accept the treats and be happy. I think I got so may treats because I was a good boy and stayed in the room like I was told to. Max got treats because even though there were doors open that go outside he stayed in the house. That's not as good as staying in the room you're told to stay in but I guess it counts for something.

There are lots and lots of boxes in the house!

I Can Has Boxes?

Max says this is not good, that the boxes aren't there for me to play on, but why else would they be here? This is fun!

This morning the Mom pointed her finger at me and said "You have to stop going apeshit every morning, and you especially have to stop running across the bed when I'm trying to sleep," but I'm not going apeshit I'm just playing and running while I wait for her to wake up, and this morning when I played and I ran I moved my bed and my tunnel and the front carpet runner and a bunch of my toys right into the middle of the living room, because that way we won't forget any of them when we move, but Max says it's too soon to worry about that, and to ignore the Mom because she's lazy and sleeps too late anyway.

I'm looking for something! I have to read everything in here to find it. It helps that the drawer broke 2 years ago and the Dad hasn't fixed it even though he said he would...2 years ago.

Reading reading reading

Found it!
Now the Mom can get back to work.

Found it!

I have been very very very busy lately. Not only do I have the job of Official Paper Holder Downer, but I have found a new hobby to take up time when I am not working. It's called howl at all closed doors. First I howled at the front door, making the Mom think I wanted to go outside. I did that for many days in a row, lots of times every day.

Then I howled at the door that leads to the room where the rumbly bikes sleep. I did that many days in a row, too, many times a day.

Today I am howling at the pantry door, which confuses the Mom because it doesn't really lead anywhere and none of my food is kept there.

When I'm not holding down papers and howling at doors, I'm running around the house like my butt is on fire. This is great exercise (that's how I'm skinny and Max is NOT) and it makes the Mom get up and make sure there's nothing wrong with me. She doesn't really like it in the middle of the night, though, especially if Max does it too so we can play Thundering Herd Of Elephants.

I have a lot to do every day, and it doesn't seem like there's enough time to do it all.

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