The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

I snoopervised again! The Dad and the Mom brought home this big box with a thingy in it that Max says will make them say bad words for a while and then it will be a coat rack but mostly we'll be able to sit on it and look cool, and the Dad said he needed to put it together dammit, so I knew he might need help so I snoopervised for him.

He's still putting it together but I needed a break because it's taking a long long time and I got hungry and hoped there was some crunchy food in the dish but there's not.


I think I killed it.

I eated it almost down to nothing, and now there's not enough grass to munch on! I asked the Mom if she would make it grow taller but she didn't answer, she just said "Yep, you did a number on that, didn't you?" I'm going to ask the Dad if he'll make it grow more for me. He can do it. He made it grow the first time. If he doesn't do it I'll have to ask Max to buy me more grass. He would do that, wouldn't he???

I didn't like the new Stinky Goodness very much so I didn't eat very much of it and the Mom got all worried because she thought I'd waste away to nothing so she bought me some cans of Fancy Feast because I like those a lot but then I watched Max eat and he really likes the new Stinky Goodness so last night I ate half of mine and then jumped onto the floor and said "Wanna trade?" and Max said "Ok" so I finished his and he finished mine and that was very very good, so I tried it again this morning but the Mom said "Make up your mind, Buddah" and Max didn't want to trade, so I stomped off cause my feelings were hurt but now my tummy is all growly and I know the rest of my Stinky Goodness is downstairs with a bowl over it so I can come back to it but I don't know how to ask someone to take the bowl off!

Looky! (oh, you might have to cick to biggify to really see us on acause of the mom was upstairs when she took the picture...)Max is looking out the window at the birds with me and he's not growling at me or trying to make me go away or anything, he's just watching the birds outside!

He's sitting in my favorite nap place but that's ok since I'm not sleepy and I'm sure he'll get down before I want to take a nap but even if he doesn't I can sleep somewhere else for a few minutes while he keeps looking outside.

The Mom said she had to be sneaky to take the picture because she was afraid we would run away if we saw the clicky box. She's probably right.

Psssst...dont tell Max but the Mom sneaked me some crunchy food today because she doesn't think I'll get enough to eat if all I get is Stinky Goodness twice a day because even though I weigh 14 pounds now she says I'm just a lean mean kitty machine and a little crunchy food won't hurt me and she'll keep a close eye on my tummy to make sure I don't get fat like Max did, but we can't tell max I'm getting secret crunchy food because it's a secret!


This is what the Grandma got me and Max for Christmas! The Dad opened the box for us and added the dirt and the seeds and the water, and he grew it!

It grew really fast, too, faster than anyone thinked it could.

I think it only took 32 sleeps, which Max says is about 3 days or so.

I like to munch on it.

Max sniffs at it but he doesn't eat it, but I like to stick my whole face in it and put the bite on thegrass thingies.

They're pretty tasty too, but the Mom says NO BARFING after eating it. I haven't barfed but Max says sooner or later I might, and to make sure I'm at the very top of the climbing tower so that it goes flying everywhere. I think I can do that.

Oh! The Dad weighed me today and I weigh 14 pounds even though I don't look like I do! Max says I'm not allowed to say what he weighs, but I weigh his goal weight. Heh.

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