The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

It's really hard to get behind the tree now. There are all kinds of shiny boxes under it and they block my way. I'd like to get back there but I'd have to climb on the shiny boxes and Max says that would really get me in trouble because my claws might rip them open, and they're presents for the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad and they want them to stay unripped open until Christmas. Max says none of them are for us but that's ok because Santa will bring us presents. I wanted to know why the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad gotted presents already and Max says they like to get stuff for each other but they're too old for Santa to bring them anything more than a teethy cleaning thingy and maybe some candy. He says we get Santa presents because we're still young. I asked him when we would be too old for Santa to bring us stuff and he said not to worry about it because to the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad we'll always be young enough and that's what Santa goes by. He said there used to be a dog who got stuff from Santa right up until he went to the Rainbow Bridge. I wanted to know where that was but Max says that's not for little kitties to worry about, all I have to think about is what Santa might bring me. I think about that but I'm really thinking about how I can get behind the tree again!

Max was really nice to me while he was esplaining stuff, but then he jumped on me and bit me on the neck. I said "Santa can see you do that!" and he said "Santa will appreciate it." That's when I cried really loud for the Mom to hear and Max gotted in trouble! She said "No biting!" and Max meowed right back at her, he said, "Kiss my furry black butt!" but she just turned around and walked away!

I don't think she listens to Max very much.


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