The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

There haven't been any sun spots to nap in the last couplea days and I miss them a lot. I think Max misses them, too. Today we both took naps on top of the Mom because she was nice and warm and she said we made her nice and warm, too. Last night I wasn't looking for sun spots but I got cold so I slept on top on the Mom until she got up to make the chirping thingy in the ceiling be quiet. I kind of wanted her to get back in bed and be warm for me again, but Max decided it was time to eat and he wouldn't stop talking until she fed us. And he can be really loud so there's no sleeping when Max is busy demanding. It was ok since I got to sleep on her later and we got beef Stinky Goodness for breakfast. But I am going to sleep on her tonight, I think. Maybe she'll let me under the blanket.


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