The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Ha ha ha I keep knocking stuff off the Christmas tree and the Mom gets all "Oh you stop that!" so i wait until she's not looking and I do it again because it's a ton of fun and I don't think Santa will think I'm being bad or anything because I bet he thinks stuff like that is funny.

Last night I jumped up on the bed to sit on the Mom and purr on account of she feels like a giant blobby bruise and purring helps but then Max jumped up there and got really really mad because he says it's his job to purr on her when she's ouchy so i got down because he can lay still longer than I can but you know what he did? He got down just 20 minutes later! I could have stayed there that long! He SAID she had to get up to pee but I think he's just lazy.

Oh noes, I have to share this so other kitties don't make the same mistake I just did, but you have to know that the first rule of being all cute to get crunchy treats by head butts with the mom is DON'T BITE THE MOM'S HEAD and the second rule of being all cute to get crunchy treats by head butts with the mom is REALLY, DON'T BITE THE MOM'S HEAD because she really really really won't like it and you won't get anything but a poky finger wagged at you.

Oh you know what? last night there was real live fresh dead shrimp and a lot of the time I let Max have mine and I get crunchies instead but last night I ate mine and then Max jumped up on the counter because he assumed he was going to get mine, and all there was was a plate to lick and I don't think it made him very happy but I was laffin and laffin!

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