The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Look! I'm big enough now that I can get on top of the box with the swimming thingies. Max says that if I stick my head in the hole in the back I can probably get one by breathing in really hard. I was going to try it but the Dad saw me and said "No, Buddah, your head will get stuck."

Max says we can try again when no one else is home and that if my head gets stuck, he'll get me out. And I believe him, I really do.


Uhhh, be careful little guy, I know the big kitty means well and all that, but, uhhhhhhh, just trust me... be very very careful....

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What a long tail you have! Just like me! My tail is about as long as my body, and unlike many tuxedo cats, I'm very slim and sleek... Not like my brothers KC and Jinky. Speaking of brothers, the big kitty is your brother, so you can trust him, really you can....

oh buddah be careful. even tho i'm came her first a'fore sammie, he thinks he is the big kitty and sometimes he tells me to do things i shouldn't do... don't trust the big kitty... even though i'm really the big kitty here and not sammie.

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