The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Tonight, I sitted on the Mom's lap, and then I laid down, and Max wanted in her lap but I was there first, so he got really mad. The Dad said "Come sit in my lap, Max" so Max did but he was still really mad and kept looking at the Mom with his eyes all slitty which means "Die die die!" I stayed there a long time just to make him madder. Later I got down and he coulda gotten up but he was off in the litter box, so when he came back and saw her lap was empty I ran and got back in it. He was all mad and I was all HA HA HA! He got to sit on her lap ater, but after he was there for a little bit she had to get up. Max is not a happy kitty tonight but it's kind of funny.


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