The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Max said my blog had 5 inches of dust on it and that people were coming here and all the dust was making them sneeze and cough and a few kitties were getting tears in their eyes because of it and I needed to start blogging again but he didn't tell me WHAT to blog about so I decided to blog about not having anything to blog about, and then maybe I'll have an idea tomorrow or the next day, but he's right I need to blog and say things because once in a while I have a thought in my head and I should probably share it when that happens.


Dude! Nice to see ya!

Hey , Buddah! We're glad you got the dust off your blog! :)

The woman is sneezing but I think it's because seomething is blooming outside and not because of your blog...

WE hope to see more of you. We are missing in action, too!

Buddah, Buddy! I have tears of joy in my eyes! Okay, yeah I'm lying, but I really am glad to see you my Twin. You really shouldn't let Max have ALL the glory just because he's, you know, old-er.

Our blog is pretty dusty too...but it's cause Mama spends too much time on Facebook!

Welcome back Buddah!!!

We were beginning to think you ran away from home.

Hey Buddah!!! Great to hear you'll be putting your thoughts out there.. Max is good but you need to let us know what you think too.

Hi Buddah! You could always post about how annoying your brudder Max is :-) And how he hogs the toys and treats and the woman and stuff. Or start a coalition of coal kitties (get it???) Anyway, welcome back to the blogosphere. Looking forward to your words of wisdom - or just any words.
Coal Kitty from Alabama

I agree with the WILSON ZOO ... we hear from Max... we hear from the Woman ... we NEED a 3rd opinion on what REALLY goes on ! Although Max was kind enough to alert those FB "friends" to wipe off the dust and click on your blog :-)

Glad to see you back!

David E. Francis said... 9:47 AM  

Buddah, I am very happy to see you back blogging. I love both you and Max; you are such cool cats! I thank the Mom, (or the Woman, in Max's case), for sharing you with us.


You have grown into quite the handsome panther!

Wow, you turned into one handsome, grown up mancat.

Anonymous said... 5:22 PM  

Glad you're back - I've missed you!

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