The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh oh oh! THERE WERE STICKY LITTLE PEOPLE HERE TONIGHT! None of them actually got into the house but I think they would have if the Dad hadn't stopped them at the door and bribed them with tootsie roll pops, and if they had gotten in here they might have TOUCHED me and pulled on my tail or something, even though Max said they weren't coming in and all they wanted was candy and they do this EVERY year, they just ring the doorbell and the Dad gives them treats like they've done something special but I didn't see any of them doing anything special, just doorbell ringing, and I could do that if they would let me out the front door.

I got tagged to do the desktop mememememe!

This is the desktop on the Mom's big computer:

Up until yesterday it was me! And this is what it looked like:

The Mom likes the first picture because she loves rumbly bikes and says it blows her away that someone would ride in the snow. She wishes she knew who took the picture because it's very pretty and they deserve the credit for it, but she doesn't know who it is.

If I ever get a computer of my very own, the picture is going to be of a giant bag of crunchy treats. I would like some crunchy treats right not, but I asked the mom a few minutes ago and she said "No, sweetie, it's not time to eat anything." I didn't ask what time it was, sheesh.

I love to eat some Twinkies
Twinkies what I love to eat
Get cream on my tiny nose
Lick cream off my tiny feet

Why can't I have an entire whole Twinkie? Why do I only get a tiny tiny bite? It doesn't seem fair...

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