The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh Oh Oh Max telled me about SANTA CLAWS today! He said he learned about Santa from Timmy last year and that Timmy was right! There's this old guy that goes into kitty's houses on Chrisymas and gives them presents if they've been good! He said we've been as good as kitties who like to bite each other can be so we'll get a new toy! I asked when Chrisymas was and he said a few weeks, and that's a million and a half sleeps!

Oh oh oh! And we might get a tree INSIDE the house! He says we're not SUPPOSED to climb on it or play with it or chew on it but the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad can't watch it all the time, so we'll get to. I can't wait to see a tree inside the house! And And And he says there will be THINGIES on the tree to bat around and play with! If we di it right we can get them off the tree and bat them around on the floor!

I'm so exicted I have to go to the litterbox before I pee right here!


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