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Max and me got presents today from a kitty named Abby! He said she was our Secret Paw! That was lots and lots of fun and a lot like Christmas AND a birthday!

One more of me!
You can see my new neck thingy!
And Max says there's more pictures on his bloggy thingy.

Thank you Abby and all your brothers and sisters!

First the Mom took my neck thingy off and then rubbed my neck and that felt good and then she went somewhere with the Dad and I was running around the house thinking I was free and I would never have neck itchies again and I was all happy and then you know what? She came back and had a NEW neck thingy and made me wear it even though I kept saying "Nooooo!" and kept trying to get away from it but she didn't give up and since she's bigger than me she made me have it on. She says it's a very pretty blue color but I don't care, I don't want it and now I'm just MAD at her.

Yesterday, I had a bug to play with, and I was having a lot of fun playing with the bug, and I batted it around and pinned it against the wall and then let it down and then hit it some more and pinned it on the wall again and you know what? The Other Dad took it away and he killed it! Then he putted it in the trash can and took the trash outside! Before I was done playing with it!

The Mom thought it was a good thing! He told her it was a yellow jacket and she was all happy that he took it away from me because it might have bited me back, but it wasn't very big so it couldn't have very big teeth. I was really really mad and I wanted my bug back, but then Max said that was a bug that would make the Mom sick if it bited her, and he said he doesn't know for sure but he thinks it has a thing in its butt that would hurt me if I got poked with it.

But I was having lots of fun until the Other Dad took it away.

I was gonna write all about how the Mom just went out and got us a new water fountain thingy because she said the old one was gross and it was never going to get clean enough for her to feel okay about us drinking out of it again because the water here makes things gross and the new one is all bright and sparkly and the water tastes better, but I'm not.

No, when I was downstairs thinking about the new water fountain thingy, a kitty came to the back door and I chased it away! I made my fur all big and I stood up on my back legs and pounded my front paws on the window and made so much noise that the Mom came running down to see what was wrong because she thought I'd hurted myself or something. Then she looked out the window and said, "That was a nice kitty, Buddah. She just wanted to come see you." But Max said the outside kitties are rude kitties and now I'm big enough to scare them away! Then the Mom said "You know, that's a girl kitty. Maybe she wants to be your girlfriend." Well I don't know about that. But maybe next time I'll let her say something before I get all GO AWAY on her.

The Mom asked "Why can't I got into the bathroom without you?" and then the Dad told her that I tried to get in there with him, too. So the Mom asked again, "Is there a reason we can't go potty without your help?" so I said "You can go without me I just want to watch the water go swirl swirl swirl and then gurgle." I don't think that mattered though because a little while ago she went in and closed the door and I didn't get to watch it go swirl swirl swirl and I heard it gurgle without me. I'm not hurting anything when I'm in there so why can't I go in every time?

We got sunspots today! And some of the windows are open so I'm running from one room to the other and feeling the breeze and then running down the stairs as loud as I can and then back up the stairs as loud as I can and then jumping on the climbing tower and pushing Max off, and then running to the windows again! Oh! And the Mom moved our climbing tower so it's right in front of the window so we can sit on it and see outside side and we can watch the woofy next door. He doesn't like us there. He can see us so he goes WOOF WOOF WOOF and doesn't stop and it really makes the Mom uh noid because she can't think with WOF WOOF WOOF all the time, but she says it's not his fault it's just how woofies are.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I hadded a birthday today! No one told me I was having a birthday, and then when Max said "It's your birthday!" I said "Yay!" and then "What's a birthday?" He said it's the most amazing day a kitty can have, next to Christmas. And that I was probably too little to remember how we let the Mom sleep late on her birthday. And THEN he said "You're going to get a special dinner tonight! And PRESENTS!" and then I said "YAY!" really loud.

Then the Dad gotted up to feed us and he said Happy Birthday. And then when the Mom gotted up she gave me kisses and said I was the birthday boy! And she mumbled something about how she thinks she's insane, but Max said that's ok, we already knew that about her.

Max was nice to me ALL DAY. And he was right, there was a special dinner and he got some too. It was meat that the Dad cooked outside (but it's ok, he didn't let any birdies poop on it) and shrimp. I ated it ALL and I wanted a little more shrimp but Max said No, be cool, because shrimp is like kitty crack to the Dad and he would have some later, and if we were good we'd get more and we can't be too greedy even on our birthday, plus if I had too much I'd throw up.

After dinner I got presents! I got 4 of them! The Mom and the Dad played with us for a long time, and Max played a lot, too! And he played all nice, we took turns trying to catch the flying thingy toy I gotted, and sometimes we tried to catch it together. Oh and Max said he couldn't go shopping because the Mom is hogging all his money again plus he doesn't know how to make the car go, so he said my present from him was a secret. He whispered "For a great big pain in the butt, you make a pretty good little brother and I'm mostly glad you're here." But it's a secret! As soon as I find out what a secret is, I'll tell you!

I had the best birthday ever. And there are lots of picture, just click on the one below and it will take you to a page the Mom made. She said to click on the little pictures to see the big ones, cause the little ones are all squished to load faster.

Thank you everyone for saying Happy Birthday to me! I don't comment on a lot of blogs but I read them over Max's shoulder and he says that's ok, he talks enough for two kitties. Having so many kitty friends is pretty cool, too!

Heh that's dinner!

We interrupt Buddah's blog to bring you this important message:

Image was removed because it was so big, but you can still see it

This morning I wanted to get into the Other Dad's room but the door was closed because he was sleeping so I meowed lot and when it didn't open I tried to open it all by myself. I gotted both paws on the round turning thingy and tried to make it turn like the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad can do but I couldn't get a grip on it. The Mom came and said "No, Buddah, he's sleeping," and she said I could come in with her because she wasn't ready to be out of bed just yet but I didn't want to, I wanted to go into the Other Dad's room because he has the best window to look out of so I went to the litter box instead. Then I decided that the fuzzy blanket would be nice to curl up on so I went into the room with the Mom and she petted me and let me curl up on top of her and she said, "You really are a clever little boy, and pretty soon I bet you'll be able to open a door." But you know what? She's not happy about that because she's afraid I'll open the wrong door and go outside.

Tonight, we gotted our snack a little early, and after we eated it I went upstairs, and you know what? The Mom was digging in our litter box! I sat there and watched her and she said "What?" but I was so surprised to see her playing with poop that I didn't say anything, so she dug around some more and said "I'm looking for hidden treasure. I keep hoping one of you will start pooping gold."

Can we really do that???

You know what? When there are no sun spots to nap in, and outside it looks all icky, and the rain is coming out of the sky, sleeping right in the middle of the big bed with the fuzzy blanket is really, really nice.

Max said I had to say this 'cause he said I wasn't being an honest kitty. But honest, I is a kitty! Okay.

The Other Dad never ever chases me with the broom. And the Other Dad does not hit me with the broom. I was just embarrassed 'cause I didn't remember the broom. But I never get hit with anything, not even hands.

Now we know.

Max says I hafta take a bath now.
I think I'm being punished.

Everybody is laughing 'cause they think I'm ascared of the broom, 'cause I used to play with it and bite it, but what they don't know, is when no one else is home, the Other Dad chases me and hits me with it!

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