The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

I don't know what ritalin is, but the Mom and the Dad seem to think I need it.

I got to see the Big Kitty today, but he does not like me, not at all. He growled at me and hit me in the head with his great big paw. All I was trying to do was play with him.

And the Mom and the Dad took me for a ride to see some people who used to take care of me. ne f them said I've gotten much bigger already. And I got a prick in the skin behind my neck, but that wasn't too bad. The lady who did it likes me so I purred for her, and then the Mom and the Dad took me for another ride. They didn't seem happy when I pooped on the way home, though. I kept saying I have to go! I have to go!" and they kept saying "We'll be home in a minute," but that was such a long minute I couldn't hold it anymore. The dad says for a little guy I can sure poop out a lot. I think he was proud of me.


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