The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Santa camed! He brought us lots of toys, too! There was a BIG box of Max's favorite crunchy treats and a new octopus toy and a blue thingy with feathers on it and a mousie that goes WHIRRRRRR when the Mom or the Dad or the Other Dad pulls its tail and that was just in the great big sock! After we gotted our toys and treats the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad ripped paper off stuff that was under the tree and made balls and threw it for us to chase! I didn't know what I wanted to play with the most. At first I had to play with my new octopus toy because I just HAD to, but then I started playing with the paper and it was LOTS of fun! Max played too!

Max and I were real good last night waiting for Santa. Well, mostly we were good. At 4 in the morning, and I know it was 4 because the Mom said "Max, it's four in the morning!" Max stood on the stairs and started singing really really loud. Then after the Dad was awake but he wasn't going downstairs so we couldn't either to see what Santa left, I got all excited and started running up and down the hall. I ran so fast and so hard that I kind of threw the bedroom door open and sailed onto the bed and waked the Mom up. But she wasn't mad! She just grumbled "You're not excited, are you?" and then got up! And that's when we got to go down and see what Santa left!

We gotted so tired after running around and playing this morning that we had to take a nap, and the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad went out for a while to see a movie whatever a movie is and then when they came home I ran around a whole bunch more, and then I gotted to eat HAM. I gotted turkey too but I liked the ham better.

Max says it's a good thing Christmas is only once a year because if it were more I would explode all over the place.

I hope everyone else had a Merry Christmas. And Happy Hannukah, cause today is day 1 and Max says that's EIGHT days of fun!


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