The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

The Mom and the Dad went to the place where they have toys, I know they were there because the bag they brought back said PETCO and that means TOYS. But all they had in it was a fishy, and they won't let me play with the fishies. All I get to do is look at them. The Mom says I have enough new toys but I don't think a kitty can ever have enough new toys. But she did says she wanted to buy more toys but thought she should wait until I kill another one.

And this morning, there was a ride kitty in the back yard, and I chased him away all by myself! I did just like Max showed me. I made myself really puffy and big and I slapped the windows with my paws really loud, and I even GROWLED! The Dad said he never heard me growl before. I don't think I ever have, not like that. But it worked, 'cause the rude kitty went away. Max said "Well done, grasshopper." What's a grasshopper?


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