The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

The Mom and the Dad tried to keep the Big Kitty and me apart today, but I climbed right over the screen they put up and sneaked in to the room the Big Kitty was in. I was having lots of fun until the Mom caught me and made me leave. I got to play with the other guy so it was ok and later I had run of the house mostly and I climbed on the Dad a lot, and just before I went into the other guy's room for sleepy time, I got a nice big snack. The Big Kitty got one too and we ate together. I don't want to bite him when we're getting a snack. After that, sure... but I didn't get the chance. Tonight i get to play in a room with the Dad before going to bed for the night. they think I go to bed, but I really just wait for the other guy to get home, and when he goes to bed, I run around on top of him. Sometimes he thinks it's funny, sometimes he doesn't, but I HAVE to run!


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