The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Max says there's only three days until Santa brings us presents! And you know what? He's going to bring something for the Mom and the Dad and the Other Dad, too! And what's funny? Santa's going to stick their presents inside socks! I asked him if we needed to get some socks out of the dirty clothes basket after they all go to sleep because they don't just leave their socks lying around unless one of them sees I want to play with one, but Max said no and then showed me these giant socks they hung up on a door. Those are the biggest socks I have ever seen! I think Max and I could both get into one of them together! I tried to reach up and play with the biggest sock but the Mom saw and said "No no Buddah, we don't play with that." Max turned around and said "well we do" but I don't think she heard him. Then later on she was wrapping a present for some people I never seen before and I helped her! I tried to bite the paper and I touched it with my paw and it stuck to me, and she said "You are such a big help, Little Man." And then she wrapped a present for someone I meeted a while back and was a little scared of, but she still let me help. Then later she made Max take a medicine for his bad tummy and gave us really good Stinky Goodness, and Max said that today is almost over, so tomorrow it will only be TWO days til Santa comes, and that's only about 20 sleeps! But one thing he doesn't know, do I have to take a bath for Christmas?


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