The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Max says he heard the Mom and the Dad talking and there's only 6 more days until we get to move to the place with stairs! That's only about one hunderd sixty two sleeps! I'm a little scared about going to a new place but I want to run up and down stairs. Max says it's FIFTEEN kinds of fun! I hope he means better fun than getting nootered. That was supposed to be ten kinds of fun but I only counted three. He doesn't want to go because he's tired of moving and said last time he had to spend FOUR DAYS in the car. The Mom says no it's only 10 minutes, but he doesn't believe her. I do. AND she says there's a new toy at the new place for us!

Stuff camed out of the sky today! I had to watch it for a long time to be sure it wasn't gonna hurt anything. Max looked at it for about 2 seconds and said "Bleh. I hate rain." If it comes out tomorrow I'm gonna have to watch it again, just because.

I keep getting too big for everything. I tried to curl up on the Mom's shoulder to sleep but I kept falling off, and she said I was getting too big to do that. I tried to jump on Max's back and ride him down the hall, but she picked me up and said I was too big for that now. And then I tried to get into my fvorite box but I could only get my head in, and she said she was sorry but I was too big for that box now. I feel really sad right now because I think I'm too big for anything fun!

Oh! I heard the Mom day that in the new place we're going to go live, she saw a MOUSIE!!! They're going to make the mousie move out before we get there, though. I keep asking her to leave the mousie there for me, but she won't listen. I could catch it for her and we could play with it together! It could stay there for a couple more weeks couldn't it?

There were BIRDIES outside the window today! I got to watch them hop around on the ground and then fly. AND I got to watch another kitty watching the birdies! The Mom says he was hunting and if he coulda catched one he probaby woulda eaten it. I didn't know that was an option!

I tried to push the screen thingy out of the window so I could go outside and play too, but the Mom said "No, no, Buddah, leave the screen alone." Then she kneeled on the floor and watched the birdies with me for a little while. I'd still like to go outside.

Max got all mad because we gotted a new toy and I got it first and it didn't last very long. I didn't mean to make it dead but it didn't put up much of a fight and before knew it I had ripped it open and pulled out its guts. I didn't want him to be mad at me so when we had dinner the Mom walked out of the kitchen for a minute so I let him have some of my food. He likes it because it tastes different than his. And I got some of the food on his plate. I like his food a lot. So now he's not so mad at me and the Mom said there's more new toys and we can have them later and we each get a new one at the same time.

He says we're gonna have a new place to live and the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad will come live there, too. And there will be things to see out the windows and stairs to run on. I don't know what stairs are but he says I will love them. He told me all about it so I wont be scared when we go. They gave him a new place to live once and he was very scared because he didn't know what was happening. I think it sounds fun, but he says it is going to be a while. Maybe 20 whole days and night. I asked how many sleeps that was, and he said A BAJRILLION!!!

I can't wait!

Theres boxes all over the place! Not all of them are folded right so that I can get into them, but I've had lots of boxes fun the last couple of days. Last night the Dad kept trying to put other things in boxes, and I kept jumping in. He said I wasn't being much help, but I wasn't trying to help! I was trying to make him stop putting stuff in those boxes 'cause I want to play in them!

Max keeps saying this is all bad news, but they're boxes! How can boxes be bad news?

I have a new fun place to sit and nap if I want! I can jump on the counter, then jump on the figerater, and then on top of the cubberds! Max said I could go up there if I wanted but first i didn't believe him because sometimes he just wants me to get in trouble, but it looked like so much fun I decided to try anyway. And you know what, he was right! The Mom saw me and said "Look where you got to!" and she wasn't mad at all. She worried that I didn't know how to get down, so she put treats on top of the figerater and I jumped down to eat them, so she said "Ok, you know the way down. You can go up there."

Later I went back up there and I found this bag of different treats on top of the figerater, so I grabbed them and jumped to the floor, but the Dad found me before I could rip the bag open with my teeths and eat them. He didn't get mad he just said I couldn't have them.

Max also says that if I get up there and lay down, they won't be able to see me, and I can listen to them running around crying "Where's Buddah? I can't find Buddah!" He says it's really funny. So I might do that later.

This morning, the Dad took Max outside for a long time, and while he was gone I jumped up on the counter and got the lid off Max's can of Stinky Goodness, and I ate it! well not all of it but most of it! It was really good, it tastes better than the food I get. Max thinks my food tastes better but we're not allowed to trade. The Mom caught me before I could lick the last bit out of the can and said that wasn't very nice of me, but I think it was nice to me! And Max will get another can later.

I am leaving Max alone today because when he came home he sure didn't act like he was all there. His eyes looked all big and funny and he can't make up his mind where to sit, so I'm going to go take a nap while he gets over it and maybe he'll want to play later.

Wherever the Dad took him he musta been good because we got treats when he got home! Even though he pooped on someone!

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