The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Ohhhh...Max is really mad cause the Mom said that he's fat! He thinks he's just got big bones. I don't wanna say so, but I'm pretty sure he's just fat.

He's really worried that the Mom and the Dad are going to take away his favorite food. I won't like that either. I really like his favorite food. It's squishy and stinky and tastes like fish! I think. I've never had a real fish I don't think. Does it taste like chicken? I don't really like chicken very much, but the otehr night the Mom and the Dad had some chicken and they gave us each a tiny taste and Max thought he was going to get mine, so I ate it instead!

Maybe if Max doesn't get to eat so much it won't hurt when he sits on me. Last night he sitted on me and it hurt so much I had to cry out for the Mom. She shook a finger at him and said "Stop sitting on Buddah!" but he didn't care. I hope when I'm bigger I make him cry when I sit on him. Just so he knows how it feels. He says it's fair because my teeth and claws hurt, but it's not my fault he doesn't have claws and he doesn't bite.


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