The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

You know what? When it's nice outside and the Mom and the Dad have some windows open, there are a lot of woofies outside! I went to look out one window, and there was a little woofy in the back yard next door. He was just playing so he was fun to watch. But there's another woofy behind us, and he's bigger, and all he does is woof and woof and woof and woof, and we all really just want him to be quiet!

The Mom was sitting here a little while go and asked the Other Dad if it would be mean to buy a Barker Breaker and stick it in the back yard cause she's tired of hearing Woof Woof Woof alla the time. The Other Dad thinks the woofy won't shut up because he can see me and Max in the window, but the Mom says he woofs all the freaking time and she's not happy.

I don't like that woofy very much because he hurts my ears.

And Max isn't happy because he saw some Sticky Little People out the window, but he says they're the wrong Sticky Little People. I dunno, they look okay to me. And they were nice to their little woofy. I bet they would be nice to a kitty, too.


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