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King of the run-on sentence...



What a beautiful day when we can all come together in Peace.

Om shanti, shalom, salaam, peace, peace, peace.
Please consider yourself officially invited to participate this year's 5th Annual Gratitude (word) Quilt. Instructions (it is very simple) and a link that explains the origin of the word quilt can be found at the top of my blog. In past years there have been participants from every continent except Antarctica. I hope you'll join us:-)

We love that quote. We purr for peace.

Beautiful. :-)

Best Peace blessings to you. :) ☮

Cats may argue from time to time, they know that the best way to live happily is to be at peace... Purrin' for Peace right along with you!

Peace and power cannot be easy friends. Only injecting the power into peace can we find some sense of status quo.

Beautiful and absolutely true.

Kitties know all about peace.

Peace to you and yours on this and every day.

Beautiful and quiet. Strong and wise.
What an outstanding peace globe, Buddah Pest. Thank you for inspiring us.

#4257 in the Official Peace Globe Gallery

Anonymous said... 7:22 AM  

Peace today and always.

Anonymous said... 11:59 PM  

Beautiful quote :) Peaceful Pawkisses, Little Binky and Granny :) <3


Peace to you and yours, Buddah Pest

Annelisa xx