The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Ohhhh Max is really mad. The Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad had chicken for dinner and he didn't get any because the Other Dad said it was fried and he didn't need any and the Mom agreed so Max didn't get even a tiny taste of it, all he got was a couple of crunchy treats and he said that was good but IT WAS NOT CHICKEN! He said it like that, IT WAS NOT CHICKEN! I was asleep so I missed it all but that's okay because I'm not a big fan of people food anyway unless it's chicken the Mom makes in a krok pot or the Very Very Special Pot Roast that gets zapped in the microwave for 4 minutes and then has to sit for 2 minutes before eating, because that is very very good but even then we only get little tastes because it has sodium in it.

Max says it's talk like a pirate day and I'm supposed to say R a lot.

What's a pirate?
And why does a pirate say R a lot?
Is it a speech impediment?

And why does he keep saying he's gonna make me walk a plank? Because I looked that up and I don't think I want to walk on one because it might have splinters. remember the first day the Mom and the Dad brought me and Max to the new house and then they thought I got out and was lost forever and the Mom was running up and down the street with snot running down her face and then was so happy I was actually still in the house that she almost got the snot running all over again?

Well, the people who lived in the house before us (they were only in it for 6 weeks) had two kitties, and the lady came over to oick up some mail that the damnedincompetentmailservice didn't forward and she told the Mom that when they got to their new house one of their kitties got out and they still can't find her.

The kitty's name is Sara so if everyone could concentrate their sooper dooper kitty mojo towards CA maybe she'll turn up, either here becaue maybe she thinks she's coming home and then we can take her to her Mom and Dad and human brother and sister, or she'll remember she has a new house and she'll go back there. It's been three weeks and they're very sad. So please think good thoughts and stuff.

When the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad make eveyone move into a new house, being a snoopervisor is a very very very very very bizzy job and I barely have time to do my paper holder downer job but the Mom hasn't had a lot of paper holder downing for me to do which is just as well because I'm TIRED!

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