The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

We gotted the tree!
There's thingies on it to bat around, and it does sparkly things at night. Its fun to loo at and sit under, but I haven't tried to climb up it yet. Max says to wait to do that. First I have to make the Mom and the Dad think I don't want to.

There's other pictures of us too. Max showded the link of his blog but if you didn't see it the pictures are right here. I like the new table because it has balls I can play with, but you better not get on it when the Mom or the Dad are playing with the balls or you get owies. We don't get yeled at for getting on the table because the Mom says it's a cheap assed table and we can't hurt it. Max says Oh Yes We Can!

Max and I are trying to count how many sleeps there are until Santa comes. He thinks it's a bajrillion, but I think it's only 52.


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