The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Looky! We gotted a new toy!

clicky to biggify

I gotted to it first, and Max wasn't happy so he tried to squishy me. And there was a toy INSIDE the toy! So I played with it and turned the new toy upside down to try to pull it out. Then Max wanted to try to get in it but he's so long that he couldn't get his whole body in it to turn around. And it wasn't even because he's fat! Even though he is fat. He got mad and walked away and when he turned around he said GIVE ME SOME TREATS CUZ I AM MAD! There was kitty crack all over the floor but that wasn't enough, he wanted crunchy treats. So the Dad got some. And then he sitted on another toy and pretended like he didn't care even though he did. I can get inside and turn around and lie down. I likes it! I feel bad for Max, though, because he really wants to fit in it, too. And he said I need to play with it lots because before I know it I'll be too tall, too.

If I get to tall, too, he says the Dad might make us a bigger one. 'cause the Dad knows how to make stuff like that.


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