The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh! It's all cold outside and rainy and windy and the Dad keep saying how cold he is now when he never used to get cold and the Mom keeps saying "welcome to my world" and all I wanna know is why they just don't put warmer clothes on and curl up by the fire thingy because if they did that they wouldn't be cold and we wouldn't have to keep hearing about it!

There's a man here with a really loud sucky monster and he's taking the fireplace thingy apart and sucking its guts out and it he makes it stop working Max is going to be MAD!

LOOKY! The Mom and the Dad said we had rats and LOOKY!

I got one! It's black and fuzzy and funny enough it smells like Nip!

I flipped it over and was gonna nooter it, but it looks like the stabby guy got there first. That's ok. I'll make it dead instead.

This afternoon I chased the mom down the hall and meowed a lot and jumped and kinda danced a little bit and then meowed REALLY loud and she gave me treats! Now I know why Billy SweetFeets likes to DANCE DANCE DANCE!

Last night the evil introoder kitty that looks a lot like Victor Tabbycat came to visit and he knocked on the front window so I went to talk to him and then we ran around the house looking at each other through all the different windows and I was trying to get him to just sit still but then the Mom woke up and she came out and wanted to know what the (badword) was that noise I was making because it sounded like someone was trying to get in, but nope, it was just me.

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