The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...


For Buddah

The Dad made tis for me for Christmas! It's a brand new scratching post and it's really tall, so tall I can stand on my back legs and stretch as hard as I can stretch and still claw at it and if I want I can jump up and sit on the top, and it's really all mine because Max doesn't have front claws! We got lots of other things too from Santa but this is my favorite thing along with the crunchy treats the Grandma gave us!

Looky! Max and I gotted a Secret Paws package in the mail today from Gracie!

After the Mom opened the package, we both tried to stick our heads into the envelope but that didn't work out so good, and the Dad took pictures of our butts.
Let us see!

We kinda took turns and I got to open this one.

Me too!

Hehehehe lookit Max, he was rubbing his head on this one!

Can I see what's in there?

I really liked this bear--it has catnip in it!


And, well, when something has catnip in it, this happens:


Thank you, Gracie! I love all our presents and everyone was laughing on account of Max got some whiffs of the catnip and started playing, and that hardly ever happens!

What we got

See, this is how nice Gracie was to us! And she's really cute, too!

When the nice lady from the cat food place that has really really good crunchy food, I think it's called Nutro, sent us some to try she also sent us a kitty, and Max does not like that new kitty so I thought about it and decided I should be a good little brother and do something about it.

kill da kitty

I bited its head and bunny kicked it and told it if it doesn't leave Max alone I will EAT it, and then it didn't say anything so I'm pretty sure it's scared of me now.

Look! Looklooklooklooklook!

Buddah's new hangout

This is my new place to hang out! See the red wall behind me? The Dad made this special thing that hides the freaking awful looking TV cable and it's not painted, it's covered in scratching post material so if I want to scratch, I can! And the Mom took the fuzzy blankets and folded them just right so that I can curl up on them and take a nap right where it's very warm! I have to share it with max, but it was really just for me!

Looky! I went exploring in the food thingy. I got on top the the refrigedator and then got onto the top shelf where old cereal and Pop Tarts go to die. I figured it was ok since all that stuff has been there since we moved in, I think.

Buddah goes exploring...

The Mom and the Dad wanted me to get out but I didn't see any reason to because it's not like there was anything to get into up there, just stale food that not even a mousie would want, but the Mom dragged out a chair to get me anyway.

He refused to get out

She got me out but that doesn't mean I won't get back up there again. 'Cause now I know I can get in it, and if I'm all stealthy maybe they won't notice.

Licking his lips

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