The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Today, after we had dinner and were almost sleepy, the Mom started moving more stuff around! I waked myself up and went in there and asked "What are you doing?" but she didn't hear me I think because she didn't answer, so I jumped up on top of the bookcase she was trying to move and said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" and she laughed and said "you're not really helping me, Buddah." But I wasn't TRYING to help I was TRYING to get her to tell me what she was doing! Then Max came in and said, "It's a human thing, you wouldn't understand" so I decided to just run around like my butt was on fire, and she noticed because she said, "Are you going to just run around like your butt is on fire or are you going to help me?" I kept running so I guess she had her answer.

She moved everything from one room into another room and everything from the other room into the first room! The table with the rolly balls is in a whole new place! But I wasn't worried this time because I knew we weren't moving. Max says she just has to move things around sometimes because she has no life.

I like the way things are now because I can slide all the way across the floor! I can run down the stairs really fast and stop at the bottom and I just slide and slide! It's like FIVE kinds of fun! I'll have to ask Max to count them all for me.


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