The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...


At first I was sad when we got to the new house because I was very very scared so I climbed inside the Dad's blue chair and wouldn't come out until he made me, and also because there was no new toy for us here. Last time we moved there was a new toy and I thought there would be one here, too. But after I wasn't as scared I started looking arund and I realized the whole house is a toy! The Mom and the Dad got us a giant playground!

Oh and the floors are all slidy, so when we play mousie, I run after it and I try to stop, but my butt keeps going, and it's at least 5 kinds of fun! And there are lots of windows to look out of. I haven't seen any rude cats out of one, but Max says they're there, he can smell them.

I think maybe he just smells himself.

Max is gonna give me money! He said so! He said a promise is a promise and when we're in our new house he'll tell the Mom to take some of his book money to buy new glasses! And I believe him, I really do.

And the Mom moved our climbing thingy from the place where the compouter is to a bedroom. Max says that's Bad News because they also took all the other stuff out of that bedroom. He thinks they're going to lock us up in there all day tomorrow. I think they just wanted to let us have a new view.

There has been alot of stuff disappearing the last couple of days. I don't like that at all. Yesterday I was in a bedroom and they closed the door, and when they opened it the table with the rolly balls was gone! Max said some strange people showed up and took it! I liked that table!

Max says all the rest of the stuff is probably at the new place, but just in case they're throwing it all away, I've been sleeping on top of the Mom and being extra cute, so she doesn't let someone take me, too. He says she won't because she likes tormenting him and I do that the best of all, but I wanna be sure.

Looky! Looky! A nice lady named Sandi emailed me this for proof!

Max hasta give me money, 'cause Satan is ALREADY ice skating!!!

Hahahahahahaha! He's gonna be really mad!

Ohhh. I was snoopervisin' while the Mom put stuff into boxes and I thought I better help, but when I went to look in the box to see what we were putting in it I knocked it over, and now the Mom says I have to buy the whole family a set of new glasses to drink out of. And you know what? For an old lady she can move pretty fast because I jumped away from it when it started to fall but she caught me in midair and said "DON'T FALL ON THE BROKEN GLASS!" I wasn't planning on it but it was fun that she caught me. Do you think Max will give me money for the new glasses? He said he would when Satan went ice skating, but I think the Mom wants them before it gets that cold out.

Please, Can I Have A Bigger Box???

There are a bajrillion boxes in the house, but this is the one I get. I would like to have one of the bigger boxes, I really would. It doesn't have to be too much bigger, just big enough I can get my head there too...

I gotta learn to do this!

Max said, "Buddah, you have to write in your bog more often." But I've been so busy lately. There are lots and lots of boxes to play with right now. And the Mom plays mousie fetch with me. And I have to run around like my butt is on fire. I want to write more but I don't always have time! Oh and the Mom says I'm a nice boy because I let Max have my chicken tonight. I hope that means maybe she'll give me a crunchy treat later.

Hahahahahahaha part deux

There's a kitty in there that climbs his Mom the way I used to climb mine! She's very glad I stopped doing that...


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