The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...


The Mom and the Dad say I'm a big boy now because I'm 13 weeks old, so I get to wear a thingy on me and it has my name!

It also has my phone number but no one is allowed to know what that is. Not even me!

The Big Kitty got a new thingy for his neck, too. It's the same color as mine and his oldy neck thingy, but the Mom says these are stretchy in case we wrestle too hard. And because we've been good kitties, we got another new toy.

I can hide in it and make it crinkle, and the Big Kitty can get in it too, if he wants. He has to make himself small to get in, but I think he can.

And I don't know what "next payday" is, but the Mom says we might get a new climbing thing so I have something besides her very expensive chair to scratch. But I have to be good.


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