The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...



I took one of the nice kitty crack toys we gotted, and I took it into the bathroom, and I got it open and gotted it all over the floor! I even ate some of it! It was lots of fun and I didn't even get in trouble 'cause I didn't rip the shiny bag open! And I shared it with Max. He likes to lick it up sometimes too.

Tonight when we gotted our snack, he couldn't finish it! I ate all of mine and still wante a little bit, so I sneaked up to see if I could stick my face into his plte and get a bite, but I was afraid he was going to bite me, but he didn't. He scooched over and let me have some! he sighed really hard and sat up to stretch and he wanted to try to finish it because it was his favorite Stinky Goodness of All time, forever and forever, but then the Mom picked the plate up and said she didn't want Max to make himself sick. So she threw it out and then let me lick all the crumbs off the plate.

Now Max is all sleepy and I think I am going to go find a place to curl up too. I need rest so I can kill another toy tomorrow.


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