The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

I got to eat breakfast with the Big Kitty! We eat dinner together but today the Dad got me up early and let me eat with Max! And then when he went to bed and the other guy left the house I didn't have to get ut in a room. The Big Kitty kept an eye on me until the Mom woke up. And I was very good, I only knocked a couple of things over.

And you know whats funny? Last night the Big Kitty and I were playing and we got too loud, and the Big Kitty got the time out, not me! The Mom said he was being mean cause he used his back claws on me. He didn't have to go to a room with the door shut, but she picked him up and took him to her bedroom and told him to chill out. I didn't get in trouble!


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