The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Ha ha ha ha ha

Max really hates it when I get in the Kitty Lounge so I did it again today just to make him mad. I didn't want to stay, I just jumped up there, walked all the way around it and made him get all upset so that he started meowing to the Mom to make me go away, and then I got down. He says if I don't stop being a pest that Santa won't bring me anything, but I bet Santa would think it's funny, too.

This morning after the Dad came home and gave us our Stinky Goodness he went into another room to sleep so he wouldn't wake up the Mom with all the funny noises his nose makes and I got really really cold so I waited until I couldn't stand it anymore and I went into the room where the Mom was asleep and I said "Please wake up" and she rolled over and said "Hi sweetie" and I said again "Please get up" and she looked at the clock and said "I slept a little later than I usually so" and I said "That's ok but please get up" and she said "Do you need water?" and I said no but she was getting up and she said "Give me a minute to go potty and I'll check your water" and then she went off but the she came back and said "Your water is fine" but by then I was curled up right smack in the middle of the bed on the fuzzy blanket where it was all nice and warm and then she said "You little..." but she didn't make me get up she just said I was too cute.

This morning it was a little bit cold so when the Mom sat down to read the paper I jumped up in her lap because I thought that make make me warmer, and she said "Buddah, your fur is cold!" and I thought about saying "well duh" but I didn't, I just snuggled in and got all warmed up. She said it was hard to read the paper with me on her lap but I don't usually get on her lap like that because I usually get on it and then see something fun and run off but I started to fall asleep so she put the paper down until an hour later when she said she had to get up to take some drugs and then I had to get up, but when she came back she picked me up and said "Ok, you can sit on me some more if you want" and I still wanted to so I stayed in her lap for two more hours until the Dad woke up, and even then I didn't get up, not until the Other Dad moved a chair and the noise made me jump. Sitting in her lap was nice and she's really kinda squishy so if it's cold again tomorrow I might do it again. know what? A booster doesn't taste like chicken, all it does is feel like getting stabbed in the butt.

Today the Dad was putting thingies on the wall to hold back the curtains over the windows and I helped him by being the snooperviser and he said I did a very good job but the whole time I kept trying to help by moving screws off the window sill and he kept saying I couldn't play with them even though I wasn't trying to play with them, I was trying to move them because I was pretty sure he didn't want them to stay on the window sill forever and forever but in the end he stuck them in the wall so I guess he didn't need them moved cause now he'll always know where they are, someplace no one gets to play with them.

The Mom and The Dad and the Other Dad had chicken for dinner tonight and they saved some for me and Max and Max really really really really likes chicken and he's be really really really whiny lately because he keeps getting caught doing stuff to me even though I do stuff to him to but I never get caught and I think he felt like he was being picked on so I let him eat my chicken. And you know what? Tonight when we went into the Mom's office place to get on the climbing trees he didn't even yell at me, he just went onto one and I went onto the other and we took naps.

Last night I wanted to play mousie fetch but the Mom was getting ready for bed and said we couldn't throw the mousie in the hall because it would wake the Other Dad up like it did last week when we played mousie fetch really late at night so she throwed it around the room a little bit but that wasn't as much fun, so she said we would play in the morning when she got up, and I didn't like that but since she said she would I went to the climbing tree and took a nap on that.

This morning the Dad came home and he gave us our Stinky Goodness and he went to bed and I waited and I waited for the Mom, but she wasn't getting up, so I got my mousie and I went into the bedroom and I jumped up on the bed and I dropped it on her face and Max was all "ohhhh she's going to be mad" but when she opened her eyes she said "Hi, sweetie" and she said she didn't forget but I had to let her get dressed and then we would go downstairs to play so we didn't wake the Dad up and Max said "Cripes, someone is always sleeping" but I didn't say anything I just waited for her to get dressed, and she did, she got dressed and took my mousie downstairs, and she throwed it in the living room and I got to chase it and bring it back over and over until I was tired of playing, and then when I was tired of playing she read the newspaper and I got on the counter to see if there was anything in the sink I could lick.

Last night the Mom and the Dad locked me in a bedroom and there was no window to see what was going on out front where there was lots of laughing, and the doorbell kept yelling ANSWER ME and since I was locked in the bedroom I didn't get to see what was happening. The Mom said "Buddah, you're a black kitty and on Halloween black kitties can be tempting for mean and stupid people" but it's not like I was going to go outside I just wanted to see what was going on so I sat by the door and kept saying LET ME OUT! over and over and over.

Max got locked in a room too but HE got to be in the room with the climbing towers AND a window he could see out front through. That was not fair. But the Mom said Max has some white fur so she wasn't worried if people saw he was there, she was just worried if they saw I was there. I thought it was because I'm so cute but Max said no it's just that no one was taking a chance on me being someone's Halloween trick. Then he head butted me, which I think was HIS Halloween trick.

Today I was not locked in a room so I snoopervised the Dad hang thingies on the windows downstairs so outside people can't see inside. I don't like thingies on the window because I like to see outside whenever I want but Max said the People need to have them, because sometimes they have to pick their noses and they don't want anyone watching.

I'd pick my nose if I could, but since I can't I just settle for running it across the Mom's cheek, and I don't care WHO sees that.

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