The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Hahahahaha know what I just did? I was on the very top of the climbing thingy, and I stood there, and I threw up and it went everywhere! The Mom said Oh gross and then said it was worth a gold medal in projectile hariball hurling! And I think it bothered her even more cause the Dad wasn't here to clean it up so she had to! I'm not sick I just had hair in my tummy and it wanted out. It came out with dinner, too! Now it smells all beefy in here!

I gave Max the best thing I could think of for a late birthday present. We had shrimp as a treat last night and he loves shrimp more than anything in the world so I let him have half of mine. And tonight the Mom gave us each a little bite of chicken from their dinner, and I let Max have half of that too. He says he's not mad at me because I didn't even know it was his birthday and I can't go to the store anyway, but he was really happy to have the shrimp and the chicken, so he won't growl at me tonight if I get too close.

Oh. I feel bad. Yesterday was Max's birthday and we all forgetted. I don't think he forgetted but he didn't say anything. But he was in a really bad mood last night so I bet that's why. I hope the Mom and the Dad get him something special today to make him feel better. How can anyone forget Max's birthday? Max is MAX!


I came in 2nd in high jumping in the the Kitty Lympics today! I was also in the climbing event, but I got stuck partway up and didn't win anything in it. But that's ok! It was 152 kinds of fun (Max said so!) and I just liked playing with all the other kitties.

Max didn't win anything in his event, sumo wrestling, but he says that's ok. He didn't train very much. He wrestled Cheese, and he says "Cheese whizzed all over me." Hahahahaha! He just liked being with the other kitties, too, even though I bet he won't admit that.

The Kitty Lympics was so much fun I hope we do it again next year! Max says we might have to wait 4 years, but then he'll be too old for it or he might even be dead!

There was a kitty in the back yard today, one of the RUDE kitties, and the Mom was outside sitting in a chair and she was NOT letting me out no matter how much I asked, and the rude kitty came up to her and started rubbing on her legs and against the chair. The kitty was being all nice and the Mom was saying what a good girl she was (and we didn't even know she was a girl!) and how pretty she was, and Max was at the back door watching all this but he wasn't trying to make the rude kitty go away, he just watched while the Mom was nice to the rude kitty. She told Max to be nice and then the girl kitty walked over to the door where Max was being nice, and you know what she did? Do you? She raised her front paws and swinged them, and HISSED at Max! And he didn't even do anything!

The Mom clapped her hands real loud and made the girl kitty go away and said "well I guess she wasn't such a nice little girl after all," and Max said "Well, DUH, we told you that like a hundred times," but the Mom just picked up her book and started reading again. That girl kitty really isn't very nice at all and Max said she's a something-something but I'm not allowed to repeat that.

Ohhh...yesterday, I wanted a mousie to play with but I couldn't find one so I called upstairs and asked very nicely for someone to come find one for me but no one ever came, so I gave up and was all sad and didn't have anything to do. I thought maybe no one was home but when Max came down he said there were people upstairs, they just didn't come down so I thought maybe no one wanted me to play with a mousie.

But in a little bit the Other Dad came down and he did some stuff and I wasn't really looking, but when I did look he was standing halfway up the stairs with his hands together, and he shook them a little bit, and when he opened them mousies rained from the cieling! I think there were 152 of them even though Max says there was only about 12, but there were mousies in every color I ever saw, and some of my favorite mousies were there.

It was really loud when they hit the floor and that kind of scared me a tiny bit so I ran into another room but I cam right back and started to play with the mousies.

You know what? I think the Other Dad knows magic! He can make it rain mousies! Max says that's all well and good, but he'll be impressed when the Other Dad can make it rain crunchy treats and Stinky Goodness.

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