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King of the run-on sentence...

Tonight was a very good night because the Mom and the Dad went out and when they came back they had a giant BONE for me and for Max, and it was covered with meat for us to eat right off the bone, but I kind of don't like to do it myself so the Dad kept tearing pieces off for me but Max digged right in and he loved it!


He got me lots of pieces to eat.

When we were done the Dad threw the bone away because he didn't want us hiding it so that we could eat more off it and then maybe choking on something, but that's okay because I ate enough and Max was happy because he got to lick the plate!


Anonymous said... 9:32 PM  

Thank you Buddah, this made me smile, and I needed that, I watched the slideshow from the link on Max's blog, and you both look like you enjoyed your treat very much.

ohhhhhhhh you are SOOOOOOOO lucky!!!! we is JELLUS!!

Real live fresh dead cow score!!!

Buddah, you are so sweet to share!

Cool Buddah! We are jealous. Mom hardly ever eats dead cow. Hopefully seeing how happy u guys are she will make us some......nom nom

Marty the Manx

Holy moly, Buddah! What a lucky, we mean cat you are!

You are so lucky, Buddah. I know *my* mom would never think of me where steak is concerned.

They both Are looking Awesome
Keep it up buddy..
Willing to See more pics...

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