The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

This morning I sat at the bottom of the stairs and called out because the Mom was upstairs, and I said "I can't find a mousie to play with. Will you come find one for me?" I had to say it three or four times before she leaned over the stair rail thingy and said, "I can't come play right now, sweetie, I'm busy," so I cocked my head and thinked for a second and said "I just want a mousie. PLEASE?" and she said "Can't you play by yourself?" so I went up the stairs halfway and said "I can play by myself but I need a mousie!" so she started to come down the stairs. I ran for the kitchen because that's the last place I saw a mousie and she followed me and said "Oh! Do you want a treat?" and because I'm not stupid I said "Yes, please." So me and Max got a treat! And then the Mom said "I'm going back upstairs" and I was about to be all sad because I still didn't know where one of my mousies was, but she turned the corner and I heard her rattle one and she said "Here, can you play with this for a while by yourself?" and I said "yes!" and she threw it for me and I chased it. Max says sometimes People have to think an idea is all their own before they do it and it doesn't matter because not only did I finally get a mousie to play with, I got treats for both of us.

The Mom came home today but I don't know where she had been but when she opened the door I came running to see her and she said "Buddah! What have you been doing, Little Man?" and then she closed the door and reached down to give me head skritches.

That's when she saw that there was a big clump of Max-fur sticking out of my mouth. And then she said "What did you do...?" and she sighed real hard and went to find Max, mumbling something about he probably had a huge clump of fur missing but then she fouund him and he was ok. I didn't pull out a giuant clump of Max's fur. Just lots of littles ones, all at once.

I don't think she was very happy with me. I don't think Max was, either.

I was just playin', honest!

The Mom and the Dad keep saying it's too hot but it feels just right to me. Max says they mean outside, so why don't they stay inside? He says that's because People are confusing things and we'll hurt our brains if we try too hard to understand them so I think I'll just go sit on the climbing thing and wait for snack time.

Looky! I was the very first picture that the Mom took with her new camera!

I helped her take it out of the box and then upload all the stuffs she needed to onto the computer and then I helped her figure out how to get pictures out of the camera. I helped with that by sitting on the back of the chair and saying "Uhoh" every time she said a bad word.

She and the Dad took a lot of pictures when they went outside today. I wish we could see stuff like that from the window. I think it's all hidden by the fence.

Oh! This morning I was really really really hungry and when the Mom fed us I scarfed my food down so fast that Max wasn't even halfway done with his. And Max likes his food so that says how hungry I was. The Mom was watching and she said, "You're a hungry boy today," and I looked at her and said "yes I am!" so she said I must need more to eat, and she got out some crunchy food and gave me a whole handful!

Max looked up from his Stinky Goodness so she put just a couple of crunchies on his plate and that made him happy. He wasn't really really really hungry like I was but he thinks it's only fair if he gets a little crunchy if I do. And I was still so hungry that I ate the crunchy food really fast, and was done before Max was!

I was still hungry but the Mom said "Let that sit in your stomach a little bit and if you're still hungry in an hour, I'll sneak you a treat." So I waited and waited and you know what? I wasn't hungry later. I still hope she sneaks me a treat, though. When Max is sleeping this afternoon if I ask her really nice she'll get me something to eat. She'd give Max a treat, too, but she says he really doesn't need it and if he gets one early in the day then he can't have a bite of their dinner and he really likes to get a tiny bite of dinner if they have something good, like last night they had chicken and it was really good and he was a good boy while they ate so he got a bite. I got a bite too but I wasn't good boy. I was just asleep when they ate.

Looky! This is what you get when you're clever and take your collar off! Well, you get this plus a new collar, which wasn't what I wanted but I still got this!

It's a giant mousie! It's the biggest mousie I've ever seen!

After I looked and sniffed and bited it a little the Dad hanged it for me so I could really get at it. It didn't bite back or anything. And I got tired of it, so the Mom had this envelope and she had more mousies! Lots and lots and lots of mousies! I love little mousies, especially the mousies that go rattle rattle rattle and all the mousies go rattle rattle rattle! I got to sniff them and bat at them, then the Mom put most of them away for later but left 3 of them out for me. And Max got to try to play with the big mousie, but he wasn't much interested. He didn't even seem interested in the little mousies so they're all mine!

I winned a game I didn't even know I was playing! I kept pulling on my collar and getting it stuck on my teeths, and the Mom kept getting it off for me and then she would tighten it up but I'd get it with my paw and then pull it out over my teeths again, and after I did it like five times she took the collar off and said "Ok, you win."


Do I get a prize for that? I think when you win you're supposed to get a prize. Or a treat. Maybe I'll get some crunchy treats tonight for being a clever boy. The Mom likes it when I'm clever or silly. And I don't have a collar on, but Max does!


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Another roll of paper towels got a toothy death! They were on the counter and I carried them into the living room and I killed them! The Dad took my picture with my kill, and the mom said "ohhhhh you're anaughty boy, Buddah" but she didn't get mad or anything. Max says if they don't want me to kill things they should put them where I can't get to them.

There's a box of cheesy crackers on the counter and I think I want to try to kill that next. That will taste better than the paper towels. I like cheesy crackers a lot, and last night I tried to stick my head in the box but the Mom said, "No, Buddah, that's not cat food" but I said, "anything is cat food if I eat it" and she said I was cute so she broke a cracker in half and let me lick the cheese off and then nibble it a little.

I can't wait until the Mom and the Dad are both upstairs so I can hunt!

This morning I wanted in the Other Dad's room, but the door was closed, so I sat there and meowed and meowed and the Mom said "Buddah, be quiet, he's asleep" but I still wanted in the room so I didn't be quiet. I meowed and meowed and when that didn't work I tried to open the door by myself and it made a lot of noise and then the Other Dad opened the door. All that work and the door was open and I could go in and see him and sleep on his bed or look out his window! But I ran away instead. Because that's what kitties do.

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