The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh. If it's still really dark outside and you're running up and down the hall and the stairs and you're chasing Max and making him yell a lot and the Mom gets out of bed and says, "Are you having fun?" the answer is not "Yes, thank you," and you really shouldn't keep running up and down the hall and the stairs and making Max yell because the Mom might get back up and say, "Stop or I'll duct tape you to a chair" and even though she's usually pretty nice, when it's really dark outside I think she really means it!

I went to the stabby place today! I got to go there in Max's plastic tomb, so I could see out the windows the whole way there and I could see the Mom and the Dad so I talked to them the whole way there but when we got there I didn't really know where I was so I shut up really fast. There were nice ladies in there and they bent over and peeked in the tomb and one of them said "Thank God, it's not Max..." The Mom and the Dad thought that was funny but I bet Max wouldn't.

They said I was a pretty boy and they wanted to know how munch I weighed so I got to sit on this great big thingy and they said "You're a big boy, Buddah!" and that I weigh 12 pounds which is what the Mom thought I still weighed, then I got to go inside a room with a shiny table and lots of different smells and the Mom and the Dad were in there with me and they let me explore until the bald guy came in.

He was really nice and said I was a good boy, too, and he looked in my ears and in my eyes and he petted me a lot and squeezed some things I didn't think needed to be squeezed, and I don't know why but he looked at my butt, too. Then he asked if I wanted some s-h-o-t-s but I didn't know what that was so I said "No thank you," and the Mom petted me and I felt some little pinches but they weren't bad. Then he turned me around and said he had to do one in my shoulder and I saw the thingy he had and I thought "This doesn't look good" but when he poked me with it it wasn't bad at all. The Mom said I was so good I deserved a treat when we got home and when we got home she opened a can of SPECIAL Stinky Goodness and I got most of it but Max got a little bit, too.

I get to go back in 3 weeks for a booster. I hope it tastes like chicken.

Max says I get to go see a bald guy tomorrow! He says I'm gonna have five kinds of fun and a car ride!

Wait...I hope this is gonna be more fun than being nootered...


Max and me weren't doing too good sharing the best spot on the climbing tower so the Mom and the Dad put another one right next to it.

I would be happier if it was tall like the other one, but this is good, too, because there's no hole in the bottom so I can stretch out and enjoy the open window.

Max doesn't care as much about the open window so he's happy up on top of the tall tower.

The Other Dad says we're very spoiled and the Mom and the Dad say Yep, they are. Max says they just want to save what little sanity they have left. I don't care as long as I get to sit by the open window.

And looky!

The Mom tried to take a picture of me but said I was so black that she couldn't see me because it's dark out, so I sticked out my tongue for her. Max said, "Well isn't that special?" I think it is!

The Mom said, "Buddah, when I'm getting stuff out of the dishwasher it's not good time to jump on my back." But you know what? I thik that's the best time because then she's all bended over and her back makes a nice flat place for me to jump to. Then she said "You're really not helping" but I wasn't trying to help. I was just trying to jump on her. And I did!

Oh! Today when the Mom and the Dad weren't home these thingies in the house that are stuck on the ceiling started going eeee-eeee-eeee-eeeee-eeeeee and they wouldn't shut up and it hurt my ears and it hurt Max's ears so he hid under a bed and I just ran around trying to figure out how to make it stop but I couldn't so I did a lot of running for nothing.

I don't know how long for sure it kept screaming eeee-eeee-eeee-eeeee-eeeeee but it seemed like forever and then the Dad came in and took the thingies off the cieling and tried to figure out why they were screaming and said he had no idea because nothing was smoking or anything like that so he blew air into them and put them back and they were quiet.

Until later when they started screaming again and he got them to stop but then they did it again and now he thinks they're broken so they won't shut up. Well, if I was broken I think I would scream too, but maybe not so loud. He says he has to call someone and tell them the cieling shriekers are broken and maybe they'll fix them. Max says take them to the stabby place, because the bald guy there fixes broken kitties, maybe he can fix broken shriekers too.

This is the bookcase the Mom and the Dad put for me to jump onto from the high place:

They put a black thingy on top so I can see it and now I'm not afraid to jump onto it. But it's still afar jump and hurts my feets.

So you know what the Dad said he'd do? He's going to take a window thingy and attach it to the wall wo I have a platform in between.

I don't know what a platform is, but if it means my feets won't hurt, I'm all for it.

The Mom says yes we're spoiled, but we're so cute it's all right.


Can you see me there?

I'm on the big comfy chair! The Mom says to ignore the clutter because she's not done putting the room together but I think the room is fine just like it is, and you know what? Those bookcases aren't the only ones in the room, on the wall you can't see by the stairs there are 3 more and one is 8 foot tall! That's the one they want me to use to jump down on when I get on the high place on the wall.

I like the big comfy chair because it gets a lot of sun and I can nap there and be all toasty warm but then if I want I can go over to the other side of the room and nap on the black couch where it feels all nice and cool on my skin and there's another window there I can lok out if I want. Two windows! You can't see them in the picture.

I think this is my favorite room and I'm the only one who uses it much, so it's all mine!

The Mom and the Dad put a bookcase where I can jump onto it when I get on the very top wall and need to get down but it's the same color as the floor so when I'm up there I can't see it very well so I get really scared and I won 't jump so the Dad has to reach out and get me again. The Mom made me stay up there for a whole hour because she wanted me to figure it out for myself but I just couldn't so they said they're going to get something to put on top of the bookcase that is a different color and won't slide out from under my feet and if that doesn't work the Dad is going to build me a ramp because they know I'm going to keep going up there no matter what.


It's hard to tell, but I got to the really high place on the wall! I got there all by myself and the Dad said "Oh, no, Buddah..." and the Mom said "I have got to get the camera" and I said "Um, I don't know how to get down from here" so I went all the way to the side and the Dad went upstairs and reached over the rail thingy and picked me up.

He said "Don't go there again!" but the Mom said "He'll figure out a way down on his own next time" which means she thinks I'll go there again and she right but I'm not sure I'll figure out how to get down.

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